Who is Raw’s New Diva of the Decade? Round 3: Lita vs. Trish Stratus

It’s been 10 years since Trish Stratus was named Diva of the Decade as part of Raw’s 10th Anniversary celebration. With Raw’s 20th Anniversary just behind us, we think it’s time to look back at the last decade and crown a Diva of the Decade for the 2003-2013 period. Will Trish hang on to the crown, or will another Diva emerge? It’s all up to you!

Based on your nominations, we picked the 16 most popular Raw Divas to advance to our knock-out bracket tournament. Keep your eyes peeled over the next several weeks as you will be asked to choose between the greatest Raw Divas of this past decade and help us narrow it down from just 16 to one! (View the brackets below.)

Round 3: In round two, Lita got past Victoria, while Trish Stratus defeated AJ Lee to move on. It’s now Lita vs. Trish. Which of these arch-rivals will make it to the finals?

Watch both Divas in action:

Lita returns to Raw and defeats Heath Slater at 2012’s Raw 1000:

Trish Stratus defeats Jazz and Victoria to win the Women’s Title at WrestleMania 19:

Vote below:

MORE ROUND 3: Melina vs. Mickie James

Tournament brackets (drawn at random)

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  • https://twitter.com/jayjayholler MIPIJILLIAN

    OHHHWW THE BIG GUNS! LITA!!! All the way LITA.

  • WweLitafan4ever


  • defineinsanity


  • WweLitafan4ever

    That Lita video(the return at RAW 1000) gives me chills and goosebumps.Just awesome and epic. What an surprising,amazing,mark out moment.Best return of the night IMO,and the most unpredictable.

    • CrayJ29


      • WweLitafan4ever


    • misschrissi7

      Im also voting Lita.

      I was never really a fan of Trish. Im not saying that what she accomplished wasnt great, it was. I just prefered Lita over her

  • Simply Flawless

    Kinda off topic but when it comes time for a Smackdown version of this, who do all recon the sixteen divas will be?

    1) Michelle McCool
    2) Layla
    3) Natalya
    4) Maryse
    5) Maria
    6) Torrie Wilson
    7) Dawn Marie
    8) Alicia Fox
    9) Kaitlyn
    10) Tiffany
    11) Jillian Hall
    12) Sharmell
    13) Nidia
    14) Sable
    15) Tamina
    16) Shaniqua


    • redsandman99

      Sounds like a reasonable list to me. It would really come down to Torrie vs Michelle in the finals (unless the brackets set it up before then).

      • Simply Flawless

        I sort of agree with Torrie being in the finals and don’t, she didn’t really achieve much wrestling wise even though she was a great diva and in all honesty when I think Smackdown diva Torrie is the first to come to my head

        • redsandman99

          Torrie was pretty much the face of Smackdown during the Golden Era. I agree with her not really accomplishing much wrestling wise but feud with Dawn Marie, Sable, Nidia and Victoria during her two stints on the brand are good enough for me to accept her in the finals. Though in the list of people, I would imagine people bringing up Melina, Mickie and Beth for their time on Smackdown.

        • http://diva-dirt.com TBP_FAN

          Torrie never achieved much wrestling wise because in her Smackdown days there was no Divas Title and the Smackdown divas couldn’t challenge for the Woman’s Title (apart from a few exemptions), The Divas Title was apparently originally intended for Torrie before she got her injury and retired.

    • notorious

      Just felt like naming some honorable mentions: Ashley kristal joy Amy weber Lauren jones Rochelle(haha I don’t know why I said that) Melina Jackie jaqueline christy Stacy hiroko eve Amy zidian

      • notorious

        In fact, swap out shaniqua, Tiffany, Natalya, Kaitlyn and maria and put in Melina, eve, joy, Jacqueline and Kristal

    • Getdownwithachola

      @SIMPLYFLAWLESS I like your idea but lets spice things up a bit,Since we get too much mainstream on here. How about DD do one with the SHIMMER talent??? Thats would be intresting though.

      Sara Del Rey




      Cheerleader Melissa

      Mercedes Marteniz

      Madison Eagles

      Jesse McKay


      Ayako Hamada

      Saraya Knight


      Serena Deep

      Nicole Mathews

      Portia Preze

      Allison Danger.

      Or a knockout one would be intresting too.

    • arwrestling

      Stephanie McMahon and Vickie Guerrero very much deserve a nom here.

      I would put…

      Torrie Wilson
      Michelle McCool
      Stacy Keibler
      Dawn Marie
      Stephanie McMahon
      Vickie Guerrero
      Layla El
      Jillian Hall

      Those are really he women who had the biggest impact on the brand.

      • Simply Flawless

        Oh yes this one is much better

    • Raekon

      They wouldn’t Need a poll for this since Michelle would be the winner with Vickie being the second anyway.

      She did the most in smackdown from all the mentioned ones and Sable was actually more on Raw than Smackdown as far as I remember.

      Maryse and Melina were also more on raw than smackdown.

