NXT Watch (April 17th, 2013): Paige Issues a Challenge, Plus the Emmalution (Finally!) Explodes

Hello everyone, and welcome to this weeks NXT Watch. Unlike last week, I’m back to my old chipper self again as I have no worries to be had over mixing up a certain set of twins that paid a visit to the golden roped show, therefore I am back and better than ever. While the sheer statement of me being back in the first place will probably be enough to send some hurrying for the X button to close this tab, I thank the ones of you that continue to stand by through all the random, sometimes later regretted things I say.

Ooh, and unlike last week I’m actually writing this at a normal hour of the day so perhaps I’ll make a bit of sense.

When we last left you, Summer Rae and Emma each attained an interview. One explained the issues Divas have with curling irons during a match, while the other sort of maybe stumbled a little and showed she’s not quite up to date on current pop culture phenomenons. If you recall, my only (serious) points of non-positivity stemmed from me wanting to see them mix it up a little with Summer Rae as opposed to strictly interviews, as well as see Emma be spotlighted like the dancing queen I know and want everyone else to love. Well it turns out I now have reason to believe whoever is behind this show reads my recaps and wants to please only me because both of those came true and I kind of want to reward whoever it is with gift cards to both Applebees and Red Lobster for their doing.

In case you’re still unsure of what exactly happened, we’ve got a lot to cover. Before we delve into anything though, please take a moment of your time to watch this utterly fantastic video package showcasing the NXT Superstars and Divas as they ventured off to New York/New Jersey a few weekends ago for WrestleMania and the attached Axxess events:

Never fear, we’ve got more footage following the video package so keep the momentum going by continuing on to the following interview with Sum– wait a second, it’s the Anti-Diva, Paige to save the day by gracing us with her addictive British accent. We head backstage to see everybody’s favorite interviewer, Renee Young standing by with the one and only Paige herself! She wants to speak on Summer Rae. “What’s going on here?” chimes the perky blond. Paige isn’t one for excuses, so she’s not buying that Summer’s hair had anything to do with running out last week. All Summer’s done since she started actively competing is run. Whether it’s running her mouth or from a match (great line), Paige is sick of it all. She’s not going to stand by and let Summer run or talk any more! She wants a one on one match whether Summer likes it or not, but truth be told, she doesn’t think Summer has the guts to accept her challenge. That’s the reason she feels all Summer has time to do is interview after interview when she’s not in the building.


Yes, that was me trying my hardest to convey what takes place next, as Summer Rae channels the segment that started this entire rivalry by blasting Paige right over the back. She steps over the fallen Brit and screams out “Who’s running now?!” From there, Summer lets Paige know that she accepts her challenge. One things for sure, Paige is pissed, and she’s going to be even more pissed in that one on one match so I wouldn’t want to be Summer Rae right about now.

Skip to 5:58.

This never ending hand-me-down theme song hits, and out comes Bayley to begin the following match. While I thank NXT for giving Bayley an entrance this time, I hope that once she gets a titantron made and everything they swap her theme out because at this rate I’d take one of the thirty songs Sasha Banks used before finding her current one. Although… if I had my choice of anything, Bayley would use this gem (although I’d cut the entire semi-erotic sounding intro that comes prior to 33 seconds in). Alright now that my obsession with theme songs has gotten itself out of the way, let’s get back to the action at hand because what comes next can only be described as a revolution!

Once Bayley’s music stops, the addiction that is… well I guess I can only call it the theme of Emma since it has no lyrics. Whatever it is, it starts up and the crowd (as well as myself) jump for joy. Out comes Emma, flailing her arms around like only she can. The camera pans to a brilliant sign in the crowd that actually has movable arms to coincide with the Emmalution! From there, Emma… wait what? Emma Successfully flips into the ring and actually gets a pop from the crowd for doing so. As the music dies down, the crowd perks up with an Emma chant to boot.

The bell sounds as the two lock up and Bayley takes control with a waistlock. Emma fights out by running off the ropes, but she then gets planted in the face with a dropkick. Emma tries to slide out of the ring, but Bayley drags her screaming self back in. Emma with a kick, but Bayley then runs off the ropes and goes for a sunset flip… which results in Emma sitting down on her and starting to do the dance! The crowd absolutely loves it, but unfortunately, the dancing does sort of hinder Emma’s advantage of being over Bayley by not hooking the legs, thus Bayley rolls through into a pin of her own for a near fall. Bayley hits a nice faceplant, but the crowd is not here to see Emma being punished.

