Today in History: Chyna Makes Mincemeat Out of Trish

On this day in history:

April 30th, 2001 | Trish Stratus must have felt like she was walking to the gallows when she entered the ring to face Women’s Champion Chyna in a non-title match. After all, Trish was just learning the ropes at the time and Chyna was, well, the 9th Wonder of the World. It was a squash match through and through, with Trish unable to get in a speck of offense before being pinned by Chyna. Post-match, Chyna complained about the lack of competition for her title, and decided that instead of pinning her opponents, she would now spank them. We’re sure Moolah felt the same in her day. Lita arrived to make a challenge and Chyna accepted, but warned Lita that her new penchant for spanking might leave her with a sore backside.

What are your memories of this moment? Tell us in the comments!

Also occurring today in history:
* 4/30/06 – Trish Stratus defeats Mickie James by DQ at Backlash 2006. Mickie retains the Women’s Title.

Note: This was originally posted on 4/30/12.

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  • divaindemise

    Chyna could have given so much to the women’s division, in hindsight, if only she felt comfortable being on the girls’ playing field. The eventual match with Lita was technically fine, if awkward: it was quite clear by the fan reaction that there was a new queen bee around. Chyna could have made an imposing monster heel for the women to work with. A waste, in my opinion.

    • IvIBlueBloodIVI

      Yeah but do remember that it wasn’t Chynas decision to quit the WWE. I 100% agree with you.Chyna is one of my top 5 girls. Had she not left the WWE, she would of been in the Hall of Fame and possibly gave Trish (which is also a top 5) a run for her money. God I just get SOOOO UPSET WHEN I THINK ABOUT HER CAREER! lol

      • divaindemise

        Huge a fan of Chyna as I am I do not believe she really wanted to put the other girls over as she had sculpted herself to be perceived as distinctively stronger/superior. To compete principally in the women’s division somewhat altered the superwoman image she had going for her when she went up against the men. It’s still a huge shame, however, that her career ended acrimoniously. She was one of the WWE’s most unique characters, male or female.

    • sieghrt

      Chyna could have been in Trish’s shoes right now (being WWE’s face/HOF inductee) but yeah, shit in life happens and misdirections leads us to nowhere.

      • art

        Chyna was going to put lita over & lita was going to be the diva to beat chyna & get the title….

    • Raekon

      Chyna could had kept the Division relevant as a strong womens Division for through and through instead of having Sable bringing the “Divas” into Play in which the womens title were defended in pools with Pudding, gown Dress matches, Beauty contests and pillow fights in Lingerie. -.-

      The main Problem with Chyna was that the Management wouldn’t let her be defeated by a female less powerful then her because she was winning against main eventers herself and they didn’t wanted their males to look weak.

      So she mostly had Squash matches against other females or some in which the other Girls like Molly and Lita (partially Ivory) took a Chance of like 2-3 hits of offence.

      Chyna said that she wanted to drop the title to Lita but it never happen cause she was released due to the issues with Triple H cheating on her with the Bosses daughter.

      At least the Chyna vs Lita match in the ppv was good and Chyna showed her respect towards Lita putting her over and helping her in the process.

      It’s too bad her depressions took the best of her and lead her to the alcohol which doesn’t go well with the heavy medication she was on. :/

      At least she has a good life now though away from all of this but it’s indeed a huge shame not to have her into the HoF cause she was the one to Show that a woman can do much more than being a eye candy or getting over only by showcasing her boobs.

  • IvIBlueBloodIVI

    Chyna Truly deserves glory for what she’s done for women in WWF/E. She has overcome so many odds and earned the name “Ninth wonder of the world”. Seriously who cares what she did in her personal time. At the end of the day she is one of the greatest Divas ever!

  • Monkey Tennis

    Not sure the powerbomb at the end really qualified as a powerbomb, as opposed to Chyna just dropping Trish.

    Funny to think that in the years that followed, Trish would improve greatly as a wrestler. But Lita would always be that bad on the mic’.

    • puppies

      Lita wasn’t too bad on the mic. She’d come off pretty awkward at times, but she improved a lot and sounded way more natural in 04’+.

    • Litaker61

      Go look up Lita’s promo after her last Raw match. She improved a LOT.

