Today in History: Chyna & Eddie Guerrero vs. Lita & Essa Rios

On this day in history:

May 4th, 2000 | An Intergender Tag Team match pit the team of Chyna and Eddie Guerrero against Lita and Essa Rios. Lita had to be dragged to the ring by Rios, clearly hesitant to face Chyna. Come on Lita, there’s nothing to feat but fear itself! When Lita eventually did get in the ring with her, it was to receive a Powerbomb and a Gorilla Press, and Chyna pinned her with a boot to her chest. Hm.. I guess there was something to fear.

What are your memories of this moment? Tell us in the comments!

Also occurring today in history:
* 5/04/02 – Jacqueline & Trish Stratus defeat Jazz & Molly Holly at Insurrextion 2002.
* 5/04/04 – Jacqueline defeats Chavo Guerrero to win the WWE Cruiserweight Title.

Note: This was originally posted on 5/04/12.

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  • kingbooman

    I miss the attitude era

  • Ryan

    Isn’t this match in honor of Mexican day? May 5th?
    Also Mayweather is fighting tonight.. May the 4th be with you ;D

    Chyna Eddie Lita Essa all made a hell of a group!
    And go Jackie! Both for kicking Jazz as Molly’s ass and for winning that Cruiserweight championship!! Wish she could of win the Knockouts title as she was one of the founders along with Traci Brooks :/

    • Matt

      Lol mexican day? wow.

      • Ryan

        Wow indeed! Lita looks very Latina here ver sexy
        Chyna is Mamasita, I’m sure Lita is too
        And Eddie and Essa rocking their lucha moves! All in may 4th :)

        • k2evecrew

          I think he means cinco de mayo

        • Crazy_J

          Yeah, most likely.. lol some people get so tiffed over being pc anymore it’s actually getting WAY out of hand. I don’t know any Hispanic people who get mad at you for saying mexican, the only time anyone should is if they aren’t from Mexico.. it’s like a white person getting mad for being called American.

        • Crazy_J

          And I meant.. someone living in America LoL

      • Little Red

        I echo those thoughts.

        • Ryan

          Lol Crazy_J

          I so didn’t mean it as a offensive thing
          Mexicans have their day and it’s on may 5th. Floyd Mayweather he loves to have fight match ups set up on May 5th ish because he knows the Latino community will pay big money to want to see him get beat by a Mexican dude which will so totally not happen lol

          Fuck being PC, is 2013 ppl should get over it.. Is what it is. Mexicans are cool people.
          And people can only feel offended if they know deep down there is something wrong with them.. Sounds like a personal problem ;)

          And yes I sincerely think this match was set up as a Latino Cruiserweight and women’s intergender match. :)
          Which is awesome!!
          Someone thinks it’s racist of me to point out? Hey take it up with WWF! I didn’t set up the match on May 4th, 2000 :D
          Personally I dig the Latino feel to this
          In 2005 Latino was the name of the game on Smackdown with Eddie Guerrero Batista Ray Mysterio The Mexicools Paul London MNM Carlito and others despite not being Latino added color to Smackdown in 2005 such as JBL and his cabinet, Christy Hemme, and the Full Blooded Italians. Diversity rocked :)

          And also have to say! Lita did a photo shoot for WWF Divas Do New York in 2000
          Lita walks down the street in NYC and u can see the heat waves.. The sexiest thing ever. Like a typical sexy Latina with hot legs in NYC
          Freakin Lita I now know she isn’t Latina lol

  • MsXxxdiva247

    I miss the days of Intergender matches…

  • charovnica

    Wrestling wise this was not better than any of the current diva matches (I’m talking about the diva bits in the match),but the characters were build well and people were emotionally involved.Chyna & Eddie’s popularity + the new redheaded chick that does the crazy flips made people interested in this little rivalry they had.

    • Ryan

      Wrestling wise the current girls aren’t as powerful as Chyna or as tough and sexy as Lita ;)

      Eddie and Essa really weren’t exciting matches despite how insane their moves were but Eddie Guerrero rocks! Viva La Raza!!! :)

      And Chyna Mamasita her power is amazing how easily she scoops Lita into a Powerbomb and the military press!! Truly awesome!! :0

      I know Beth can do this and even Victoria could at some point

      Not many moves done by Lita and Chyna but the few they did were enough

      • charovnica

        Your first sentence does not make any sense lol what does it matter if the girl is as sexy as Lita when we’re talking about in ring abilities lol
        Also I’m not saying the moves weren’t enough,but the match was simple just as today’s divas matches.

  • Raekon

    Awesome Pairings, awesome People, great feuds.
    Much less restrictions for the women and good old days that I miss a lot in the WWE.

  • kristalmelinafan

    Man Essa Rios got a big ass. Anyways Chyna!!!! as mamacita was my favorite Chyna’s because she was losing muscle mass and getting very girly. Even though Chyna and Eddie suppose to be a couple they was more as a team as well. Being number 1 contenders to the Tag team championship was awesome. First woman to do that. Chyna is the real ground breaking history making legendary diva.

