NXT Watch (May 15th, 2013): Summer Rae Tries to Break a Hart as Paige Tries to Break Summer Rae

I don’t even know where to start with this after hearing of the NXT talent that got released this weekend. I’m devastated over Derrick Bateman, I’m bed-ridden in sorrow over Audrey Marie, I’m… completely dumbfounded and still confused over Briley Pierce, but through it all I guess the show must go on as much as I’m not willing to accept it. (P.S. – If I’m a little cranky in this post, I’m hopeful this intro gives you a clear reason as to why)

This week, we’ve got Divas action to kick off the show as Natalya does battle against Summer Rae in what is a match I’m really looking forward to seeing. It’s something that hasn’t been done before, and even has a smidgen of build up following the dance off the two had on Raw a few weeks ago with their respected male counterparts. Frankly, my energy has been drained by the mourning so let’s get right into things, shall we?

Following the intro video to NXT, the sound of a sharp guitar riff erupts and signals the entrance of our trademarked Dungeon Diva, Natalya. Kendall Skye continues to do an impressive job announcing, as Nattie steps into the ring and cheers along with the Orlando bound fans. Upon the finish of her music, Summer Rae’s starts up and out comes the first lady looking benevolent and graceful as ever. The bell sounds as we get things underway with a side headlock takeover. Rae applies a leglock to counter out, but Nattie kips up and takes the advantage by flipping into a headlock. Summer exchanges into a wristlock and lets out an evil cackle, as these two continue to exchange hold for hold in a nice fashion.

Summer with a kick and a wrist lock, but Natalya flips out again… only to get slammed to the canvas. An Irish Whip into the corner allows Nattie to hit a shoulder tackle and after a few more swings off the ropes, Natalya goes for the sharpshooter! Summer crawls to the ropes just in time and hits an elbow to the jaw, but Natalya kicks her back and takes the advantage. Great discus clothesline, but only for a two count as Summer kicks out. Rae tries to take a time out, allowing the referee to hold Nattie back. Now she wants a hand shake, but as Natalya tries to move forward, Summer sends her flying to the outside and hits a sharp kick as she attempts to move back in. From there, we head to a commercial.

We’re back as Summer still has the upper hand, screaming at Natalya and working on the arm. Summer is not amused with Nattie’s constant kick outs, forcing her to apply a boot to the throat in the corner, but while she goes to capitalize, Natalya manages to roll her up for a near fall. Summer then leaps onto Nattie and hits a pretty sweet DDT, but instead of going for another pin, she stays on top of her and continues the beatdown. A back elbow follows up for a two count, as Rae then goes for the shoulder again and screams at the referee to ask Nattie if she wants to give up. Natalya looks for the Sharpshooter, but out comes Paige! She gets up onto the ring apron, but Summer then kicks Nattie back who lands into Paige and sends her flying on the outside. This then distracts Natalya long enough for Summer to roll her up for the win! Summer runs to the back with Paige still down, but Paige doesn’t waste any time in running right after her!

Thoughts: I felt the match between Natalya and Summer was good on its own right, but suffered from a crowd that didn’t seem to react that much of the time. I personally loved their hold for hold exchanges at the start which might be my highpoint followed closely with Summer’s kick and DDT. Also, Natalya is the perfect female to be down working with the Divas of NXT because if there’s anyone they can learn from on the main roster, it’s her. I’ve said constantly how I find her to be a perfect combination of just about everything you could want in a Diva, so I won’t harp on that too much, but it’s nice getting to see her actually wrestle twice this week between this and Raw. As for Summer, I’m continuing to love her presence in the division as the top heel and the charisma she shows from the moment she steps out from the curtain to the moment she steps back behind it. As far as the Paige/Summer feud goes, I feel like it’s most likely continuing to culminate in their rubber match to be contested for the NXT Divas Title which I’m not entirely opposed to seeing.