      • Monkey Tennis

        You mean the shouty rant she gave in the ring after that daft blindfold match with Mickie?

        She was louder. But she wasn’t better.

        It’s not a big deal, though. It was just one area of the business that she wasn’t very good at. At the end of the day, it never really held her back.

    • Essex Boy

      @ Monkey Tennis Kevin Nash’s power bomb was the same (The Jack knife) he just let them drop becuase he was considerably taller than most the roster, it had an impact. Same with Chyna compared to the women at the time.

    • Raekon

      Chyna executed the Chyna Bomb differently towards the women than the men for the reason Essex Boy already said. :)

  • Ryan

    Love them all
    Chyna Sable Trish Lita WWE Legends man

    Man she just dropped Trish haha and spanked her! XD

    I can understand why Chyna felt uncomfortable wrestling women
    She was used to wrestling men, and then had to in a way “lower” herself to the women’s level. I mean hell she turned down a challenge for facing Sable for the WWF Women’s Championship. Lol got into an argument there. But yeah chyna felt like if Kobe were to go from Lakers to.. Playing a the YMCA.. However!!! It’s just a blind psychological issue with Chyna, because the women who were there were just as intense as the guys! And incredibly daring and strong!
    Lita Jacqueline Ivory Molly eventually Jazz Victoria Gail Kim and of course Trish Stratus! Never a dull moment it was just Chyna not wanting anything to do for personal reasons… Plus those personal reasons were pretty big haha the whole triple h thing

    • Jcott3

      Chyna vs. Sable? I find that a little hard to believe, as Sable refused to learn to wrestle and thought she was hot [stuff] on a stick, and had to know she couldn’t get away with her usual BS with Chyna.

      • Ryan

        True story guy

        It was during a talk show with Women’s Champion Sable, Debra, and Chyna
        A fan asked Sable vs Chyna at WrestleMania XV, Chyna simply said, she has no intrest in the women’s championship as its not a valid title for her, but she respects what the women do..
        Turned into a heated argument between Sable and Chyna, both calling one another out on breast implants, steroids and cosmetic surgeries..

        • Raekon

          Chyna were competing against men so having other women pin her clean would make the men she won against look weak.

          That’s why the Management didn’t wanted her to be defeated by the other females.

          The main reason why Chyna though wouldn’t go after Sable was because Vince wanted Sable to be up top so Chyna would had probably have to Job to Sable or make her look credible even she wasn’t, getting wasted like Luna in the process.

          Sable wanted that of course cause she loved it when every other female jobbed to her to make her look like a wrestler which she never was.

          Chyna definately respected what the other women were doing but definately not what Sable were doing.

        • Ryan

          Raekon?? What?!!

          Chyna’s main dis interest in the women’s championship was because how big she was compared to Luna Jackie Tori Ivory and Sable.. These women were fit as fuck! Sexy! Muscle goddesses! But Chyna was beyond them in size and strength
          She was used to military pressing men, she didn’t want to give that up

          Their bickering on that one video had to do because well, nobody likes to be pinked around, that’s when Sable was like WTF Chyna?! Chyna said I can squash sable in 2 seconds, sable was like, no u can.. Chyna says yes I can I’m stronger than you, and then began to call one out on steroids boob implants facial surgeries and other stuff..
          Debra kept quiet.. Good work Debra ;)
          Staying out of it is the best thing anyone can do
          As a wrestler im sure Chyna wouldn’t mind jobbing to other Men, but not to smaller women than her. It’s not like she hated wrestling the women, she just wasn’t into it but still did her job up until when she grabbed her things and the WWF Women’s Championship and left when her and WWF couldn’t come to terms

        • Raekon

          Sable was full of herself and her ability of showcasing her boobs and butt. That was also her main power, nothing more and nothing less.

          So saying that she could stand up against someone like Chyna after Luna made Sable to look like a wrestler at a time Sable had even a contract in which it was clearly written “No bumps”, is beyond ridicoulos.

          Chyna would have to only chokeslam her once and she would be done so yeah, 3 seconds is about right.

          She also said she wanted to drop the title to Lita but it never happened because they let her contract expire.

  • pumped up kicks

    Its a big step down from being the intercontinental champ to being womens champ. The E wasent fair to Chyna.