    • miickeyzreal

      I think
      1. Michelle McCool
      2. Torrie Wilson
      3. Stephanie Mcmahon
      4. Sable
      5. Layla
      6. Nidia
      7. Maryse
      8. Jillian Hall
      9. Sharmell
      10. Mickie James

      • VarsityBaseDude

        Michelle McCool and the rest of the list is irrelevant.

  • http://cmpunkscrazychick.tumblr.com xoxoRKOxoxo

    I love Trish, but she has already won it, so Lita for me!!!

  • Leifang12

    Trish all the way!! <3

  • divaindemise

    These two are equally impactful but for contrasting purposes, and to pick between them I would weigh Trish’s fantastic ring general/2004 heel work against Lita’s monstrous fall from grace and pairing with Edge. For me, that it kept her around the main event scene for such a long time, I’m going with Lita.

  • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson

    I’m not voting!

  • cwoww

    My vote goes to Trishy! <3 However, the winner of this poll is obviously Mickie James!

  • charovnica

    Hmmm…wonder if I should vote tbh…Too hard.In my eyes both did fantastic stuff during those years,but I always have felt that Trish’s last title reign was just basic.On the other hand…Lita was lacking ring time during big portion of this time frame.Still I loved her character & I can name quite a lot awesome moments she had as a heel too,so I’m thorned.I’m gonna vote for Lita.I really would like to see Lita vs Melina in the end…those two just had to wrestle at least once.

  • aldo

    Lita. Both were impactful, but Lita.

  • MsXxxdiva247


  • k2evecrew

    Trish has more accomplishments but she already won the award previously
    Idk and I really don’t care about this round so I’m not voting

  • notorious

    This gives me the idea of having an WWE”S best ECW diva tournament
    -Kelly Kelly
    -Layla El
    -Brooke Adams
    -Brie Bella
    -Nikki Bella
    -Katie Lea Burchill
    -Alicia Fox
    -Natalya Neidhart
    -Lena Yada
    -Ariel Martinez
    -Tiffany Terrell
    -Rosa Mendes
    -Courtney Taylor
    -Savannah Fong
    -Francince Fournier
    -Trinity Finnochio
    I would include Jazz but she was there for like a week and on house shows and there were 16 divas there already too.

    • http://diva-dirt.com TBP_FAN

      I wonder who the winner of this would be? for nostalgia sake i want to say Francine but she was only there for a few months, Rosa and Tiffany had their catfight on the last episode but done nothing memorable apart from that, no one can really remember alicia, the bellas, katie or natalya being on ECW because they only wrestled on it once every 2 months, for me the best ECW divas were Ariel and the members of Extreme Expose, not because of their wrestling but because they were one of the very few divas who made in impact/impression on the ECW brand.

  • lucky1now

    trish won this the first time even though she really shouldnt have
    lita won raw diva already so why wouldnt she be raw diva of the decade???
    or at least just her over trish
    the finals should be melina vs mickie…..sadly thats not going to happen

  • http://angelcontradiction.tumblr.com angelcontradiction


  • anich

    This were so hard for me I had to flip a coin, I like them equally.

  • Getdownwithachola

    I lol so hard when I saw the pic of those 2 because I made a tag team in WWE’13 of Trish N Lita and called them “The Attitude Era Bitches”

    Is there something wrong with me???

  • Liam Holden

    Oh great…claws are at the ready.

    My vote goes to Trish

  • Essex Boy


  • AJFan95

    Trish Stratus. Her accomplishments and career highlights trump all.

  • misschrissi7


    Was never really a fan of Trish but i still enjoyed some of her ring work & respect what she accomplished during her run.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    It’s sad to see people on here just voting for Lita, just because Trish has already won it , trish had a bigger impact from 2003 to 2006 than what lita did For the year of 2004, she was pretty much pregnant and then she got injured in the later part of that year and into about the first three or four months of 2005, And then the rest of lita wwe career , she had that stupid slut gimmick with edge, which really was nothing special or IMO hurt litas career

    I really think trish had a better 03, 04, 05, 06 career and lita had a better 00, 01,02

    So I wish fans would vote right , and not just from the fact ohh Trish wins everything, let’s just give this to lita

    • AJFan95

      Agreed. Trish had two iconic matches at Mania, a heel turn, broke records three times, main-evented RAW, took part in the best diva feud with Lita and best storyline with Mickie and her heel work is just an amazing body of work: the hosting of the highlight reel, as Lita’s bridesmaid, kiss of death promo. Hell her feud with Victoria was still pretty hot still in 2003. Lita was at her prime from 2000-2002. Her work with Edge was great as was her rivalry with Trish, but Trish did much more.

    • StratusfactionForeverXO

      THIS !!!
      & I wouldn’t even say 02 for Lita her best run was 00 & 01 , every year after Trish owns hands down . THE END

  • http://twitter.com/#!/FrenchFineFierc FrenchFineFierce

    Just because Lita got past MY Victoria, I voted for Trish… I would have voted for her anyway.