I know that champions in NXT aren’t really required to be full time NXT roster members since they can easily fly down and do the tapings in one night, but I kind of feel like someone we don’t expect should be the first champion. I wouldn’t be mad with Paige and Summer being the final two as it would really be the perfect story, but I’m just trying to think of the long term plans for a title reign because if Paige gets it, I think storylines are what’s going to make or break her reign since we’ve seen her take down so many of her fellow Divas already that very few feuds would seem like something new unless there’s a unique twist on them. Who are our options anyways? If it’s a tournament, I suspect eight Divas so Paige, Summer, Emma, Bayley, and Sasha are definitely in. I would love for them to debut Charlotte in time, but my guess is that Alicia, Aksana, and Natalya take the final three spots. As for who I’d want to be the first champion if I had it my way, I’ll leave that a secret for now as I’m extremely superstitious but I’d like to see who you all want if you’d like to post a comment.

Okay, I also want to take a moment to say a farewell to two NXT Divas who departed the company Friday in Audrey Marie and Anya. We never really got to see Anya perform, but I know that personally she was who I was most fascinated in seeing debut and it really sucks that we’re never going to find out what she would’ve been like in a role on camera. She was extremely unique in pretty much every way you could ask, and I’m a bit puzzled as to why she would get released before seeing what she was capable of, but this isn’t the first time I’m puzzled by a release and it won’t be the last I’m sure.

With Audrey, I’ve always been a fan of hers, but I can admit she just didn’t really stand out amongst the other Divas when put on screen. However, what will forever baffle me is how she could be so different on TV compared to some of the live events I got to see her at through Youtube or in person. When she was a heel at the live shows, she was loaded with charisma and various tactics that would’ve surely set her apart were she to do them on screen, but then you get to the actual show and she didn’t really show any of what gave her that spark. I’m not sure if maybe they didn’t want her to as it would be a bit close to Summer Rae’s persona or something to that effect, but it sucks as I really think she would’ve been a bit more unique on the show were she to display the persona and cockiness that she had. I will say though that one of the dilemmas I had with Audrey is that I felt she wrestled better as a face, but performed better as a heel so it was always something standing in the way of her evolving no matter which disposition she was. I for one loved her days as a cowgirl, but I prefer her even more in that heel role she would take on at the live shows.

I think I’m a bit more sour on Audrey’s release because I don’t feel like she got to make the impact she should’ve, and thus won’t get as much credit as she should’ve. Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s not, but when she first started and was thrust into televised matches waaaaay too soon, I did tend to cringe when I saw her compete for fear of injuring someone or even herself. Of course it’s not her fault she was put on screen so quickly in comparison to other Divas without prior training who sometimes wait six months to over a year without seeing their first televised match, so you catch my drift hopefully if I’m making any sense whatsoever at this ungodly hour of the night. Where was I? Oh yes, over time I felt that she grew to new heights and continued to up her game every chance she could. I’m not saying she was a Paige or a Natalya, but she did put on good showings. It seemed to just be that once the cowgirl persona was dropped, she didn’t really pick up anything else to stand out which seems to be the problem most fans have with Bayley at the moment.

Sigh, I guess that’s it for now on the Diva releases. Hopefully Audrey and Anya continue to hone their craft elsewhere and improve. You never know just who can be fired and brought back *cough Brodus Clay/Damien Sandow cough.*

… Oh and one more thing. To those ungrateful, tortured souls who were likely not loved as children that had a hand in the release of Derrick Bateman, may you all wake up to rotted out teeth and the stench of expired food in the morning due to a magically broken refrigerator. And then I hope you trip and simultaneously drop a wrench on your foot/stub your toe in the process when trying to fix it.


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  • https://twitter.com/jayjayholler MIPIJILLIAN

    Sounds good! I want to get back to my hotel room to watch it!

  • charovnica

    The match wasn’t bad,but I have problem with Summer and her doing holds.Many of the holds she did looked as if she’s not putting any effort,as if she’s not tryng to hurt her opponent at all.The crowd wasn’t really in to the match either.Nattie is looking tired,I’m not basing this off of this match though,she just looks as if she’s given up and I won’t blame her if she did.Or maybe I’m totally in the wrong.

    What bugged me the most in this match was the ending.Paige looked hella stupid right there.Coming out of nowhere from behind Natalya…I mean what was she gonna do if she got in to the ring anyway? Incredibly stupid and pointless.I’m kinda tired of seeing Paige chasing Summer,they need to come up with something new cause it’s getting repetitive.

