In Video: Athena, MsChif, Scarlett Bordeaux & Cherry Bomb Compete in ROH 4-Corner Survival Match

As previously reported, Ring of Honor taped a four corners survival match pitting MsChif against Athena, Cherry Bomb, and Scarlett Bordeaux. Video has finally surfaced of the action at hand, which features a fast paced, exciting treat for fans clamoring to get a glimpse at more from the Women of Honor.

Also included are a pre-bout backstage segment featuring MsChif, Scarlett, and ROH interviewer, Veda Scott, as well as a post in-ring attempt for an interview with MsChif that doesn’t exactly turn out as one would hope.

Check out the action by skipping to 8:31 in the following video:

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  • vick18


    • therightone


  • shannymac

    Athena was the star of the match to me. I love the cartwheel-front flip forearm thing she did at 15:15. MsChif was great as always and Cherry Bomb was good too. Scarlett Bordeaux, I’m guessing, is ROH’s back-up ~sexy chick~ should Maria decide to follow her boyfriend and go back to WWE.

  • Nightemare03

    Can Scarlett please get signed by WWE she’s drop dead gorgeous! I can see the universe cheering for her! :D

    • Kayfabe!

      yes Scarlett is drop dead gorgeous! Hehe. Got that “Scarlett Fever” eh? Lol :-p

  • Kayfabe!

    Oh wow! What a great match! Keep it up ROH! Athena is the best! One if my favorites and a headliner! MsChif is awesome as always. Love Cherry Bomb, very talented. Scarlett is going to be good with more training, is a good seller and has lots of charisma and character. If ROH is serious about a division then so far they are doing it right. I say have: FACES. Athena, Cherry Bomb, Christina Von Eerie, maybe Reby Sky, Su Yung and Veda Scott. HEELS. MsChif, Scarlett Bordeaux, Mia Yim, Jessicka Havok, Allysin Kay, and maybe Rain, Kimber Lee or Barbi Hayden.

    Just a thought! :-p. and if anyone wants to know more about Scarlett she also performs for AAW as Shane Hollister’s valet and OVW. Barbi Hayden is in ACW, she competes against Athena, there!!!! Btw nickname for Scarlett! Scarlett the Harlet! Lol

    • JamieKym

      If I see Athena, Cherry Bomb, Su Yung, Christina Von Eerie, Debt Sky, MsChif, Mia Yim, Jessica Havok, Allysin Kay, and Barbi on the same roster, I might fall into a happy coma.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    Nice match, wish it was longer really

    I am a huge fan of Scarlett , and her character loved her in OVW and would really love to see her and Athena in WWE, they would make great additions

    Not a huge fan of cherry bomb never really seen that much in her !

    Star of the match is definitely Athena just wow,

    And Veda scott those shoes with that dress….. Um no honey

    • Kayfabe!

      Hell yea! Got that Scarlett Fever! Lol. And who doesn’t love Athena! And I guess Veda is trying to be quirky? Like her gimmick is kind of a nerd I guess! I dunno! Lol

    • Raekon

      Vedas gimmick is that of a geek/nerd, that’s why she dresses akwardly most of the time during work. ^_^

  • redsandman99

    Good match. First time seeing Scarlett in a match so it wasn’t really a showcase for her abilities. Her weak ass shots in the corner to Mschif though was a nice little comedic bit.

  • sugarrush28

    I freakin love Athena. She is one of my fave women from the indies and I will watch any match that she is in. She’s just amazing. MsChif is good as well. Plus I love her story. I’m not warmed her to Cherry Bomb. She is never really bad I just don’t like her as much as most do. I’ve seen enough of Scarlett Bordeaux to know that I don’t really like her.

  • k2evecrew

    Poor veda scott ! Loved the match , is it me or does roh have better wrestling than wwe & tna? I actually enjoyed the tag match the had they with the guys before the ladies came out.
    I love how each girl got to show their charecter , scarlet was hilarious when she tried to pin everyone after the tower , my favorites so far have to be cherry bomb & scarlet.

    • therightone

      Since youre a kelly kelly and Eve fan you don’t know this. ROH is the best all around company but their owners (Sinclair) want to use them to create an out of date Ted Turner type system. Look at the history of peach street TV and TBS

  • Sarah Connor

    Athena showing why i love the O-Face so greatly. good match!!

  • Christo82

    Great Match. They all did very well. Very crisp and good move execution.

    Athena: Superb. She needs to be on TV. Naomi vs Athena dream match in the making. Or Tag Team. Her move set is out of this world.

    Scarlett: Played her role very well. Could be a great underdog baby face. We know she can bump lol.

    Cherry Bomb: While a good wrestler is a bit generic, kind of reminds me of Bayley. She could definitely do well in TNA if given a chance.

    Also lots of eye candy in ROH. Lots of sexy guys.

  • pumped up kicks

    Great to see Athena and Cherry Bomb in the same ring together. Love them both sooo much

  • Getdownwithachola

    That’s a prove that short matches can be great too with the right bookings, take notice TNA and WWE.

    Athena was the star of the match as usual, I’m crazy about Mschif due to her heavy metal gimmick, Cherry Bomb is a good talent, and Scarlet sucks balls who doesn’t deserve a great name like that.

    Another thing they better bring in J-Havok, Sassy Stephie, and Alyssin Kay.

    • Raekon

      The WWE knows that.

      They are trying to prevent it cause they don’t want the Divas to look too good in the ring.

      • Slapavel

        they dont want the divas to look to good? wow that really sucks because some of the superstars they make to look good, are not good at all! They shove the same fuckers (cena, ryback, orton, and sheamus) down our throats every week. ughhh!

      • Getdownwithachola

        Like Jericho said if the girls are outshining the dudes then they gotta step it up.


    Love the match. I love Athena she’s awesome and she has IMO the best finisher right now!

    • therightone

      The O Face baby love it.


    Athena and Mschif are awesome i hope they have a match in a PPV of ROH.

  • Raekon

    Awesome match with all girls playing their roles perfectly.

    Scarlett was hilarious and played her character greatly, MsChif fierce as always, Athena athletic and flashy as always and Cherry a little bit of everything. :)

    Veda is great in her role and I like her gimmick.
    Really don’t understand why people trying to bash her on youtube most of the time saying “she can’t wrestle” among other things.

    I actually find her very talented, she does well on the mic, plays her characters well no matter if she is face or heel and is already good in the ring.

    If ROH keeps it up with the female talent, then they will definately gain more viewers and I’ll be with certainty one of them. :)

  • Rhawk

    Not a full review but considering how many weeks this episode was, I’m just glad ROH is being covered at all.
    This was a very nice match, even with not so much time women like Athena & MsChif can pull of such nice matches. I just hope ROH truly does think of starting a proper WOH Division sometime in the near future, maybe with a ROH Women of Honor Championship as well.

  •!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

    How can she win when she wasn’t even legal in that match??

  • jcarcano12

    Love the chick with red hair ^,^

  • Essex Boy

    Athena :)))))))

  • Dave Muscarella

    ROH puts on good women’s matches. I just wish they did more women’s matches. One a month is WWE-levels of sad.

  • dukelorange

    Athena vs. Naomi would be nice.

    • therightone

      No! Athena real athlete trained by Booker T. Naomi wannabe model dancer trained by no one important.

      • Tevin Campbell

        Naomi is amazing, Alicia was trained by Booker and she has great matches with Naomi.

  • Source Du Mal

    Yaass!!! I love Scarlet!! I watched her come up from simply a valet in AAW to now the big time on ROH!

  • Jillfan1

    athena is amazing