Impact Write-Up (May 9th, 2013): The Dissension Boils Over and Gail Snaps

Hey-ho, Impact fans! Welcome to this week’s write-up. Today I bring with me a tag match, pitting Mickie James and current Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky against Gail Kim and Tara. After her brutal attack on Taryn last week, I have to wonder what kind of mood Gail is in, and whether all three of the other girls need to be watching their backs a little more than usual. Let’s get to it then!

We kick things off with Tara making her way to the ring, accompanied by her loving boyfriend, Jesse. I don’t like him. Next out is Gail Kim, looking ever so pleased with herself as she struts down the ramp to the ring. As she does, we’re shown a recap of what happened last week between her and Taryn, and when that’s over Gail is all smiles. Hardcore Country sounds out and here comes Mickie James. As she makes her way to the ring, looking fierce as ever, the commentators take a quick minute to plug her new album, which I have yet to listen to but I’m sure it’s great! Finally, out comes Velvet Sky. She hands ODB her title and ODB calls for the bell. We’re underway!

Mickie’s ready to kick things off for her team, but Gail is distracted trying to get Tara’s attention in the other corner. Too impatient to wait, Mickie goes straight to work on Gail and delivers some hard fore arms, before knocking her down with a pair of clotheslines. Tara tries to help out her buddy, but gets a drop kick to the gut for her efforts! Gail and Mickie get into it again as ODB is busy with Tara in the corner. With the referee’s back turned, Gail flings Mickie into the ropes and Jesse trips her from the outside! Not on! I knew I didn’t like that guy.

Gail has the upper hand now, and she keeps coming at Mickie with some kicks to the mid-section while she’s down. With Mickie on her feet now, Gail sends her face first into the turnbuckle. Gail tags Tara in and they double-team the Somebody’s Gonna Pay singer. Gail heads out and Tara takes control, hanging Mickie upside down from the turnbuckle. Tara hits a great (though not in Mickie’s case) sliding drop kick right to the chin. Tara heads off to celebrate with her boyfriend, and they have a little smooch on the apron. Gail Kim disapproves and tags herself in, leaving Tara looking confused as she’s forced to leave the ring.

As the crowd gets behind Mickie, Gail hits some huge shots on her opponent and taunts the audience. They’re lapping it up! Whoever said Gail Kim can’t connect with the crowd was seriously misguided. While Gail’s busy taunting, Mickie manages to regain some composure and sets up for a Mick-A-Rana, but Gail reverses. Mickie reverses again and turns it into a big Mick Kick! Both women are down and need to make a tag. Velvet gets the crowd behind Mickie and we get a hot tag at the same time. Velvet comes in all guns blazing for Tara.

The champ knocks Tara down with some solid clotheslines, then some kicks, then follows it all up with a fast reverse neck breaker. She goes in for the pin but only gets a two count. Velvet sets Tara up for the In Yo Face, but Gail tries to break it up. Velvet sends her flying to the outside, taking Jesse out at the same time! As Tara goes to check on her man, Velvet capitalizes and hits the In Yo Face on her second attempt. This time, she gets the three count and she and Mickie walk out as winners. Their celebration is short. Tara’s still lying in the ring, and as Mickie and Velvet leave, in comes Gail.

She’s furious. Tara climbs to her feet, and Gail is shouting all kinds of things at her. Having none of it, Tara shoves Gail away, but for all her efforts she gets a massive clothesline! Gail the drags her partner over to the ring post and locks in a hanging figure four! Safe to say, this partnership is oooooooooover!

Thoughts: The match itself was pretty ordinary for me. It didn’t excite me that much, and that’s probably because we’ve seen it before. Maybe TNA does need some more Knockouts to freshen up the division, as Mickie said recently. That said, I thought all the girls did well considering they weren’t out there very long. Velvet got the win for her team which is great, as they’re booking her to be a strong champion that way. Her knee looked to be bothering her still though.

