Hey-ho, Impact fans! Welcome to this week’s write-up. Today I bring with me a tag match, pitting Mickie James and current Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky against Gail Kim and Tara. After her brutal attack on Taryn last week, I have to wonder what kind of mood Gail is in, and whether all three of the other girls need to be watching their backs a little more than usual. Let’s get to it then!

We kick things off with Tara making her way to the ring, accompanied by her loving boyfriend, Jesse. I don’t like him. Next out is Gail Kim, looking ever so pleased with herself as she struts down the ramp to the ring. As she does, we’re shown a recap of what happened last week between her and Taryn, and when that’s over Gail is all smiles. Hardcore Country sounds out and here comes Mickie James. As she makes her way to the ring, looking fierce as ever, the commentators take a quick minute to plug her new album, which I have yet to listen to but I’m sure it’s great! Finally, out comes Velvet Sky. She hands ODB her title and ODB calls for the bell. We’re underway!

Mickie’s ready to kick things off for her team, but Gail is distracted trying to get Tara’s attention in the other corner. Too impatient to wait, Mickie goes straight to work on Gail and delivers some hard fore arms, before knocking her down with a pair of clotheslines. Tara tries to help out her buddy, but gets a drop kick to the gut for her efforts! Gail and Mickie get into it again as ODB is busy with Tara in the corner. With the referee’s back turned, Gail flings Mickie into the ropes and Jesse trips her from the outside! Not on! I knew I didn’t like that guy.

Gail has the upper hand now, and she keeps coming at Mickie with some kicks to the mid-section while she’s down. With Mickie on her feet now, Gail sends her face first into the turnbuckle. Gail tags Tara in and they double-team the Somebody’s Gonna Pay singer. Gail heads out and Tara takes control, hanging Mickie upside down from the turnbuckle. Tara hits a great (though not in Mickie’s case) sliding drop kick right to the chin. Tara heads off to celebrate with her boyfriend, and they have a little smooch on the apron. Gail Kim disapproves and tags herself in, leaving Tara looking confused as she’s forced to leave the ring.

As the crowd gets behind Mickie, Gail hits some huge shots on her opponent and taunts the audience. They’re lapping it up! Whoever said Gail Kim can’t connect with the crowd was seriously misguided. While Gail’s busy taunting, Mickie manages to regain some composure and sets up for a Mick-A-Rana, but Gail reverses. Mickie reverses again and turns it into a big Mick Kick! Both women are down and need to make a tag. Velvet gets the crowd behind Mickie and we get a hot tag at the same time. Velvet comes in all guns blazing for Tara.

The champ knocks Tara down with some solid clotheslines, then some kicks, then follows it all up with a fast reverse neck breaker. She goes in for the pin but only gets a two count. Velvet sets Tara up for the In Yo Face, but Gail tries to break it up. Velvet sends her flying to the outside, taking Jesse out at the same time! As Tara goes to check on her man, Velvet capitalizes and hits the In Yo Face on her second attempt. This time, she gets the three count and she and Mickie walk out as winners. Their celebration is short. Tara’s still lying in the ring, and as Mickie and Velvet leave, in comes Gail.

She’s furious. Tara climbs to her feet, and Gail is shouting all kinds of things at her. Having none of it, Tara shoves Gail away, but for all her efforts she gets a massive clothesline! Gail the drags her partner over to the ring post and locks in a hanging figure four! Safe to say, this partnership is oooooooooover!

Thoughts: The match itself was pretty ordinary for me. It didn’t excite me that much, and that’s probably because we’ve seen it before. Maybe TNA does need some more Knockouts to freshen up the division, as Mickie said recently. That said, I thought all the girls did well considering they weren’t out there very long. Velvet got the win for her team which is great, as they’re booking her to be a strong champion that way. Her knee looked to be bothering her still though.

The after match (get it? after match, aftermath?) had me really interested. I’m loving this new version of heel Gail Kim. She’s totally unsympathetic and downright vicious, and it’s great! From here I have to wonder where Tara is going; is this the start of a face turn? Will she start obeying Gail left and right? I doubt the last one, but we’ll see. Is Gail just going to go right through the division this way until someone stops her? We’ll have to wait and see!

For now, Eleri out!