Your Two Cents: Who Should TNA Hire?

“Your Two Cents” is our interactive feature where we gauge the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers on different discussions in women’s wrestling.

This week, we’re asking this: Mickie James recently admitted that she thinks TNA needs more Knockouts, so who do you think they should hire? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

Brandon Bray | Hands down, Athena. Two words: TOTAL PACKAGE!
Bukky Owoaje | The Midwest Militia: Jessicka Havok, Allysin Kay and Sassy Stephie. It would be so cool. It would be like a Knockouts Aces & 8s.
Cedro Alexander | This is just wishful thinking, but I think that Natalya from the WWE would be a good addition to the Knockouts, as well as Brie & Nikki Bella.
Charlie Flickinger | Hire Serena Deeb & re-hire Roxxi. Push both as the stars they deserve to be.
Dave Nguyen | Cherry Bomb. She’ll fit right in.
Jessica Krzesowiak | What they shouldn’t have done is let Cheerleader Melissa get away.
Joe Wilson | Beth Phoenix and Awesome Kong. Anyone else WWE let go.
@johnreport | A better booking team. They can’t afford more women because the pay sucks. The end.
Lindsay Shields | Come to the UK, shut your eyes, spin around and point your finger. There are loads of girls here that need to be picked up (Nikki Storm, Kay Lee Ray, Carmel Jacob, Rhia O’Reilly, Viper, etc…)
@Pocketvolcano | LuFisto, without a doubt. She’s proven time and again she wants it more than anyone, and given her career she’s earned it.
@WildForTNA | I definitely would like to see Jayme Jameson in TNA. The girl has gorgeous looks, she’s young, talented and is in tremendous shape. Hopefully since she is married to TNA Superstar Gunner she could at least get a tryout. The girl has massive potential and would be a great addition to the Knockout roster.

And now we turn it over to you…

What are your two cents on the debate? Who do you think should be hired as Knockouts? Tell us in the comments…

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    Jillian hall, Allysin Kay and Cheerleader Melissa

  • SoooSooo96

    They should take Ivelisse Velez and Bring up Lei’D Tapa
    Fire I don’t know her name but she won the gutcheck

    • SoooSooo96

      Shanna she is a great wrestler and if Alicia Fow comes to an end with WWE I’d like to see her in TNA because she is so great

    • Rhawk

      So from you reply to yourself you either mean Fire Shanna (she’s is not even with TNA, didn’t win Gut Check, only a bracket in the current fan contest), Fire Taeler (which makes no sense since she hasn’t properly debuted in TNA get) or Hire Shanna (which makes the most sense due to her bringing something different to TNA).

  • Monkey Tennis

    They could hire countless talented women working the indies in the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, pretty much anywhere around the world right now.

    But the purely selfish-fan part of me wouldn’t want them to.

    • Getdownwithachola

      Its the always those stupid fans demanding for wwe divas. They be like “Oh Dixie this diva/superstar got fired can you please sign him/her???”

      • puppies

        I’m pretty sure if TNA didn’t make it their objective to become WWE’s official Alumni, people wouldn’t be asking them to hire former E’ talent.

      • therightone


    • Hands.ofthe.Wicked

      Are you from NZ?

  • Sarah Connor

    I would say Athena and Serena Deeb.

    Re-sign Cheerleader Melissa and Natalya (when she decides to part ways with wwe).

  • velvelove

    Athena Jilian and Santana.

  • Ryan

    Awesome Kong, Roxxi, Angelina Love, Melissa,
    Sarita again
    Jillian Hall Jackie Moore Maxine
    Maybe Melina

    I’d poach Natalya AJ Kate Aksana Naomi and Layla!!!

  • GrrMonster

    Mariah Monero aka Amanda bloodthirsty, they failed with the gay thing with Orlando (which isn’t really their fault, since it was Orlando ideas), i think Amanda would be fun.

    • JamieKym

      Mariah is a transgendered woman, not gay. Transsexualism and Homosexuality are two totally different things.

  • CatherineWWE

    Mia Yim, Kowgirl Kissy, Nikki Storm, Ivelisse, Shanna, and Alpha Female and Bring Up LeiD Tapa and Taeler Hendrix :)


    Beth phoenix ?! No, she doesn’t need TNA to have better career because her career is already amazing and I know that after a year in TNA, she will be like Alicia is in Wwe or Mickie james, waiting for a match or even for an apparition on the show.

    As for Natalya, she’s an HART and that why she needs a great career but not in TNA but IN WWE! Last time she had a push it was great and her feud against laycool and her reign as divas champion even if it was short, was great. They push her once, I think that they will push her a couple time again and she will have an other reign as divas champion. It just a matter of time that Aj win the title and I think that Nattie will be her first or second challenger.

    Before signing new knockout, they should bring the blossum twins, talear hendrix and Lei’d Tapa on TV. Have new Heel like Mickie or ODB. There is way too much Faces there. THEN, AFTER they do all that, they sould sign new knockout like Ivelisse or Athena or Mia yim even i know that like Rosita and Sarita in the past, they will do absolutely nothing or job to the “top star” like THE HOT MESS TARYN TERELL.