The after match (get it? after match, aftermath?) had me really interested. I’m loving this new version of heel Gail Kim. She’s totally unsympathetic and downright vicious, and it’s great! From here I have to wonder where Tara is going; is this the start of a face turn? Will she start obeying Gail left and right? I doubt the last one, but we’ll see. Is Gail just going to go right through the division this way until someone stops her? We’ll have to wait and see!

For now, Eleri out!

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  • Ryan

    Sweet match! Nothing special meh but love the Knockouts. And damn Tara’s ass!!!!
    Mickie and Velvet looking good as always and Gail haha that dangerous beauty
    That clothesline was sick! Tara walks so heavily lol and now that figure 4 was .. Nice!!
    Why don’t u like Jesse? He’s a cocky as hell and packs power and muscle solid build Doode

    Man love how ODB is quick For the pins! She dives into that count! Good job ODB

  • She-Wolf

    I’m a huge Velvet Sky fan, in fact she’s my favourite knockout, but her title reign has been very underwhelming. I think that’s largely due to the new PPV format though. Mickie needs to turn heel IMO, I want a long chase for the title for her.

    • Number One

      I’m hoping for a double turn to happen. I still say a villainous turn for Mickie is inevitable. We need to have a good and long feud between Velvet and Mickie which would mostly likely end with Mickie becoming champion. And of course, what happened needs to result in a face turn for Tara, because we all know that she’s not going to stand for what Gail did to her.

      Speaking of Gail, am I the only one thinking that this new vicious streak could lead to her, dare I say, joining Aces and Eights as their Knockouts representative? I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • divaindemise

      A slow burning heel turn for Mickie as she continuously fails to usurp Velvet would be great television. And it seems Mickie herself has cottoned on to the money’s worth of a character turn at this point in her career.

  • Rhawk

    So this was or less a shorter version of last week except we had Velvet instead of Taryn, and Tara got attacked instead of Taryn.

    *sigh* TNA really needs to get more women on their roster.

    • divaindemise

      The lack of variation in the division seems to have become more prevalent since TNA incepted the pay-per-appearance deal.

  • k2evecrew

    I enjoyed the match more than the one from last week. I hope taryn sits out for a while I started getting tired of seeing her every week.
    As for gail and tara I’d rather see Tara turn into a tweener rather then a full on face and feud with Gail Kim , or turn back into the spider women gimmick.

  • KJ Mendez

    If Velvet is gonna be the champion , can she be in an interesting storyline at least ? TNA needs more heels for face champions to feud with . They need more than 7 women wrestling on TV … As for the match I found it pretty good . Gail’s anger & frustration being taken out on anyone who messes with her is pretty interesting to watch . That figure 4 looks really painful .

  • redsandman99

    With Gail and Tara being the only active heels in the division, we’re not going to get very much variation in the tag team matches unless they turn someone heel or bring someone in. That being said, there was nothing actually wrong with the match. Good to watch though it won’t stick out in my memory. This vicious side to Gail though is entertaining to watch.

  • Lita-Sault-666

    Velvet is great for charisma and the fans get behind her, but I swear her clotheslines are getting worse as the years go by… & it’s really annoying to watch someone who has been in the business all them years still not be able to do such a simple manoeuvre!!
    Obviously i’m no professional in the ring, but a clothesline is pretty basic as far as wrestling goes! :/
    These 4 are no strangers to each other so the match was obviously going to be decent, but ‘pretty ordinary’ as Eleri put it, but I liked the focus on Tara and the attack at the end.

    • Litaker61

      Just what I was going to comment. Velvet’s offense is really weak and by this point in her career she should have the basics down. It’s bad when Kelly has hit much better clotheslines in her time.


      Thank GoD, I tough i was the only one who was able to see those awful clotheslines she does. After all those year in wrestling working with the best she cannot do a basic thin like this?! Wow! What an amazing KO’s Champ! LOOOOL! It may be bad when Kelly Kelly can do it better but it’s Even Worst when ROSA MENDES(Yes, the “worst woman wrestler” TODAY, in WWE HISTORY AND MAYBE PRO WRESTLING HISTORY) AND AKSANA(EVEN IF SHE IS “IMPROVING” SHE IS STILL BAD) CAN DO IT!