    • soju81

      I agree with both of your points. I thought it was weird for Paige to suddenly just walk out AND then watch Summer run past her. (Although that’s Summer’s fault for exiting the ring on that side.) The only reason I can think of as to why Paige walked out was maybe to attack Summer from behind since Summer was dominating poor Natalya. Sorry, but Natalya should NOT be jobbing to NXT divas, even if she loses by roll-ups. IMO Natalya is the best female wrestler in the WWE (or at least TOP 3).

      The chasing has also got to stop.

      • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

        nattie is the top diva wrestling wise she could school some of the guys….

        • charovnica

          She really is,but I feel like her pace has slowed down a notch,which might be due to her less experienced opponents of course.

  • http://twitter.com/DirrtySexyFunny Little Red

    You are clouds of awesome, Summer Rae.

    Miss you Audrey :(

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    Not a bad match, I found it to be very good,,I love how summer always stays in charachter when she wrestlers , and everything

  • https://twitter.com/Oliver_James611 OJ Von Erich

    Although it felt a little slow in places, it was still highly entertaining & somewhat fresh, it was interesting seeing Summer try & take on Nattie with holds… Brave lady!

    As always I’m happy to see ‘The First Lady of NXT’ Summer Rae on my screen & Natalya is always a pleasure, never a chore! :)

    I love Paige with every ounce of my heart, but I feel that they could have done something slightly more impactful with her here!

    Overall, a nice way to start NXT!

    Oh & Brad Maddox, you continue to make me love you each week!!! =D

  • DJ8946

    I agree w/ everything you said about Audrey/Ashley, Bobby. I love Ashley, she is really talented, way more than Summer! If you go to her Wikipedia page & look at her variety & the number of moves she had, she is superior. & People that say she has no charisma need to watch the house show videos of her on YT.

    • charovnica

      Why?People had plenty of opportunities to see her wrestle and perform during her time on NXT and they weren’t impressed.People doesn’t HAVE to like someone cause you like him/her.You find her entertaining which is fine,if she is that good she might make it in WWE someday.Many wrestlers are not successful from their first opportunity.

      • DJ8946

        Maybe its the same reason why Paige doesn’t use some of her old moves. Restrictions! Why else would she not show any charisma? & I didn’t say people had to like or change their opinion, just giving proof that she does have charisma.

        • charovnica

          Charisma isn’t something anyone can stop you from “using”. You either have it/bring it or not.

      • trishfan11

        I think Audrey, at this time, is a better wrestler than Summer. I like Summer but it seems WWE gave her more of the spotlight. Audrey’s heel character, which is very good as seen on house shows, was not allowed to be shown fully on TV since they might’ve overshadowed or seemed similar to Summer Rae’s character. I like Summer but I think WWE is giving her the spotlight because she’s a tall blonde – nothing new there as that seems to be how WWE decide on pushing as the face of their division, etc. I just wish they had allowed Audrey some more time to find the right mix to create her own unique character. She has improved greatly since she started out and had become quite good in the ring. Obviously, she’s no Paige but how many of the current NXT divas are that? With a bit more time, Audrey could have been something. I will miss her.

    • HeelEveRulez

      @DJ8946 I just burst into laughter when i saw about your Wikipedia page comment than lets look at Velvet and Michelle Mccool,Michelle has 13 moves while Velvet has 21 moves.Who is more skilled?

      • DJ8946

        I used the Wikipedia comment because I edit all the current WWE & NXT Divas pages. & Michelle’s page has less moves on here than Velvet because she has been retired for about 2 years now, when you have a move on their you have to have a certain amount of creditable sources to have it added. With that said alot of the pages that covered her face & early heel matches are probably gone so we can’t list them, same w/ Beth & Mickie. So when you wanna bring up an arguement 1st of all bring up 2 divas that are current.

      • Liam Holden

        Those are signature moves, which are basically moves the wrestler would use very often/in every match. Michelle uses a variety of moves which is why she has less there

    • Raekon

      The Charisma Comes along with the character aswell.

      Audrey had the character in the houseshows but were only jobbing on NXT at that time.

      Then they took her character and gave it to Summer to make her relevant on the main Shows which left Audrey empty.

      She went with a different direction but got only to Show it twice, once against Sasha as the secret admire and once against Emma.

      After that she lost the few matches she had and got released.

      Don’t be surprised if Bailey and Sasha have the same fate in the near future.