    • Ryan

      I think your one of the few who understands this :)

      Most people bash chyna for not wanting to be involved with the women.
      It’s comparing apples to intercontinental oranges

      • k2evecrew

        Yeah but she should’ve wanted to help make the belt and division more important by winning the belt. I doubt she would’ve lost any popularity by winning it

        • kristalmelinafan

          Why should she want too? That’s like saying to John Cena win the cruiserweight belt to make the division better.

    • puppies

      Not really. She was competing against Ivory, Jacqueline, and Lita, who also faced men. It’s not like she was facing Terri Runnels and The Kat.

      • JD Sensations

        The sad thing is, she never faced Jackie..I would have loved to have seen Jackie whooping Chyna’s ass!!

        • Ryan

          Oh no don’t get me wrong. The women’s division then the girls were just as intense as the guys. The girls weren’t the issue, it was her perspective of how to handle the situation.
          But going from Intercontinental to Women’s Championship, I can see why she didn’t exactly care for it
          Even Terri and Kitty would mix it hard with the men just as Jackie Luna Lita Tori Ivory or Trish did, and Chyna didn’t officially face Jackie, but during a stand off Jackie was taunting Chyna and she got pissed and shoved Jackiebso hard down, so hard her massive bazooka tits came out!!

          I wanted to see her with Tori, all she got was a nasty elbow shot to the face from Chyna

          Chyna was a beast she trained with Triple H and Perry Saturn
          Go Chyna :)

        • art

          chyna would have beat jackie easy jackie is nowhere near chyna in strength while jackie has more skill shes out of her league…

          chyna was meant to face tori after the dudleys storyline but tori got injured & that would have beeb awesome…

        • pumped up kicks

          Its all how the E booked Chyna…. Maybe she could’ve had classic matches against Jakie, or Lita or whoever. They either could’ve put her in great feuds or switch her back to fighting men. It was a real travesty what they did to her just because of stupid backstage heat.

  • MsXxxdiva247

    Chyna was gold in her prime. It really is sad, what happened to her.

  • lucky1now

    What the divas could have done if chyna stuck around
    All we have are the matches that was actually given

  • JD Sensations

    All I can say is thank God Chyna left…imagine how bad the Divas division would have been with her around…probably wouldn’t have been a Golden Era

    • Brandon

      I’m still sad with the way Chyna was released. But your right about there being no golden era. If Chyna would’ve stayed she probably would’ve squased everyone repeatedly.

    • kristalmelinafan

      I love Ivory, but she did not add shit to the division at all. And the only reason i’m saying this because you are obviously an Ivory mark who is butt hurt just like Ivory.

      • art

        chyna would have been good for the division since people would want to see who could actually beat her….

      • Brandon

        If ur talking to me, I respect ivory and Molly. They were mistreated I guess you could say. They were overshadowed :/

        • art

          no jd sensations

      • JD Sensations

        um I’m not butthurt over Ivory, get over yourself. Chyna barely sold any Divas offence and I felt bad that EVERY Diva, not just Ivory, had to lose to her in such weak fashion.

        and bitch please, you’re a Kristal Marshall and Melina mark…that just says a lot.

    • 09DHK

      I’d have to disagree about there being no Golden Era had Chyna stayed. The only thing that would be different is that more than likely LITA would be the face of the Golden Era as opposed to Trish; especially after taking the title from Chyna (who the “E” built to be the unstoppable powerhouse of the division). Chyna has stated numerous times that she was intended to turn heel, get back with Eddie, and eventually drop the title to Lita. So yeah, there’d probably still be a Golden Era, just with a different face.

  • Brandon

    This is hilarious, lol…The only time Chyna and Trish faced i believe.

    • Ace Of Base

      Chyna made “mincemeat” out of Trish at Summerslam 2000 and pinned her to become Intercontinental Champion due to the mix tag rules.

    • Raekon

      They also faced off in mixed tag Team matches.

  • Sarah Connor

    When Chyna defeated Lita, none of us were expecting Chyna to depart very soon after. Had WWE not released her from her contract, I would love to have seen this feud continue and have Lita challenge Chyna in a ladder match for the Womens title where Lita won the title.

    • Ace Of Base

      I remember on “The Informer” article in WWE magazine, Lita vs Chyna was implied to do a ladder match at Summerslam. I would have loved to see that!