      • JamieKym

        Aksana and Rosa are not as bad as you say. I bet you think Sara Del Ray and Lufisto are decent wrestlers.


          Your right Rosa is not bad, she is AWFUL! She may be VERY charismatic and a good valet but she is not good at ALL in the ring! NOT EVEN DECENT OR BAD BUT AWFUL IN THE RING! You should not be worry about what i know about Wrestling but about what you know because if you don’t think that Rosa is not AWFUL, there is a HUUUUGE PROBLEM!!!!
          As for Aksana, I said that even if she is IMPROVING(like i said previously if you read everything i wrote!!!), she is still bad and Not good enough to be a decent wrestler, she is close to be decent but not yet. I think she will in some months if she keep improving.
          And I know enough about wrestling to know that SDR is an amazing wrestler and I don’t know much things about Lufisto but i heard she was amazing too.

  • ItalianStallion

    I’m tired of Gail and Tara as the only heels. Someone needs to turn heel or get more knockouts. Waiting till Madison comes back from maternity leave isn’t going to work. Tessmacher, Mickie, someone turn heel


    The match was far from being bad but nothing really stood out for me. The match and The after match really reminds me of alicia fox’s Face turn, when Natalya attack her b/c Alicia lost the match against K2 and Aj. I like that New Gail more but please some can tell me HOW DID GAIL KIM PUT DOWN THE MUCH MORE POWERHOUSE TARA WITH THAT CLOTHESLINE ????!!!!!!!! UNREAL!!!!!! STUPID AND THAT MAKE TARA LOOK WEAK. IT’S LIKE IF DANIEL BRYAN PUT DOWN like gail did, RYBACK WHO IS BOOKED LIKE A STRONG MAN LIKE TARA. It was great but not real. it was viscious but not real. I think if she would have done it on somebody like Velvet or Mickie or Taryn or Brooke, it could been way more real or just switch clothesline with the eat defeat. And also, Tna is becomming like Wwe like i said before this reminds me a LOT of the face turn of Alicia and the match there was before it. They really need new writters!

  • TNATaraNonstopAction

    reminds me of Natalya&Beht’s Pin-Up Strong Story

    • aldo

      Me too, until this match. Beth never attacked Natalya or vice versa.

  • Marcos Navarro

    I want Lei D Tapa to be called up. Have her tear through the division and target Velvet, sorta like the Pin Up strong did or Kharma did to Kelly Kelly.

    • divaindemise

      In theory, I love that idea. Tapa is fresh and as a character, she seems like a delightful throwback to old-school monster heels. In reality, I don’t think she’s experienced enough to put together a strong program with someone of Velvet’s limitations.

  • divaindemise

    The good: anything that adds another dimension to Gail Kim’s character, currently the best female heel on wrestling TV at the moment, is a bonus. Aggressive, dominant heels feel like a lost treasure in mainstream women’s wrestling and I’m interested in seeing how Gail plays the lone wolf.

    The bad: Tara. Either way the post-match spot comes off, she becomes redundant. If this turns her into a face she’ll be lost in the shuffle. If she doesn’t turn face, this just makes her look less threatening. And Velvet Sky has curiously had little presence since becoming Knockouts Champion. I get the feeling that they don’t quite know what to do with her. {Turn Mickie or Brooke heel….}

    • Gail-Trish-Brooke

      I’m thinking this might of been a way to write Tara off of TV for a bit. Which is probably best. She needs to take a few months off, come back as a babyface and have one final small run. Give her a nice send off as a babyface. There really just isn’t anything left for her to do.

      • BorisG

        Yes, I agree. This could be something to write Tara of TV (like Gail injured her or something), and then when she returns she can find Miss Tessmacher and Jessie kissing. It would be really shocking to see Tessmacher heel, and quite frankly I thinks he could pull it on. This could set another feud between these two, which wouldn’t be championship feud but another feud besides the main one. Then they can have a career match, Tara would lose but at least she’ll have a nice send off with a storyline. Also she could return Poison for some time and retire as a true TARA.