      Bailey went with her Luchadora Gimmick (Masked) in the houseshows, then they bring her on tv without it and without anything else aswell.

      • charovnica

        They never took her character.Audrey is a completely different chick than Summer.Summer is more of a “don’t want to get my nails dirty” while Audrey was suppose to be just bad-ass,arrogant and a little bit of a bully.She never got it and of course she’s out.
        Look from WWE’s perspective.They have dozens of girls that can replace Audrey,Sasha or Bayley,so of course when the girl is not cutting it they’ll fire her to let someone else take the spot.I think Sasha & Bayley will stay around for a while,cause they’re great wrestlers,if they find a way to connect with the crowd they have a big chance of getting to the main roster.
        Stop excusing the divas when they’re at the wrong just cause the management is not 100%.Aksana is not getting pushes,or anything,but the girl tries and does things in her matches that bring out her personality.Audrey was stale imo and had to go.If she gain more experience in the indys she can easily come back to the WWE one day.

        • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

          audrey had no charisma as a face or heel & it’s just something you have or you don’t having a character can’t give you charisma just look at michelle mccool totally boring no matter what character she had….

  • DJ8946

    & Just to note this, she never had a decent timed singles match unlike Sasha, Paige, Summer, Emma, & Bayley. The only matches she got a good amount of time where in those tag team matches when she was a face.

  • Nostalgia

    I’m watching a wrestling documentary on Bio about professional wrestling. Now they’re talking about women’s wrestling. So far I’ve seen Mae Young Moolah Chyna Sable Sunny and Jacqueline

  • HeelEveRulez

    OK im sorry Audrey fans but Audrey WASNT good. She has been in FCW/NXT for how many years? And her ring skills are below decent.That was the right choise.Summer Rae has been in FCW/NXT for how many years? And she hadnt time to showcase her skills as much as Audrey.Im not being a Audrey or Summer fan im being optimistic right here she has been a divas champ she has been stale and boring both as a heel and a face and she has been in NXT for so much time and she hasnt improved a bit her best match is still with Naomi and a unique move of hers something thats about her persona an entrance,a move anything? NOPE.She is taking away the spot from younger people waiting for an opportunity at NXT so many talented people with so much better mic skills and a character that we cant stop watching im shocked it didnt happen before

    As for Anya i heard she sucked in the ring besides she has her arm broken why make her sit and pay her check while she sits and has no ring skills? Im not shocked either

    And for my last words as the tournament goes Kendall might be in it, Charlotte will be in it the others can be Aksana/Natalya or Alicia

    • Raekon

      How many years? It would had been 2 years in june 2013 if that’s what you asking.

      Summer Rae only 5 months less.
      Anya started this year and you say “she sucked in the ring”?
      Seriously? Think before you type.

      • K2Evefan

        You cant compare the actual time they spent with the company because summer was only a ring announcer for about 90% of that time. Summer has had what less than 10 televised matches and she has already made more of an impact with the crowd than audrey ever did.

        • Raekon

          Yes, I can. Audrey started as a ring announcer aswell, then she became, face, then heel and then face and Champion.

          Summer had a storyline against maxine and with regal since the beginning, then took maxines Job in her storyline.

          Then Audrey started to use the arrogant heel character in the houseshows that were never shown on TV cause that character were given to Summer on TV, leaving Audrey without one.

          Then Audrey started as a jobber on NXT without entrance losing every match while Summer got to use Audreys previous character since her first attack on paige and their storyline.

          That’s what gets the People invested in one for the most part: Character and a storyline to grow it with.

          Audrey left with a injury then, came back had a storyline with sasha that got wrapped up after 1 match already while Summers storyline with paige is going for months.

          As you can see they invested on Summer a lot more on NXT by giving her more opportunities and a relevant storyline People could care about.

          People loved Audrey on FCW and also did partially on NXT.

          Then you have People like “HeelEveRulez”, the kelly kelly fan and the France guy being disrespectful, degrading, hateful and immature by doing as if the release of Audrey and Anya improved their lifes significantly.

          If they had invested on Audrey as much as they invested on Summer in NXT, she would be over with the crowd and People would had liked her far more.

          Check what they are doing with Sasha and Bailey and you will understand what I mean.

