In one of the latest videos released for the WWE App, Divas Champion Kaitlyn and AJ Lee open the can of worms that is their former friendship, and it’s not pretty.

On top of seeing them trade hyper-personal insults, we learn that their friendship goes back even further than we thought: high school.

It all started with AJ confronting Kaitlyn over being attacked by her at Extreme Rules. It quickly escalates into revelations about their friendship: AJ hated Kaitlyn’s grandmother and Kaitlyn never read AJ’s buddy cop screenplay. Needless to say, it’s pretty hilarious from an outside perspective.

AJ soon dissolves into tears, and Teddy Long shows up, buying wholeheartedly AJ’s story of being bullied by Kaitlyn. After AJ leaves, Teddy tells Kaitlyn that she needs to be more professional and stop being a bully.

Score one for AJ.

You can watch the whole video by clicking here.

After hearing the “evidence”, are you Team AJ or Team Kaitlyn?