Today in History: Kane Kidnaps Lita

On this day in history:

May 3rd, 2004 | In the midst of a Highlight Reel interview with Matt Hardy, Lita appeared on the Titan Tron to tell him that she never loved him and that she had found someone else. In the midst of her confession she broke down, screaming and telling him that she was tied up in the basement. Kane appeared on screen with a smile that probably earned him that role in See No Evil. Matt eventually rescued Lita and she told him that Kane hadn’t touched her. A happy(ish) ending? Not a chance. We all know where this story went, and Lita’s kidnapping was only the beginning.

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Note: This was originally posted on 5/03/12.

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  • Litaker61

    Bad bad storyline. Not only was the idea of Kane/Lita creepy as hell, it took Lita out of the women’s division for months. I guess if anything good came out of it, it was the months of buildup between Trish/Lita leading to that epic main event match.

  • jonboi

    I remember sitting waiting on this storyline to end I wondered how they were going to the pregnacy debacle, if I took 1 positive from this it was the trish/lita backstage segs that’s how to keep a feud fresh when wrestling isn’t involed, I wanted lita to turn heel with kane to get a heelish revenge on trish

  • k2evecrew

    I enjoyed this storyline but it made lita look horrible, espacailly when edge came into the picture

  • GrrMonster

    I don’t give a damn what anyone say, yeah this storyline was dumb ass hell, but it made you tune in every Monday to see what would happen next.

  • OJ Von Erich

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    • divaindemise

      Emma continues to bring life.

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    Maybe I am weird but I didn’t mind this storyline at all. The only time it lost me was the whole Snitsky angle. I always felt that should have gone to a more established star or more of an up and comer

  • i22

    On one hand I loved this story line cause it had that over dramatic soap opera feel to it which Im a sucker for plus it kept the Trish fued alive but it pissed me off how it kept her out of the division for so long.

    What I never understood is why they never put the title on Lita when she came back full time in the fall of 2003. She was insanely over and it was obvious the crowd missed the hell out of her. I really assumed she would be the one to strip Molly of the title. Then they went the Victoria route and Lita even challenged her for the title and lost. At that time I really wanted Victoria and Lita to fued. They couldve had an awesome rivalry.

    • Litaker61

      That annoyed the hell out of me when she never got the title on her return. She was still over more than any of the other Divas. I think that’s the reason she never got it though, she worked better as the challenger, everyone wanted her to win. Sucks it took over a year to get some form of a payoff though.

    • puppies

      Lita being so over may have been the very reason why she didn’t get many title reigns (or not as many as you’d think). The title was used to get Victoria, and to an extent, Trish over.

      • charovnica

        I agree.Lita was some what of an underdog.This may be a big part of why people were so much behind her.Hell,title reigns are not as important.Piper is a prove of that.The fact that people appreciate you is enough.

    • WweLitafan4ever

      Yeah it sucks that they barely put the title on Lita,considering she was the most over/popular diva at the time.Although, as stated by someone else,the reason why she didn’t get a lot of reigns is due to her popularity. She has/had such an AMAZING connection with the fans and was insanely popular,that she didn’t need the title.She was already very,very over with the fans and they always cared for her,no matter what. I remember she mentioned in her book that she dropped the title to Ivory in 00 b/c everyone in the back said she was over and didn’t need it.
      It would have been nice to see her hold the belt more,but she never needed it. Without the belt,she is the most popular diva ever and is the best!

    • Jcott3

      I always thought the reason behind Molly’s long reign as champion in 2003 (as well as her going over on Trish AND Lita) was that it was WWE’s way of apologizing for the 2002 “junk in your trunk” storyline and they were doing everything they could to get her over as a heel.

      Personally, I always thought Lita was “above the belt”, meaning she didn’t need the validation of being champion to be over with the fans.

  • Ryan

    Loved this Lita and Kane were so creepy together only thing I hated was Lita being out of action.. And I mean wrestling wise ;) (Trish joke)
    And I disliked Matt.. Snitski was just bad and Lita looked miserable
    I remember how happy Lita looked in 2003 through early 2004 until this
    Lita started looking really dead..
    Very sad and angry.. Very villain like and just straight miserable..
    That’s why always stood by Lita no matter what through the good and the bad and hated how quickly fans betrayed her for Matt Hardy (yet I understand why)
    She didn’t smile like she used to anymore. :(

    I remember a segment in early 2005 she was with Victoria in the back talking Lita was sitting on a crate, her crutch next to the crate, edge walked in and Victoria got stand off’ish towards him(smart woman) but then leaves. Edge was already the angry crazed heel but he kindly asked Lita if her knee was better and grabbed her knee caringly and left on his way. She gave him a huge smile I had not seen on her in a long time :)

    I know a lot of people don’t care about this but man I do and still remember it

    Lita is almost like a super hero. One bad ass female. Sexy. And u can sense her feel and her fire. passion and energy. And when she is prevented from wrestling, whether due to injury or due to whatever, it’s like a freakin crime, like the wings were cut off an angel


  • WweLitafan4ever

    Kane/Lita…odd pairing lol.
    I liked the Kane/Lita angle better when Edge was involved. The wedding in 05 was awesome.

  • Jcott3

    I could never figure out WHY WWE would have one of their most popular and most talented female wrestlers in a pregnancy storyline, which would keep her out of the ring.

    • charovnica

      At the current time the diva search was on,Trish was an entertaining heel and she was about to get over the diva search winner.Maybe they didn’t think Lita was much needed in this situation.Also this was mainly to get Matt over as a face,unfortunately he got over due to personal stuff later on.
      Also Lita has been always a very active in ring persona (minus the times when she was injured),so they might have felt that she needs to freshen her character….I really don’t know,but I don’t think it did anything bad to her career.She was just as loved if not more by the fans..till the personal stuff came out and people felt the need to judge her for issues they did not understand.

  • charovnica

    I’m a huge fan of both Kane & Lita…but I wasn’t much into the baby thing.It was just too much.But it got out a fantastic segment from all of this.The Hiighlight reel with Kane where Lita pull one of her better promos…loved the change in her voice when she pronounced the line “You sick son of a bitch” :D

    Didn’t have problem with it when Edge got involved cause this really helped him get heat.