      • HeelEveRulez

        It would have been 2 years or less
        Summer Rae only 5 months less.
        When i talked anout the years i wanted to point out the years and the impact they have done.So Summer rae is much better 5 months is a huge time and Summer has been a ring announcer for a long time so i really dont get what youre trying to make
        Anya started this year and you say “she sucked in the ring”?
        Plesae dont change my words if you look my comment says As for Anya i heard she sucked in the ring. Now the Word is i HEARD so that completely changes the comment
        Seriously? Think before you type
        Yes i am and you please read correctly before starting an argument

        • Raekon

          I agree on the “I heard” comment and sorry about that.

          However, Summer got to Showcase her skills as a character a lot more than Audrey cause Summer wasn’t just a ring announcer in FCW, she was a Manager of Superstars and the Manager of FCW later after she had a storyline with Maxine and Regal.

          As about the in ring work, Summer is definately not better than Audrey and that in way too many levels.

          Fact is that both Girls were less than 2 years with the Company and if you compare what they both were given on NXT, you’ll see that they invested in Summer far more than they did with Audrey so it’s normal that Audrey didn’t got to shine as much as a character.

        • HeelEveRulez

          No problem at I heard comment :) And youre right about the manager thing but being a manager and showcasing skills on ring is different. We still dont know Summers in ring skills she does different moves and impresses me with her mic skills.I just wasnt (am not) very interested in Audrey i just cant see Audrey in main roster thats it her ring skills just doesnt impress me neither Summer but Summer has still a lot to Show while we saw Audrey a lot

          And in your reply you said Then you have People like “HeelEveRulez”, the kelly kelly fan and the France guy being disrespectful i really dont think im disrespectful because i just say Audrey hasnt got a lot to Show more she won a title she has been heel and a face her storyline with Sasha is over what to do next? She should go and try to do something out of WWE. NXT wasnt into her as Summer,Paige or Emma… And besides i didnt EVER say that i was happy it was the best choice of course it is a bad thing for someone to lose their job but it was the best choice to do. And youre making a lot of comments which really makes my heart broken i dont think i deserve that or youre just so much of a Audrey fan and you can respect my opinion on Audrey

        • Wrestling.fan.from.France

          “France guy being disrespectful, degrading, hateful and immature” EXCUSE ME?! Because I have an opinion about Audrey, I’m disrespectful?! LOOOL! WHAT A JOKE!

          FIRST, I’m completely agree about the fact that Audrey wasn’t as big as Summer or Paige on NXT but I remember in FCW, she was the TOP diva with Raquel diaz and she had the chance to develop her face character. ON NXT, wasn’t the TOP diva but she did have some opportunities to show how can she talk and wrestle…. If you remember during her “feud” with Sasha, she had a backstage segment and it was awful.

          Second, Her in-ring! PLEASE, don’t tell me she is good! I’m completely agree about the fact that she way better than Summer in the ring but it understandable because she was there since 2010 or 2011 but she is still bad in the ring. I do like the finisher she used against Emma before being injured but she is still bad in the ring! She had matches with good wrestler like EMMA, PAIGE, SASHA, NAomi on nxt but She never shined in her matches.

          By the way, if you remember, before her injury, it seemed like wwe was going to push her because she begin to win her matches, she had a new attire and i think if she didn’t have that injury, she would have been the one who is feuding with Paige now and not Summer Rae, She could have be the TOP HEEL but she had an injury so it’s wwe’s fault if we didn’t much of her in NXT.

          So yes, i didn’t like her but She didn’t show anything in her matches, segments(…) to like. She is far from being the best or at Sasha’s or Paige’s or Bayley’s or Emma’s level in the ring so i prefer to see her release than see a girl talented like Sasha and you have to admit it that. I think you like Audrey way too much and that you don’t see everything she don’t have to make it.

  • Liam Holden

    Maryse called and she wants her attire back

    • HeelEveRulez

      LOL! Totally what i thought!!!

    • DJ8946

      1.) Ivory wore that attire before Maryse & 2.) Audrey wore it twice LAST YEAR. She hasn’t wore that on TV in 2013. Haters will find anything & hold on to it for dear life!

      • HeelEveRulez

        Well Ivory used a lot of attires,At the time Audrey was wearing Maryse was wearing first and were not talking about Audrey or Ivory either.Were talking about Summer rae and summer walks,talks acts makes her entrance and her attires like Maryse so it has nothing to do with the names you told above

        • Raekon

          Well you People must be quite blind then cause their attires are all different.