      • divaindemise

        I agree. Tara’s best years are behind her. And from a completely blunt perspective, her wage could arguably cover one or two full time Knockouts.

  • WWFoverWWE

    How many times can we see Gail and Tara teaming up? There’s only so much we can take of these repetitive matches no matter how good they are.

    I’m really missing Madison and Sarita right now because they would at least offer Gail a different partner that isn’t Tara.

    Also with ODB basically the new knockout referee, the division only consists of 6 girls and most of them I’m getting bored of. Something needs to change and it needs to be good.

    • divaindemise

      The sad thing about ODB being used as a referee is that she is easily one of the more popular Knockouts, is very capable as a wrestler, and is still recognised as a champion in the company.

  • xoxoRKOxoxo

    First and foremost, this Gail Kim, I am loving!
    Second, Velvet, please, I know you are trying to look sexy, but I really don’t like being able to see your ass and underwear the entire match, this is what I hate about girls wrestling in skirts.
    Third and final, Mickie needs a change, she really needs to turn heel!!!!

  • Looking Glass

    If this doesn’t lead to O.D.B. just kicking Gail silly, I riot. I mean O.D.B. has a little following of her own going on, she’s a multi-time Knockout Champion and I feel this could bring her back into the division, even if she loses to Gail it’d be something nice to see and lord knows we need a break from these KO tag matches…

  • aldo

    The match was good. Gail had reasons to punish Tara for being too “weak”, Mickie wasn’t that “weak” for being a jobber and Velvet was a strong champion.
    The fact that really got my attention was the after match…Gail attacking Tara that way, remind me when Michelle Mccool did the same to Victoria (Tara) after a tag match, and prior Victoria’s last WWE match…

  • E-Man

    I just have to say that Gail looks better with black in her character. Also, what was Velvet wearing? It did NOT look good on her. Anyways, I liked the match and how Gail just snapped at Tara. An eat defeat would’ve been great, but I’m sure it’ll happen to Tara again (If you saw how she sold it on that PPV, it was great!). I can’t wait to see what happens next…..

  • iLUVValets

    I have had it. Velvet gurl it is time for you to GROW THE HELL UP and get a stylist. I am tired of seeing her in this wrestling Hoe attire. This bish has on a borderline thong with a top that doesn’t even match and She stole Torrie Wilson’s pom pom boots (that were retired back in 2007) And her hair still has those Labradorean retriever highlights and it STILL LOOKS UNWASHED. She does not look like a wrestler to me. She always looks like a skripper. Please girl, you could be one of the most beautiful female wrestlers but she just chooses to look like a bar trollop. Its time to change vel vel.

  • Getdownwithachola

    You know something is not right when your champion shakes their ass.

  • nismos69

    To be honest i’m liking this storyline, hopefully they do something with Tara and Gail, maybe with Tara turning face and just dropping the Tarryn/Gail storyline.
    Mickie seriously is one of the best wrestlers on the roster she needs to be used better and she NEEDS to turn heel.
    Speaking of heels aren’t there only 2 heels in the knockouts now. And now one of them is most likely gonna trun out to be a face.
    And Velvet needs a new attire and a new comeback sequence. Her clotheslines look sloppy as, they dont even look like clotheslines.
    It seems like Velvet is losing wrestling ability match by match.

  • RatedReyn

    What is Velvet wearing? It’s like all over the place. It doesn’t even match. She needs longer pair of shorts (not underwear), a black bra looking wrestling top, black fighter gloves and simple boots with studs if she wanted and some crude looking knee brace.

  • Liam Holden

    Wow, they really DO need more Knockouts, tired of the same stuff week in week out. And what is with these 3 KOs that do no wrestling ever?? (ODB, Lei’D Tapa and Taeler)

  • Essex Boy

    Gail Kim > knockouts.

  • wweandtnadivafan

    lmfao ODB is too funny !! “want me to kick your ass huh!?”

  • EverybodyScream

    ODB is sooo funny! Such a character. The way she tried to pull Gail off Tara, lmao