Bayley applies a chinlock, as the crowd tries to rally both competitors up. After a bit, Emma gets punched in the back and sent into the ropes, but a sidestep allows Bayley to get faceplanted and locked into a Tarantula! Emma is forced to break by a five, as Bayley falls into a seated position in the corner. Emma rolls through to the other side and charges forth with a running crossbody! She then catapults Bayley over and applies a Muta lock for the submission victory! The perky theme starts up again, as both Emma, the sign, and the crowd partake in their own respected versions of the Emmalution! How Emmazing.

Thoughts: Sorry, I can’t stop watching that WrestleMania video package, but I’ll try to long enough to gather my thoughts. First off, I’m insanely happy with NXT this week. I’d probably call this my favorite overall week in at least a while. Granted, that could be because what I personally wanted to see happen did in fact so, thus I get if my opinion isn’t shared. But for me, this was so much fun to watch (over and over).

I love that they switched up the interview first and foremost. As soon as they panned backstage, my first reaction was simply nothing more than “PAIGE!” Not that I don’t enjoy Summer’s interviews, just more of what I said last week about wanting to see something different since they were starting to blend. I still want to see another fun segment with them before their match since I believe next weeks show is the Champions Clash therefore the match at least holds off for another two weeks, but I’m grateful for getting what we got tonight. As soon as Paige issued the challenge, my mind went “C’mon Summer… run out and ambush her.” While I know it’s weird I talk to myself when watching, once that kablam sound went off, I had to pretty much throw up my hands and say job well done to everyone. Paige is seriously the total package, and I don’t normally say much about her because of how much is said in general that I feel like you all already know it. But tonight she kind of solidified that not only can she wrestle, she can also act and perform in interviews since I don’t recall her getting that many before. Nonetheless, I really hope that when she is called up (or in my opinion, called down) to the main roster, she’s able to do something worthwhile for the division as she could be so killer if they put the effort into her that they have thus far in NXT.

Emma, Emma, Emma. What do I say? I’m thrilled her time is finally coming and that the crowd warmed up to her. It’s common knowledge that Paige is pretty much the big crowd response Diva wise at NXT, so it was great seeing another Diva get something just as equal with all the chants and cheers and even signs. (That Emma sign cannot be topped, and if it can I need proof immediately). I thought the match was great overall. It didn’t feel short to me like Bayley vs Paige did, and both ladies got to show some more of what they could do. Emma did her dance more frequently and I know I said in her match with Aksana that I almost felt as if it was too much, but here it felt just right. When she has the crowd so behind her, it comes off way better on TV so by God do the dance as much as you want.

I do wish Bayley could get a little bit more invested in her, but much like Emma, Paige, Sasha, etc. I’m sure her time will come a little down the road. I find Bayley to be something special who just needs a boost in the creativity department like a snazzy theme, titantron, and maybe gimmick that helps her to stand out because my only problem would be I don’t really know who she is as a character yet. That’s fine for now since she’s new and isn’t being used really as a prominent Diva at the moment, so I’m just hoping over time once she gets to be “America’s NXT Top Diva”, she gets the added oomph that I’m clamoring to see put into her character as she’s got the wrestling down pat (of course). Perhaps some interviews with her would help so we get a feel of who she is behind the microphone, but of course like I said, there’s time for that as no Diva in NXT seems to really start off with the momentum until they’ve either lost a few times or performed a bazillion years of ring announcing duties. Let me change my tune and just be happy Bayley is at least getting to show her stuff or next thing I know she may become a ring announcer and that would not make me happy as I’d rather see her in the ring.

Phew… okay, as always I apologize for the length but it seems like once I start, I can’t ever shut up until I restate myself twenty times or overly praise everyone. Until next week — peace!

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  • https://twitter.com/jayjayholler MIPIJILLIAN

    I liked the match, it was a little on the boring side, however it wasn’t sloppy – so I’m a fan. I rather like Bayley, I think she should would make a good team with Sasha Banks, same stature and slightly remind me of each other.