    • divaindemise

      Purely supposition based on tidbits read over the years, but I don’t think Chyna was interested in remaining in the women’s division after the squash parade came to an end. The Judgement Day match she had with Lita was significant on two levels: Lita was not only booked as a convincing threat, but she easily outranked Chyna’s popularity. Up until that encounter Chyna never had to compete with the women in terms of fan reactions. And I’m willing to bet that Chyna didn’t like those reality checks that night.

      • kristalmelinafan

        Well, keys word in your comment is “I don’t think”. You really don’t know if Chyna really did care about the division and if it was her character since she was suppose to portray the dominant female. i mean shit she is the only female to had multiple #1 contenderships to male titles and have won one of their prestigious.

        • divaindemise

          “I don’t think” = “in my opinion”

          But you’re right, I don’t and I don’t purport to. And nonetheless I’m still a huge fan of Chyna.

        • Ace Of Base

          I think you’re right, but Creative seemed stubborn about keeping her there. Perhaps I’m wrong here, but maybe WWE wouldn’t have liked the idea of Chyna becoming as big as The Rock was in the mainstream at that time. Lita was gaining significant steam and was a lot more humble than Chyna was it seems. No wonder the didn’t have a problem letting her contract expire.

    • 09DHK

      Chyna has actually stated in a few shoot interviews that she was supposed to turn heel and get back with Eddie after the Judgment Day match, and eventually drop the title to Lita. If you watch the match closely, you can see that Chyna was acting more heel-ish and cocky in some parts, so her statements regarding this were probably true. Had that happened, I feel as though Lita would’ve been THE main diva during the Golden Era as opposed to Trish. Not trying to turn this into Trish vs Lita (the argument is kinda old in my opinion), but I feel that taking the belt from Chyna would’ve put Lita over the moon and back since Chyna was packaged as the unstoppable powerhouse of the divas division.

  • kristalmelinafan

    I’m probably the biggest stan for Chyna. I said I will never be a stan for anyone but when it comes to Chyna i cant help it. Chyna got me interested in wrestling not in women wrestling but wrestling in general. Chyna literally was my favorite wwe superstar. I wish she would of stayed and handle the cheating better by ignoring it which i know its hard to do. But wwe in my opinion lost a lot of publicity after Chyna left.

  • art

    lol @ how soft she dropped trish from that powerbomb yet plants lita hard….
    chyna did like being in the womans division vince asked her to do it & she agreed so how is that coming across as she never wanted to do it & lita was going to beat chyna for the womans title but she got released thanks to triple h & steph’s affair….

    • Ace Of Base

      That’s not true. She threw out all kinds of ideas, but creative wanted her in the womens division and that is where she was going to go. She wasn’t happy about it, to say the least. (From Lita’s book) Vince – “We’re at a dead end for you creatively, and to be honest you’re not going to be World Champion, what we want, is to expand you into the womens division.”

      I don’t think she was happy about it.

      • Ace Of Base

        Also just to clear things up, when they interviewed Chyna about her match against Lita, she said it was difficult with Lita and with all the girls because she wasn’t used to it. The thing is, Chyna was carried by the guys mostly and Lita was helped along (carried)by other women like Molly, Ivory, and Jackie. So considering how Lita was so green and Chyna used to letting all the guys do most of the work, the match wasn’t half bad. Atleast by those days standards. It was so basic! Lita said in her book how she wanted to blow the roof off in the match (make it memorable), but Chyna refused to to give up too much offense. And then she goes on to say that she wishes WWE would have given her the title as a passing of the torch moment.

        I have heard others say that Chyna wanted Lita to win the title that night, but Lita refused to go over, which I doubt. But anyway, I understand on some level why Chyna was unhappy about working with the women. Despite the fact that she wasn’t stellar technically, Chyna was special and a lot of hard work went into establishing her 9th Wonder of the World character. If this would’ve been a phase in her career where she would’ve put over the girls and then later regain her old strenght again, going back to fighting men, it could’ve worked better – but to just outright kill her evolution and devolve her as, if you will, it seemed so wrong. She should have been more humble too though. For example, it seemed like back in the day, nobody liked Sable, but Chyna could have worded her rude comments better so she wouldn’t come off as so offfensive to the other girls.

