Mickie James Talks Hall of Fame Mention, Playing a Heel and the State of Women’s Wrestling

TNA Knockout Mickie James recently spoke to the Busted Open radio show, touching on several topics, including being mentioned during Trish Stratus‘s Hall of Fame speech and the current state of women’s wrestling.

Playing a heel in TNA: “I think could do it. Of course I could do it. Even that heel-ish character then [with Trish Stratus] was not that out to kill or murder anybody; not vicious. It was a fun, crazy type of heel-ish character. It was kind of fun to play with. It wasn’t like the typical, ‘I hate you guys.’ I think I should just be me, and then if people love me, great, if they hate me, that’s fine too.”

Being mentioned by Trish Stratus in her Hall of Fame speech: “I was honored that she did that and she’s far too kind and generous and the fact that she would even think to put other people in her HOF speech says a lot about her as a person. That’s just the type of person she is. I’m really grateful that she would even recognize me and females that were a lot like Lita and Molly and Jacquelyn. She’s just a great person. I think that she totally deserved to be the youngest person, to be a female, what a representation for the women in the industry.”

Working with Lita: “Lita, I worked with her for her final match. She was one of those people, like I was working the indie’s in front of 150 people, she’d be standing backstage in North Carolina, she was cool like that. She would just show up sometimes and she would pull me aside afterwards and be like, ‘this was cool; this was great; please don’t ever do this again.’ So then being able to go out there and work beside her and along with her and wrestle in final match, that was awesome.”

The current state of women’s wrestling: “I think it’s ever changing. Just like this business it’s ever changing. And it goes through fluctuations of ‘we want more model-y types’ then they realize that wrestling fans love wrestling and they want the girls that can go in there and go just as hard as the guys. So it’ll go back and the wrestling part will become a main focus. It’s a constant roller coaster and right now I feel like it is that fine balance. I feel like, for me, as a wrestling fan myself, you have to have those characters, male and female, that are more personality, that are the eye candy, that are the mouthpieces and then you need to have those people that get it done in the ring and that are the serious competitors and athletes and then you have to have that balance of people that are meshed in between. That’s what fills out the show and makes it entertainment.”

On TNA leaving the Impact Zone and doing double tapings: “I think it is tough. It’s tough because they are exhausted. They have seen a full show with one heck of a main event, whether it’s a cage match or Sting and Hogan and all this stuff, they’ve already seen a solid 2 hour show filled with stars and promos and now they’re going to have to sit through another 2 hour show, which I’m sure that they love, but your energy through 4 hours of solid show time is exhausting and so it’s a little more difficult sometimes to get them in the second show but they come back. Being on the road and having an audience like that is so much better.”

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  • https://twitter.com/#!/TheRJBlanco TheRJBlanco

    I think it would be better if TNA was in a different city every week instead of the same city and doing a double taping. It’s almost like RAW, people get tired sitting through a three hour show. That’s just me though and my opinion. Some may like it, some don’t.

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    Man poor wrestlers those double taping a can be hell :/

    But yeah Trish Stratus rocks! Loved her speech and the stern tone behind her words!
    She named her division Jackie Jazz Ivory Molly Victoria Lita and even Mickie James and called it a team effort because these weren’t divas, these were Women! BAM!! U rock Trish!

    • flash1086

      Thats why Trish was the defination of the ULTIMATE diva. Her peers respected her, the divas in the lockeroom were all friends with her and most importantly the fans love her. They will NEVER be a another Trish Stratus!

      • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

        No sir Trish Status forever
        Brave tough intelligent smart beautiful and a class act.
        The total package love this woman. No one like her :)

  • aldo

    Four hours wow!
    I wonder if Mickie will be heel tho…

  • charovnica

    Mickie said it how it is tbh.I share her opinion about the current divas & WWE product as a whole.

  • Nostalgia

    You guys need to read her interview about how she really feels about TNA not using her and basically asking why is TNA using Velvet instead of her when she’s a bigger star outside of TNA

  • divaindemise

    Oh Mickie. You’ve come such a long way in terms of posing. But you look absolutely stoned in that picture.

    Anyway, I agree with her sentiments.