    Emma I am not a fan of, I have 3 theories on her.

    1. She is awkward

    2. Her character is awkward or

    3. She feels anxious playing a character that makes her look silly.

    HOWEVER, I am not complaining about her wrestling, she is better than some other girls I’ve seen and there is always room for improvement. And I’m glad that she got her turn to pick up a win :)

    • https://twitter.com/jayjayholler MIPIJILLIAN

      And Paige is just a doll isn’t she, I love her. Look forward to seeing Paige and Summer again.

      • http://aksanahq.com Aksana

        Personally I think Emma is doing a great job given the gimmick she’s been given. In her first match with NXT she looked waaaaaay more awkward and uncomfortable then she does as of late, I feel like she’s getting used to the gimmick and feeding off the crowds energy. It’s a horrendous gimmick, but she’s making the best of it and it is suprisingly getting her over!! I think Emma can really shine through this gimmick, just give her some more time!!

        Also I really like the idea of Sasha and Bayley becomming a tag team!!

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vztzLHmorX8 litalove21

      She’s meant to be awkward and clumsy though…that’s part of the bad dance gimmick. I’m loving her at the moment, and she was great in the ring! She can only get better

  • divaindemise

    Emma is life, tho.

    • http://youtube.com/plasticangelx PlasticAngelx


      • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

        lmao you need an emma pun for that

  • shameronstar

    Wow, this came out so early:D Also, the Emma sign was incredibly creative big props to whoever made it! I hope Bayley gets her own gimmick and theme soon because wwe reuses “Feeling Me” so much that it’s kind of turning into a running gag:P Speaking of reused themes I hope no one gets the dreaded theme of a doomed diva career known only as “Body Talk” lol!

    • JamieKym

      Or “HollaBack Now”

  • charovnica

    WOW!This time you’re right on time with NXT,what a nice surprise!

    I can’t wait for next week. I loved Paige’s interview.I know some people say they can’t buy her mic skills,but I actually think she’s really good.She portrays a frustrated person perfectly…I mean the tone of her voice,the killer looks to the camera.I can totally buy that she really hates Summer,even tho I know they’re quite good friends.I love their twitter interactions too.

    The match….wasn’t into it,but the crowd was strongly behind Emma,so good job,girl! :D

    • Bobby

      I forgot to mention this in a recap but I wanted to apologize for the lateness the past batch of recaps. It was either I couldn’t find the time until Sunday/Monday due to my classes, I didn’t want to clash with other recaps, or I couldn’t find videos. Thankfully I just got a Hulu Plus account so it takes care of everything as I have Wednesdays free when they upload it, and with the permanent access to video it eliminates me having to hunt them down so it should be back on track from here on out!

      • charovnica

        Oh,it’s okay.No matter when they’re uploaded,I always look forward to the NXT redux.

        • Bobby

          Much thanks! I always felt bad with the lateness so I was like alright Hulu Plus is officially getting my money as it’s worth the time saved haha

  • SoooSooo96

    Emma really impress me in this match
    But I find Davina a little bit boring

  • DivaMatches

    Ugh my phone won’t let me watch DailyMotion videos anymore, so I’m out of luck :( but I did get to see Paige’s interview, she does have good Mic skills and I love her accent, she’s sooo ready to be called up

  • i22

    It looks they scrapped the NXT epidode with AJ vs Kaitlyn cause it was supposed to air this week. Most likely due to the fact Antonio Ceasero succesfully defended the US title in the ep but the current champ is now Kofi. Sux that we wont be able to see it.

    As for this match it wasnt anything special but Im warming up to Emmas gimmick now. I hated it in the beginning. And while Bayley barely did anything in this match you can tell by the way she moves in the ring that shes expierenced. It seems very natural for her. Cant wait to see more from her.

    • charovnica

      They didn’t.There was an ad about next week which is gonna be the Champions night.

    • Wrestling.fan.from.France

      The Aj/kaitlyn match is next Week at Nxt’s special edition “CLASH OF CHAMPIONS“

      • i22

        Oh thank god lol. I stopped watching after the divas match so I didnt catch that. Thanx for the info!

