In Video: Natalya Interviews Primo, Epico, & Rosa Mendes on Saturday Morning Slam

This week’s Saturday Morning Slam featured a special interview segment with Divas Natalya and Rosa Mendes.

The exchange set up a six person tag match for next week’s show.

You can check out the video below:

Skip to 19:49.

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  • art

    i want a solo rosa vs nattie feud & maybe they could give rosa a win through cheating until nattie gets to end their feud….i mean why can’t they do more then one diva feud….kaitlyn vs the bellas yawn & rosa & nattie…


    I’m sooooo ANGRY to see Natalya being treated like this. She deserve way more than ROSA MENDES, THE WORST IN-RING “WOMEN WRESTLE” OR DIVA I EVER SEEN! Seriously, is it the only way you use Natalya?? in Saturday morning slam ???
    as bakstage interviewer who thinks she can makes people afraid because of her “BOYFRIEND” WHO CAN’T WALK, TALK AND WRESTLE WITH HIS FRIEND, THE LITTLE LEPRECON UGLY AS HELL WHO THINKS IS FUNNY?!??!!?!



    xo xo GossipGirl (Lmao)

    • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

      Your acting like she’s been jobbing to rosa or something last time I remember Natalya & her crew have been beating them in their matches. But I agree with everything else Natalya does deserve alot more than what they give her

      • art

        This is probably setting nattie up for another job in wwe after shes done wrestling….

    • Raekon

      Actually Natalya is treated much better than the other divas in the meantime cause she at least gets SCREENTIME in all shows.

      Maybe you should think a little bit about unjustice before you type next time?

      I agree when it comes to Khali and Hornswoogle and I dislike the pairing myself but at least she gets more screentime through them unlike all the other divas including the champion that are “missing in action” most of the time.

      The most featured Divas currently are AJ, Natalya, Rosa and Caomi through their valeting roles.

  • Syufen

    You’re the true Diva of Saturday Morning Slam, Rosa? How prestigious. I guess it is better respected that the Divas Championship though.

  • OJ Von Erich

    I love Rosa’s character, she truly is the diamond diva!!!


      No. Just no.

      • RatedReyn

        Sarcasm much?

        • EVEROCKS

          Yes I got that…

    • Valese

      Yes! Rosa has a personality which she can lend out to your boring faves.

      • EL ROYALTY

        Rosa has attitude for days. These WWE Divas could never

    • OJ Von Erich

      Acvtually guys, I was being serious… She has a fantastic character & gets quite a good crowd reaction!

      We all know she’s not the highest skilled diva out there, but WWE employs her & she does her job.
      I always enjoy seeing her, she’s barely in the ring & is pretty much always in the role of valet… Isn’t that what you all want?


      I don’t know why you “diva fans” can’t just enjoy what we are given…

      Oh & anyone who follows her twitter will know that she is the self professed DIAMOND DIVA!

      Good job Rosa, always a pleasure, never a chore!!! :)

      • EVEROCKS

        “Gets quite a good crowd reaction!” LOL.

        Why would we want to enjoy it if what they give us is absoulute shit? Please tell me.

        • OJ Von Erich

          She does, the crowd love it when she gets up on the apron & then gets her comeuppance…

          If you don’t like what you’re given then stop watching, why be so negative!

          Go & watch the indies!

  • iLUVValets

    The divas division is dead, I don’t think there is any coming back. Um WWE? This is what you hired Renee for, so yea. and @DIVADIRT did you guys ever report on two new divas that were singed, they were on Layla’s instagram, One is Natilee Eva Marie (Eva Marie) and Joseann Alexie ( Jojo) They are really pretty


      “They are really pretty”
      Maybe but they can’t WRESTLE and it’s the most important!

      • Raekon

        No one were able to wrestle when they started so I really don’t understand your point.

        Except if Wrestling was in your birth certificate showing that you were born as a wrestler that is.


          I know but when i say that they can’t wrestle that is because Wwe don’t need model but real WRESTLE at the moment, the divas division really need a girl like Athena or Kong not a fucking model.

