On this day in history:

April 30th, 2001 | Trish Stratus must have felt like she was walking to the gallows when she entered the ring to face Women’s Champion Chyna in a non-title match. After all, Trish was just learning the ropes at the time and Chyna was, well, the 9th Wonder of the World. It was a squash match through and through, with Trish unable to get in a speck of offense before being pinned by Chyna. Post-match, Chyna complained about the lack of competition for her title, and decided that instead of pinning her opponents, she would now spank them. We’re sure Moolah felt the same in her day. Lita arrived to make a challenge and Chyna accepted, but warned Lita that her new penchant for spanking might leave her with a sore backside.

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Also occurring today in history:
* 4/30/06 – Trish Stratus defeats Mickie James by DQ at Backlash 2006. Mickie retains the Women’s Title.

Note: This was originally posted on 4/30/12.