    • Raekon

      Baylay didn’t do anything? O_o
      What match did you watch?

      She worked the whole match till shortly before the end when Emma did her comeback moves and won.

      • i22

        We didnt see much besides that drop kick and those holds is what I meant, I wanna see some other moves.

  • http://Twitter.com/FrenchxKiss FrenchBarbie

    I loved this match!
    I think Emma did amazing, the crowd truly loved her (: and I’m so happy we finally got to see some of her moveset(which is great btw) I hope when the WWE signs her they continue with her like this.

    I’m also really excited to see Summer vs Paige match, I love how they are continuing their feud which makes you more excited to see week by week.
    Overall I give this week 5/5 :*

    Hopefully we’ll get to see Anya debut!

    –Also on a side note; Did anyone else see they added Mickie James back to the Alumni page? also they are posting old matches of her’s on YouTube.

    xo Mwahh

    • Essex Boy

      I saw that they added Mickie back. I think it helped when Trish gave her a mention in her HOF speech :)

  • Getdownwithachola

    Best wrestling sign ever!!!

    I’m pissed off they didn’t let her use the bridging indian death lock but the muta lock is still cool though.

  • Rhawk

    An NXT revierw thats up the daya fter it aired? Will wonders never ceise!

    Anyway, loved the mania package for all NXT involvement, loved Paige’s emotion in her interview, wish Summer & Paie had a bigger tussle though since it made Paige look weap to be hit behind by one shot.

    Bayley VS Emma was a very fun match, bit short but it shown enough from both women. Loved Emma’s moveset so far, Bayley has a gorgeous dropkick, and that Emma sigg, my God that person was commited!

  • http://facebook.com/mykael.kennedy mykel1990

    I had been one of Emma’s biggest detractors earlier on because I found her matches boring and awkward, but she’s growing on me, the gimmick’s okay, but after seeing her wrestle, I’m becoming a fan! Bayley is pretty damn good, and that theme may be passed around more than an offering plate at church, but I love that theme even if it doesn’t fit her like at all. Now, on to the Queen and First Lady of NXT, I love Paige on the mic, which is a total surprise to me (hate me, I don’t watch Indy wrestling often) because she’s actually really good, and the sneak attack was awesome, I love their feud and them together.

    • Getdownwithachola

      You don’t have to watch indie wrestling, you can just read about them at Ringbelles.com

  • http://twitter.com/#!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

    Emma would be better dancer for Fandagno, sign her now!!

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    Okay first off the EMMA, sign is the best thing, I have ever seen hahaha

    The interview was great, it was nice to see Paige finally getting the interview, instead of summer Rae, but I like that they are keeping the feud up and going and keeping it fresh every week, without doing six million tag team matches or 6 diva tag matches!!! And the attack from behind was just icing on the cake for the interview!,,

    The match was great, it was really good, and love how Emma is so over with the crowd and they were into the match, bayley really needs a new theme though (would love for someone to use the old ecw theme song from Trinity)

    But I must say what I love about NXT, when I watch it, I completely forget that there divas, I find they all have a good character and story lines each one and there something different about each diva!!!!

    P.s Wish Anya all the best and hopefully her broken arm recovers soon, because we need a monster on NXT

  • https://twitter.com/Oliver_James611 OJ Von Erich

    I have been EMMAtained in to joining the EMMAlution

    #EMMAcrats unite!

    On another note the more I hear her theme (Which is apparently called ‘Short Term Memory’) the more addicted I become & YES… I have even started doing the dance!





    • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

      freaking awesome

  • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson

    I never noticed how good, Paige was on promos. She’s a great voice & I wouldn’t mind seeing her do commentatary for NXT.

    • gingerjaffa

      She did commentary for an nxt beginners class, on YouTube it’s magic mark vs Darius black

  • She’sGotLegs!

    Wow, I never truly realized how attractive Paige is until now. Paige is definitely a british beauty for sure.

    Paige did a great job with her interview w/Renee. Paige is a badass both in and outside the ring. She looked like she wanted to punch that camera in the face, that’s how mad she was about Summer. Summer attacking Paige from behind was a nice touch because it as more fire to the feud and it gives Paige yet another reason to want to beat the hell out of her. I love this feud between Paige and Summer, and I can’t wait to see what unfolds in the coming weeks.