        • Raekon

          What you obviously don’t understand is that no matter where the girls are coming from, they will all get the same treatment in the WWE which is 99% Eye Candy and 1% Wrestling in the meantime.

          – They are not allowed to outshine any male wrestlers no matter how bad they are.

          – They will get a basic moveset for the most part that doesn’t allow them to use moves that would look too good.

          With other words, If they get Athena on board, you won’t ever see her finisher again.

          Same goes to her springboard moves along with any other flashy and unique move she has.

          They will water her totally down and give her either a stupid gimmick or let her be bland.

          Alone because of these facts, I’d rather watch her on SHINE, SHIMMER, ROH, FWE or even TNA instead.

      • Valese

        No-one said a model can’t learn to wrestle. Not all employees have to come from the indy cesspool.

        • Chika

          You can’t teach passion or work ethic either.

      • OJ Von Erich

        Layla & Michelle McCool started out in the same place & look how far they came along…

        If you want to watch hard hitting women wrestlers, go & watch the indies, I really wouldn’t expect it on WWE!

        • Jcott3

          Cue the critics who will say Lay-Cool only got pushed because of Michelle’s relationship with the Undertaker.


    This is retarded tbh. 1st) SMS shouldn’t exist. 2) Rosa should NEVER wrestle and 3) @ Rosa saying “I’m the true Diva of Saturday Morning Slam.” Good. That’s where you should stay.

    I can’t beleive WWE treats their woman like this.

    • josh101

      I see Rosa has you highly pressed. Please go find a hobby the Rosa trashing was like so 2011.

      • Raekon

        People were praising her in OVW and ECW when she were used properly and had tons of character.

        Then she appears on the main roster in 2009 as Beths “Apprentice” so she can job to everyone and the bashing started.

        Funny Fact? People still loved her when she wrestled in FCW even in 2011 cause she got to actually use her moveset there which consists much more than the 2-3 moves they allow her to use on the main roster.

      • EVEROCKS

        Woah!! Haha didn’t mean to offend you. @josh101 I have a hobby actually. She does not have me “highly pressed”, i’m just sick of seeing her where she doesn’t belong.

        • OJ Von Erich

          “i’m just sick of seeing her where she doesn’t belong.”

          Well WWE employs her, so I’d say she is exactly where she belongs & she’s hardly ever on screen in the ring, so I don’t know what you’re going on about.

          It’s people like you that are probably the reason we barely get good diva matches anymore… Must you bash everything?

        • EVEROCKS

          Calm down fan girl/boy.

          Um have you seen any of my comments besides this one? I hardly bash anything. I can promise you “people like me” aren’t the reason we never get matches. The reason is that WWE just doesn’t give a shit. With the way WWE misstreats Divas there is really no reason for us to have matches unless girls who can actually entertain and wrestle are in them. Just because WWE employs Rosa that doesn’t mean she should be there.

        • OJ Von Erich

          LOL of course I’m a fan boy, that’s why I watch, I’m a fan of the diva’s, in every aspect!

          Even when it’s 3 minute matches or just a segment backstage, I’m happy that we got something, I don’t feel the need to criticize, it’s beyond my control & it just looks pathetic.

        • EVEROCKS

          I’m not going to sit here and argue with you. It’s pointless.


        • OJ Von Erich

          I’m not arguing, that’s clear, although what else is also clear, is our difference of opinion.

          We’ve both stated what we think & I’m happy to move on. :)

  • Looking Glass

    Rosa is one of the more charismatic Divas in the WWE and she does a great job in valeting, fulfilling the managerial role which was one a great tool to make people stand out in the company and people still bash her? “Nattie deserves more than this”, how is it Rosa’s fault when she’s doing her job? Love how people will cream themselves over the Kelly’s and Maryses who aren’t even that different besides the fact they were pushed which isn’t something that can be helped. Some people get way too smarky


      People still bash her because she still wrestle but still can’t wrestle. She is charismatic, yes, she does a good job, yes but only as a valet because as a wrestle? HELL NO! And that why we the people say that nattie(the best women wrestle on the roster) deserve better than having an opponent named Rosa Mendes. By the way, Kelly and Maryse were not the best but they were way better than Rosa, and the only reason they didn’t give a push to Rosa, that is because she never ever been decent or good in a match.