    • Christo82

      Yes He had a nice culo on him.Much better than Del Rio. Essa Rios, Latin Lover and Hector Garza had some ass on them. Makes me wonder what happened to Alberto Del Rio. And to think he was so young doing this. Its sad he never really had a chance to develop. He was a great wrestler and should have had a longer feud with Eddy and Taka. So much wasted talent.

  • 09DHK

    Random thought, but I find it funny how all four speak fluent Spanish. And Tamina should watch this match and take notes; THAT’S how you make a statement.

    • Ryan

      I saw an interview from Chyna like 13 years ago, it was a man asking Chyna questions in Spanish! Her Spanish is awesome! She spoke it with zero problem

      • DIVASKO

        Really? Link?

        • Ryan

          Hell wish I had it
          It’s from Telemudo a sport broadcaster asking questions
          I know Spanish and she was asked if she liked Latino men.. She said she loved them haha
          Most of the questions were about her career

  • WweLitafan4ever

    Damn I miss Lita.
    Her and Essa were a great pairing,but Lita was definitely the star of the two.Greatest diva ever.<3 Lita


    Paige said on her twitter that her and Emma were on the road with WWE! They had a match( i think last night). Paige played the HEEL and teams with Tamina against the team of Emma who played the FACE and the WWE DIVAS CHAMPION Kaitlyn. Emma and Kaitlyn won. Vickie said on her twitter that Emma will be in an other live event but no word about Paige.

  • Liam Holden

    I remember Jackie vs Chavo fondly, mostly because I was pissed at how the commentators didn’t recognise who it was, and Chimel was like “making her way to the ring? Jacqueline??”

    • TBP_FAN

      He knew who she was he was just surprised cos she was a woman.

  • jonboi

    This right here^^^^ is why I got into wrestling all wrestling not just womans its because I seen lita do crazy ass moves chyna taking it to the guys & let’s not forget a little blonde valet who was just about to get into a feud of a lifetime What was her name mmmmmm ahh trish strasomthing lol

  • art

    I find it funny lita had no problem with chyna pinning her like that while ivory had a problem…..i liked that chyna was a sex symbol who could lift a guy above her head…i miss how the woman could mix it up with the guys beth/tamina could easily do it if needed….

    • Crazy_J

      If you watch Ivory’s interviews she seems to have a lot of problems with people. I like Ivory for being kind of catty and loud, but sometimes I think she bitches about the wrong things.

      • Liam Holden

        if you watch the full interview she actually has nice things to say about those people as well…don’t just watch the trailer and make a judgement based on that.

        • Ryan

          Na Liam Crazy J is right
          Ivory is catty as fuck
          X-PAC Debra and many others had no issue with Kitty but ivory in her own words had a meltdown from Kitty and her nympho-ness lol
          X-PAC said it best, kitty was a grown up did grown up things and the men she did sleep with was a mutual understanding between her and them. Ivory however hated it.. Catty as usual
          He also said it best that Ivory probably can’t even get dick because she doesn’t shut the hell up lol

          Chyna said she disliked ivory for having a mouth on her but she also loved ivory for that same fiery mouth that didn’t take crap from anyone and even stood up against Brock Lesnar Triple H Johnny Ace JBL..
          Ivory was a sexy fox and one tough bitch :)

    • litafan1994

      I watched an interview with ivory, and questions were asked about the divas and when asked about Lita she replied ‘great girl, but so sloppy in the ring. i never no where she is when she’s in the ring, pretty careless and dangerous. when im in the ring, im looking around thinking well where are you? apart from that, shes great!’ something along them lines, but i agree she does seem to have little problems with people

  • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson

    Id rather Chyna get inducted to the hall of fame by herself then as a part of DX, because Chyna was better without them then with them imo.

    • Crazy_J

      I like her with them, but we got to see more of her personality without them, and she did peak while on her own, so I’d have to agree about her going in HOF solo.

  • Ace Of Base

    I love this match. This was Lita acting very heel like without the “harlot” aspect to her character. She was just a badd chick! I love the fact that women like Lita and Trish found ways to topple Chyna despite their clear disadvantage in size and muscle. Lita moreso ofcourse – like the time she limped down with Essa on Raw on turned Chyna around calling her out for feeding her to the Dudlez on Smackdown. Sure Chyna tossed her like nothing, but then Lita knocked her down with a flying “plancha” off the top rope. I don’t recall other women being so confrontational with Chyna, except maybe Jackie just once…but I think she was much too short to prove any real threat to Chyna. Although I could be wrong. One of my friends told me that Luna almost beat Chyna with DX and The Oddities in their corners, but I never found the match so I think he made that up.

    • Liam Holden

      damn Luna vs Chyna would have been awesome. Luna would have whooped her ass haha!!