  • k2evecrew

    Bring in melina to reignite her fued she had with Mickie James in wwe like they did her and Tara .
    Beth Pheonix needs to stay in retirement I see her winning the belt and disappearing after she loses it like Mickie
    It’s gonna be alot harder for a indies girl to make it big in tna since they pefer to push ex wwe divas these days but if they get popular enough they can overcome it.
    They need to hurry up and debut those twins and the red head chick also because what they have on tv now is boring . I wanna see Lied Tapa debut as a heel and take out Taryn Terrell (she’s starting to get annoying )

  • Like Mike

    I know it’s not the popular choice, but I’d love to see Ivelisse and Christina Crawford join the TNA roster and reignite their feud from Tough Enough. I’d also love to see Athena and MsChif I wanna see more diversity in the roster like they use to. Girls who can work the ring, and bring something unique.

  • Rhawk

    USE – Taeler Hendrix, Lei’D Tapa & The Blossom Twins
    Re-Hire – Roxxi, Hamada, Alissa Flash & Sarita
    Hire – LuFisto, Shanna, Nikki Storm, Athena, Heidi Lovelace, Ivelisse, Leva Bates. Oh and a better booking team like one of the people suggested.

    This would probably be too many, but a good number of the ones suggested would bring so much diversity to the Knockouts Division, something it seriously need.

    • Rhawk

      SHould have mentioned Alpha Female as well, I know they have Lei’D as their big female, but someone like Alpha or even Jessika Havok would make things so much more interesting.

  • iLUVValets

    Tna should hire new creative writers and new management. Nuff said

  • redsandman99

    Athena, Serena Deeb and Ivelisse. They still have Taeler Hendrix, Lei’D Tapa and the Blossums to eventually call upon. Also, put someone back on the booking team that cares about the knockouts and that will actively want to keep the division fresh and interesting.

  • melina prez

    Melina but what they really need is new bookers/creative writers/management.

    I have a question(ive been looking up old angelina love matches) and what do you think Angelinas top matches are?

    • Getdownwithachola

      Her match with Gail Kim, Mickie James (Not the PPV), Tara, Kong (includes Taylor Wilde in a 6 sided cage) are good enough to check out.

  • notorious

    Fire: Mickie, Velvet, Tara, and Gail. Very dangerous move but all these girls have accomplished a lot in the company already all they can really do is be jobbers. Time to pass the torch to the new girls.

    Taeler Hendrix, Blossom Twins, Taryn Terrell, Brooke Tessmacher, Leid Tapa, Ivelisse, Alpha Female, Mia Yim, Buggy Nova, Angela Fong, Epiphany, and Lufisto. Perfect combination of hardcore, sexy, diversity, youth and they each resemble something from the original knockout division plus more.

    • notorious

      Taeler – Taylor Wilde
      Blossoms = the beautiful people
      Tessmacher=Madison Rayne
      Leid Tapa= Rhaka Khan
      Ivelisse= Salinas
      Alpha Female= ODB & Kong
      Mia Yim and Angela Fong= Gail Kim
      Buggy Nova= Daffney
      Epiphany= Sojo Bolt & Kong
      Lufisto =Roxxi
      Hell throw in Jessica Havok too.

      • Getdownwithachola

        Lol Epiphany is no where near Kong at all. Look up Ayesha Ray’s stardom’s match now that’s our next Kong.

  • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

    I’m not naming any of the independents because I can’t really follow them, but they should hire

    – Jillian Hall
    – Melina
    – Maxine/Karlee Perez

  • Fantasia White

    I’m gonna go with Nikki Storm since she’s my favorite female Indy wrestler!

  • Jimmy-B

    If it was me,i’d hire some of the grated young talent on the indie scene to rebuild the division.I think Ivelsse Velez,Mia Yim,Serena Deeb,Santana Garrett,and Cherry Bomb could all be great additions.Add them to the vets like Mickie James,and Gail Kim,and Taeler Hendrix down in developmental and you could have a knockouts division that could rival WWE’s NXT.

  • DivaMatches

    MELINA ! She can feud with Mickie and then Mickie will get the time she deserves

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Who’s Athena?

    • shameronstar

      She’s a popular and highly skilled indy wrestler. I don’t that much about indies but even I like her from the little stuff I’ve seen of her:)

  • 3xplicit

    some of the girls from shine and shimmer. i think the reason why tna sucks right now is because every knockout is wwe reject. bring in a few new girls atleast 5

    • VelvetLoveFan

      Well velvet was never contracted, Madison was never in wwe and ODB never was too

      • k2evecrew

        ODB had a development contract with them in ovw but I’m not sure if that really counts or not

        • Getdownwithachola

          Not really b/c she never been on WWE’s TV.

    • Hands.ofthe.Wicked

      Velvet had a tryout match on heat vs Victoria and she also tried out for a diva search, ODB was in OVW which use to be wwe territory, but I don’t think Madison had anything to do the the ‘E.

  • TCsinger09

    I would say:
    Santana Garrett
    Jessicka Havok
    Allysin Kay
    Mercedes Martinez
    Leva Bates

  • MsXxxdiva247

    Jillian Hall, Kharma, Alpha Female, Ivelisse Velez, Beth

  • aldo

    Well definitely there are a lot of names, but I would love to see Melina and Beth Phoenix on TNA. Imagine Melina or Beth against Tara, Gail, ODB or even Brooke. A lot of good combinations for different feuds.
    And/or TNA should hire the women in the indies. So many girls, so much potencial, just look Shimmer or Shine.