    It’s official, I am part of the Emmalution. I love Emma and her character/gimmick. At first, I had doubts about it working because I thought it’d make her look like a joke, just like Jillian’s singing gimmick did. But boy was I wrong! The fans are behind Emma and her gimmick, and now so am I : ) As for the match against Baylee, it was a decent match, but it wasn’t anything special. I was mainly impressed with Emma’s performance in the match because she used the perfect combination of personality and in-ring skills, which are two things I feel make a match work and make a superstar/diva stand out. I don’t have much to say about Baylee yet because she’s new, and I haven’t seen anything from her that truly stands out yet. Hopefully in the coming weeks, we’ll see more from her.

  • http://cmpunkscrazychick.tumblr.com xoxoRKOxoxo

    Loved the interview, loved the attack loved the match, so happy Emma is over with the fans. Side note I had such a mark out moment when Emma use the Tarantula, it is like my favorite move!!

  • E-Man

    Emma used the California Dream (Used by Melina a few times)? Cool!

  • Litaker61

    Off topic but Bayley’s ring gear is hideous.

    • Getdownwithachola

      No its cool, not every girl have to wear glittering, skimpy and shining ring gears.

    • Raekon

      I loved her “Luchadora” attire but they unfortunately are not letting her use it anymore. :/

      • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

        its the color thats hideous

  • XavierSkyy

    Bayley doesn’t have the diva/sex appeal part quite down right, but she’ll get there. She’s a fantastic wrestler as well.
    I adore Paige! Emma is good too (:

  • http://www.youtube.com/jillfan1 Jillfan1

    LOVE LOVE THIS EPISODE LOVE THE NXT ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA LOVE HOW THE PEOPLE SAID SUMMER AND PAIGE CHANTS; this is how the division should be love all the people in the vid the majority worked hard and now it has paid off Rollins,Ambrose,Nevile,Paige,AJ and etc love the interview why can’t we have this? on the main roster? loved the EMMA SIGNED#EMMALUTION I SAW THE SIGN ON HER TWITTER HOW CUTE AND CREATIVE SHE SHOULD BE WITH FANDANGOO LOL LOVE IT EMMA IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND PAIGE IS LOVELY AS EVER

  • Raekon

    Emma is a good in ring worker.
    I still don’t like her gimmick but if it works for her than why not use it further?

    Baylay is also a good in ring worker and I still hope they will let her use her Luchadora gimmick with the Mask cause it would definately make her stand out and with her in ring skill she can easily back it up too.

    Happy they are keeping the feud between Paige and Summer fresh and I hope to see Charlottes debut soon. :)

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    Im a fan of emma & i think shes gonna be great shes got a dance that the crowd can do with her & she can actually wrestle & shes good looking so shes gonna be emmtasic <well i tried…

  • Mr. AJ Lee

    What a great episode of NXT. Really happy that Emma got her moment to shine. And enjoyed the crowd reaction to the match. It amazing what a great crowd can do for a match. The back stage segment was flawless(every time I use this word I think of LayCool). I think both Paige and Summer r at the top of their game in the promo section. One question though. Wasn’t AJ vs Kaitlyn for the Divas title sapposed to b this week? I know spoilers have that match before this one. I hope we will b able to see that AJ/Kaitlyn match because I know it will b amazing on NXT. One not thing. In the sign department. I don’t think there will ever b a better sign than the Molly Holly hair removal sign from her match at Mania with Victoria. Will never forget that one

  • Essex Boy

    I’m surprised that it shocks people on here that Paige has good promos kills? She’s had good skills since she started on NXT and before she was even in the WWE. When she took the show hostage that time on NXT you could see she had the fire and passion that looked as natural as can be..

    I wasn’t sure about Emma overall despite the fact I did think she was solid in the ring, it was her character I wasn’t sure about. But I am starting to like it actually.. Her interview last week was actually quite funny in a dry way. I’m glad the fans are getting behind her now too, they obviously see something in Emma that’s different and refreshing. The more over the Divas get on NXT the more it will help them (hopefully) with a fan base going onto the main shows.