      • Looking Glass

        She wrestles like four times a year. The Bella’s don’t really belong in the ring, Aksana doesn’t really belong in the ring….Do they get ring time? Course they do and you can’t honestly say Kelly’s got skills or been decent in a match, that’s just lame in itself.

        People make exceptions for Kelly because she didn’t need to be popular off of her wrestling. Blue eyes, blonde hair, young and skinny did that for her – she was a babyface too which always helps.

      • Raekon

        All of these girls can wrestle which is: “execution of moves”, “bumping/selling”, in ring psychology and movement.

        Rosa had better matches than Kelly, Maryse and Maxine in the past.
        However, they were all either in houseshows or in FCW cause on the main roster she is not allowed to use more than the 3 moves you see her doing.

        Unfortunately only very few matches of hers are on youtube in which she got to use her moveset more.

        If you never watched them, you should watch the following matches on youtube @Wrestling.Fan.From.France:

        FCW 12-12-10 (Queen of FCW Match ) ( AJ Lee vs Rosa Mendes)

        FCW_1-16-11 ( Kaitlyn vs Rosa Mendes ( Queen of FCW )

        FCW 11.14.2010 Rosa Mendes vs Kaitlyn
        It was Kaitlyns first televised match but still decent.

        Another decent match: FCW Fatal Four Way Divas Match
        She is called Roucka there.

  • Raekon

    They already had a mixed 3 persons tag in this weeks smackdown.

    Was the typical thing though, Rosa gets to do the 2-3 moves they allow her to do out of her moveset, Nattie does the same, tag in the guys, Primo and Epico are selling Khalis “strength” and “hornsomething” attacks Rosa so she will run into Natalya to get floored again. <_<

    Well… at least Nattie and Rosa get some time on TV and on the Web so it is a good thing for them.

    No matter how bad the whole thing is though.

  • redsandman99

    If Rosa, Epico and Primo could get the best of Natalya, Khali and Hornswoggle once in awhile, this wouldn’t be THAT bad of a little side feud. Things that are too one sided though for either the heels or the faces become kind of useless though.

  • candice7000

    Well at least Rosa and Nattie are being used. Like where the hell is Alicia Fox? But that’s neither here nor there. I’m happy these 2 divas are getting some sort of spot light. Although I rather Natalya be the over heel of the roster I like how they are using her as the kid friendly diva. She is such a sweetheart and the kids are really loving her. Hell I love her!!! Maybe after Kaitlyn loses her title to who ever she would be the next face champion after her. On another note people need to leave Rosa alone. Yes she is not the best wrestler, but when WWE actually put her in a role more suitable for her than it’s a problem. Rosa as valet is great. Her mic skills and charisma is just awesome. I wish they would use her as a more Sunny/Tammy Lynn type valet. Rosa is hot and like I said great mic skills. Primo and Epico is so bording. She should manage people like Alberto Del Rio, Kofi Kingston(cause he need a diva to brighten his now very bording career) or they could always put her back with Zack Ryder. Now Rosa and Zack Ryder was epic. I’d love for them to get back together.

    • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

      That’s what I’m saying! They need to give alicia something to do, she’s great on the mic they should let her be someone’s manager or better yet she can be like their fashion consultant . Of maybe they could make her and aksana or Tamina into a tag team so the funkadactyls could have someone to fued with since their fued with the Bella’s seem to be ending.

  • Ryan

    I remember when Rosita was with Ryder
    I like rosa! I know she sucks in the ring but who cares!! More Rosita Mendes please!!

    Wish WWE wasn’t PG, rosa is sexy and knows how to work it but she is also not a slag so it works!!
    And Natalya she’s very pretty haha but she dresses like an old lady!! Lol
    She always used to kiss some random guy XD


    Breaking News: Naomi got a minor injury to her left-knee after a botched hurricana in house show in Paris, France (my home).
    Big kisses to you Naomi, hope it’s that serious :)

    • Ryan

      Get well Naomi!! Ouch!!!

      She’s a tough girl! I love how explosive she is but man those moves bound to get hurt :(

      Get well soon Velvet Sky and Naomi Knight!! Muah!! Love u ladies!

      • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

        Man that sucks :( , hopefully they have Cameron fill in for her & let her cheer her on by the ringside .

  • KaitlynLover<3

    I really love Rosa Mendes, I truly do, she is so charismatic and fun to watch. but I prefer her as baby face! By the way I LOVE her new ring attire, its awesome!

    What I would like to see would be her getting off TV because she is “injured”, train with Sara Del Ray for some months, and then come back a get a proper push!

  • divaindemise

    I do not rate Rosa Mendes as a wrestler based on the work I’ve seen from her. Likely, I never will. But I am, however, inclined to believe that she comes across hapless due to the fact the WWE has never truly committed to promoting her. As a valet to Primo and Epico, she’s arguably found her groove and is doing rather well, yet it still hasn’t inspired the tandem to be bigger than they should be. So for people lamenting about Natalya deserving better, that goes double for Rosa.

  • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

    I love rosa I think she’s making the best out of what their giving her. I like how she said she was the true diva of Saturday morning slam like it was a accomplishment . People complain about her like shes in the ring 24/7 or something & I don’t know about u guys but I enjoyed the 1 on 1 match she had with nattie acouple months ago.
    I kinda wish this fued would switch up by Khali or hornswoggle costing them the match the match next week and then Natalya attacks both of them and turns heel proclaiming that they’ve been holding her back.

  • xoxoRKOxoxo

    I just read on WrestleReveled that Rosa was sent home from the tour for partying too much, I don’t know how true it is, but the article said she has been drunk the whole tour. So the match may not happen. I hope it isn’t true, isn’t that how Mickie got released?

    • shameronstar

      Well Rosa does do anything else these days might as well become the Trina Braxton of the wwe!

    • shameronstar

      And it wasnt Mickie who was released for drinking it was Serena!

      • xoxoRKOxoxo

        Thanks, I thought it was Mickie for some reason.


          I hope she gets fired Or suspended for a long LONG time!

  • MomoMufFinSsFTW

    First of all, Rosa’s attire on smackdown was perfect. 2nd I’d rather have rosa and Natalya feud than her with khali so it’s all good in the hood. 3rd Ross’s move set should be that cross arm submission,rear naked choke,mat slam,low blows,that move eve did to maryse on that one ppv that looked weak as f**k but it actually hurts like hell, the kimura lock, and then the other generic heel stuff, I give her these moves because IMO it fits her character

    • Raekon

      She has many more moves but they don’t let her use them, the kimura lock would be cool though I think that one of the superstars is using it already so they wouldn’t allow a diva to do the same.

  • jcarcano12

    I loce Rosa #MuscleMania

  • Jillfan1

    if anything Tyson should be Natties boy and Jack evans (dream) no one cares about Khali and swoggle

  • aldo

    Rosa is one of my favorites. She si not the best wrestler but her mic skills and her charisma are always entertaining.
    Natalya is the best female wrestler in WWE right now, but I think they should keep her as backstage interviewer because you can see that’s not her strong point. She doesn’t manage the mic correctly. Besides that, she is winning most of her matches, she only loses against Kaitlyn (duh!) and I’m happy for that because I remember being sooo mad when she was jobbing againt everyone. At least she appears more than the Divas Champion and she is winning: Finally!
    They should give her a push obviously but for now is ok.

  • OJ Von Erich

    I think this role is perfect for Natalya, she is getting seen & SMS’s target audience is the kids & the kids love Natalya…

    She is the diva that the kids know & look up to, she is strong & highly skilled, plus she has great character, she plays her role to perfection.

    Well done Natalya! :)

    • divaindemise


      Natalya’s broad appeal and undeniable fan connection makes it all the more mystifying why she isn’t one of the Divas at the forefront of the division. Honestly, I can overlook the fact that she’s dealt one naff gimmick after another, because her ring time has only benefited from it, but the truth is that Natalya doesn’t need a Khali or a Hornswoggle or any male superstar. For it’s her wrestling skill that makes her such a great entertainer.

      • OJ Von Erich

        Exactly, at least she’s the one getting seen every week!!! :)