          Only because there are similarities there, it doesn’t mean that it was Maryses attire.

          I’m wondering what you would had done in the past when all the male Superstars were wearing the same black trunk, black boots and black kneepads or the female wrestlers that had the same black Body outfit on.

          Would you go then and ask who wore it first so you can say “ohhh everyone is wearing this persons Outfit”?

        • HeelEveRulez

          It isnt just about the attire as i said she walks acts talks and makes her entrance like maryse flipping her hair at every chance exc. and Summer is a Maryse wannabe what are we arguing about?

      • Liam Holden

        Not a hater darling, please come back when you can use that term correctly. I was talking about the fact that it had flames on it..and that other purple/gold attire is very similar to Maryse as well.

        Yes I know that Ivory wore that top long before Maryse, but I was comparing the designs on the top, very reminiscent to Maryse

  • AJFan95

    Good match. I’m sorry, but Audrey was nothing more than dead weight. She wasn’t bad, but painfully generic in every sense of the word. Paige, Summer, Sasha, and Emma are far more interesting. Wish her the best though.

  • redsandman99

    Nice little match. I feel bad that Audrey and Anya lost their jobs but Audrey was expendable to me and while Anya certainly had interest around her, maybe she just wasn’t working out to WWE’s liking. No wrestling background and bigger doesn’t always equal better. Wish them both the best of luck.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    I’m actually surprise you guys are saying that it was a good match or it wasn’t a bad match. I’m sorry but it has to be one of the worst match from Summer. Please, it was BAD. I love Summer a LOT but she was sloppy as HELL! This match just show me how bad Summer is in the ring and that she FAR from being ready for the main roster, that why i think it was not a good idea to make as Fandango’s valet because not only she can’t dance but when she will turn on FANDANGO, she will surely begin to wrestle on Raw abf Smackdown which is bad because she is far from being good.

    Also, it showed me how Good Audrey was in the ring compare to Summer. I don’t like Audrey and i don’t think she was going to be amazing in wwe but she is way better than Summer.

    Even Natalya couldn’t carry her in the match which is even more surprising because she usually bring the best from anybody. Summer can have good matches but please how bad she was?! That kick ala EVE torres was sick but that “DDT” wasn’t that great and when she end this move by doing a “catfight”, it was really awful! #dolphDOESitWAYbetter

    After that match, I’m COMPLETELY agree with what JR said about her when he said that she wasn’t ready and EVERYBODY should be too. By the way, Summer was HOT but please, she need a new attire, her own attire not Maryse’s former attires.

    • Wrestling.fan.from.France

      I forget about some things, why the hell PAIGE didn’t attack Summer when she was next to her trying to escape. It was soo stupid, we all know she saw Summer arrive.

      As for the tournament, Audrey and the EMMAlicious EMMA are the first two confirmed because they were in the first match of the tournament where Emma obviously win (that why she had the first match from the tournament because she was going to be release). So i also think 8 diva will be in the tournament, Emma, Audrey, Paige, Summer, Bayley, Sasha(I really miss her) and maybe a debuting Charlotte and one main diva like Alicia fox or just two main divas like Alicia and Natalya/Tamina. I really HOPE a Sasha vs Emma and Summer vs Paige in the semi-final and PAIGE VS Sasha or Emma Final with one of those 3 girl as the first women’s champ.

      • SherriShepherdWWE

        AudRey and Emma match wasn’t apart of the tournament it was announced that the tournament would BEGIN at the nxt tapings!!!!!

      • redsandman99

        I don’t think Emma vs Audrey is part of the tournament. Dusty said the tournament starts at the next tapings. Emma vs Audrey I believe is just a match that’s happening.

        • Wrestling.fan.from.France

          You were right. I just saw again the spoilers and Emma vs Audrey is not a part from the tournament. Sorry :)

  • let the pigeons loose 12

    We need a all diva wrestling show with the nxt divas champ and wwe divas champ leading it and maybe have a tag belt this needs to happen maybe they could use Total diva as a stepping stone to make it happen


    I really enjoyed this match tbh. Summer’s entrance is hypnotizing!! ;D The way Summer snuck past Paige and booked in was very intruiging to me, idk why though. Lol


      booked it*

  • http://gayken.tumblr.com Swaggy

    Summer always impresses me.