        “I can answer that, right now because I’ve trained with mostly men and have grown accustomed to the men’s division, the Women’s Championship is not currently on my radar, but perhaps someday down the road, I might find myself with the opportunity to challenge for it.” Would have been more appropriate imo.

        • divaindemise

          To sum up Chyna’s disdain for competing with women, go and watch her back-and-forth with Sable on a talk show that culminated in a bitchery of plastic surgery and steroids. Chyna basically tells Sable she isn’t interested in wrestling her as it would only take her two seconds to beat her. (Technically false, as it takes at least 3 seconds to pin someone.)

          If Chyna had pride about being phased into the women’s division, then fair enough. She had conquered a lot of new ground as a female in the wrestling industry and possibly saw this as a step in the wrong direction. That’s understandable. Personally, I feel as she become more feminine and accepted as an alternative sex symbol, it decelerated her as a legitimate threat in the men’s division.

        • Ace Of Base

          You are wise and I agree with most of everything you say. What’s your major in college if you don’t mind?

        • Raekon

          Sorry but the “Chyna was carried by the guys” Argument is not only old and overused but also quite false.

          If you watch her matches with the guys you can see that she can hold her own, alone the bumps she were taking are showcasing that she was well trained (Kowalski) and that she was technically good enough to hold her own.

          Check how technically clean is one of the most dangerous bumps that only she were doing at that time when they sent her to the ropes with force and she went over them head first and cartwheeled from the Apron to the ground below.

          This is a bump that someone as green or not technically Sound as People made her can’t do to say the least.

          Chyna said herself that she wanted to drop the title to Lita but she got released before being able to do so.

          She also said that she cared about the Womens Division but didn’t wanted to have anything to do with Sable (out of obvious reasons).

      • art

        Ive got her first interview post wwe were she said vince asked her & she agreed so that’s coming from her….

        • Ace Of Base

          @Art – I was restating what Lita had put in her book. According to the book, Chyna wasn’t happy about going into the Divas Division, but I guess that’s up for debate, because let’s be honest, Chyna has contradicted herself many times. Although I suppose this could be because she felt different about it later on or before, well I would like to hear that interview Art if you want to link it on youtube. I was looking for it for ages!

          @Raekon – Well I guess it depends on the eye of the beholder. I mean some people will say a certain Diva wrestles great, to others it’s boring, and others will downright hate and criticize it. I loved Chyna and to this day follow her. I was just saying she could have done more, but it looked like she settled imo.

        • art

          it was for world of wrestling wow mag i still have it so this was in 01/02 before the drugs & porn…..
          Molly vs chyna was good so even if she did hate being apart of the womes division she didn’t for long….ivory also had a good single match with ivory on smackdown so its not like chyna didn’t want the woman to get offense in….

  • Lancerboi1986

    As much as I liked Chyna I am glad that she was not in the Women’s division for long. It would have taken THAT much longer to get the Trish we have today although I would’ve loved to have had them build up Jackie to finally kick that butt as opposed to Lita….yay for wishful thinking.

  • StratusfactionForeverXO

    I didn’t like the fact that Chyna thought she was superior to others . She Didnt respect the women’s division & thought it was beneath her and she was so sloppy in the ring at times and she was a horrible seller . I do respect that she was making it big in a male dominated industry and she was something new and fresh , but she wasn’t very humble at all . Im glad she left when she did because soon after we had an amazing division .

  • LitaFF

    Man, I loved Chyna back in the day. She was so entertaining. I don’t care what anyone says. She deserves a place in the HOF.

  • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson

    Chyna Needs To Be In The Hall Of Fame!

  • Ryan

    Btw the end promo.. Mic skills and whatnot..
    Man I liked it
    It seemed sincere Lita and Chyna have a mutual respect for one another it didn’t seem like some BS promo.. U can tell they weren’t hostile and had respect towards another.. Something u don’t see much from divas.. Then again these were Women ;)
    Mic skills could “lack” but their presence was there and u can feel it
    Love u both ladies and Chyna was truly powerful!

  • She’sGotLegs!

    Boy do I miss Chyna… She was one of those wrestlers that truly stood out to me. I remember when I was younger, I was a HUGE Chyna fan. I even thought she was pretty.