  • https://twitter.com/Oliver_James611 OJ Von Erich

    Summer Rae’s Facebook update earlier –

    “As you all know, I’m an EXTREMEly good actor.

    There may be another role in my near future.

    #ExtremeRules #WWEStLouis #WWE”

  • Raekon

    The match wasn’t good in my opinion.
    It looked way too fake and slow at parts, looking as if they were way too afraid to touch or injure each other.

    Some spots were good but in Overall it helped the match very Little.

    As about all the “Audrey and Anya sucked” comments, I really wish you guys would think before you type and check everything about These Girls instead of being plain hateful and happy that other people lost their Jobs.

    I would like to see you being in their place, knowing that you did what you could but were not given the opportunity others got and then when you got released, everyone laughs and is happy about it.

    Respectless and totally immature behaviour.

  • Getdownwithachola

    Why can’t summer use that DDT as a finisher???

  • Simply Flawless

    Anyone else think Summer’s just a wannabe Maryse?

    • DJ8946

      Yes! Even though I hated Maryse! Yet people say Audrey is a wanna be Mickie James.

      • http://gayken.tumblr.com Swaggy

        She was. Sorry bout it.

        • HeelEveRulez


      • Liam Holden

        How is Audrey a wannabe Mickie? Brunette cowgirl, is that what you’re basing it off?? Audrey shows no Mickie James mannerisms nor does she do any of her moves.

    • Raekon

      People always tend to draw comparisons no matter what.
      I my opinion nor Summer is a Maryse wannabe,nor Audrey a mickie James wannabe.

      Audrey had this heel character, then Summer got it from her and debutet with it, that’s all.

      The main difference was that Audrey were bringing a mirror with her in the ring to Keep admiring herself and such.

      At the time Audrey were the face Cowboy Girl, she didn’t jump around like Mickie either.

    • http://aksanahq.com Aksana

      Jesus Christ, give it a rest

  • madslam2009

    The match wasn’t that good in my opnion. I have been impressed with Summer Rae, but holds aren’t her strong point.

    I have to agree with you Bobby. Derrick Bateman and Briley were my faves, but Audrey’s release really surprised me. I think they watered her down in terms of charisma on screen because it was night and day between her house show clips (including Wrestlemania Axxess) and then on TV, she was plain. I hear storys of WWE watering down their wrestlers and Audrey’s heelness might of outshined Summer’s. They seemed to be so behind her since they thrusted her on FCW TV with little exp. and handed her the title with girls like Kaityn and Caylee and Sonia there. But with more women coming in, I guess the wrestling is more of a focus, which is what everyone wanted so there you go.

    • miickeyzreal

      You hear all that? You must be on NXT working…. -______-

    • Raekon

      If that’s any indication “MadSlam2009″, Derrick and Percy were awesome on NXT and Briley in his storyline on FCW.

      Then the new NXT Comes and all 3 dissappear, then appear only to Job to others before they get released.

      Disheartening to see.
      Audrey had a cool stable with the new NXT as a face with Mike Dalton and Xavier Woods but it got scrapped immediately again.

      Then she got the great heel character in the houseshows and then they cut her and giving her character to Summer, leaving her empty.

      Then they put her in matches as a jobber since the beginning, while Summer immediately wins her first match, has her own entrance and gets invested in.

  • UndefinedChamp

    I like Summer don’t get me wrong but she’s like a bootleg Maryse with all the hair flipping and uncanny attires. Spare me that Ivory and Audrey wore it first chit chat. Ivory had the original design, Maryse updated the design, Audrey wore it plain Jane, but Summer’s is just too close to Maryse.

  • miickeyzreal

    Summer Rae looks like a combination of Maryse and Michelle McCool.

    Her wrestling attire & charisma is just like Maryse but she have some heel attitude like McCool.

  • K2Evefan

    I loved this match so much. It was good to see summer in an athletic match like this going hold for hold with natalya. I definitely think for her having no previous training she is progressing extremely well.

  • divaindemise

    Natalya obviously had her work cut out for her, because generating chemistry with opponents is usually something she has no problem with. Summer has a long way to go.