Title Match Set For OVW Saturday Night Special

Ohio Valley Wrestling will present their monthly edition of Saturday Night Special tomorrow night, and the Women’s Title will be up for grabs as champion Trina puts her gold on the line against challenger Heidi Lovelace.

The match came to fruition on the most recent episode of OVW’s televised program, in which Taeler Hendrix planted into Heidi’s head the idea that Trina had been talking negatively about them. This sparked Lovelace to find a perplexed Trina backstage and challenge her for the title at the big show. As Trina claims to be a fighting champion, she accepted the offer and vowed to take Lovelace down.

Each Saturday Night Special event is distributed on DVD through OVW’s website, so be on the look out for further information on when this edition will become available for purchase.

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  • http://twitter.com/#!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

    Wish the show is for free… :(

  • Nostalgia

    No wonder the WWE got away from OVW

    • http://twitter.com/ClydeEDawkins Number One

      Why do you say that?

      • Nostalgia

        OVW is a bad Indy production in my opinion

        • Looking Glass

          It really is, for a company that had WWE’s backing and the notoriety even after the relationship was severed and for the people they have behind the scenes (Al Snow, Nick Dinsmore, Doug Williams etc.) they should be doing better – wooden segments, clichés everywhere, bad production values and everything is just god awful about it. If you look at TNA or ROH you see growth but OVW has been stuck since forever.

        • Bikini model destroyer

          Al Snow is nothing but a peice of shit.

          • therightone


  • Rhawk

    Not sure if I want Heidi to win this or not. I mean she should because, well, it’s Heidi Lovelace, enough said on that side of the argument. But Trina has hardly held the title, and from the last couple of reigns lasting around 60 days at most, I want SOMEONE to hold it for at least a little while. Hope its a nice match anyway…

    • Looking Glass

      No one has normal reigns in OVW, you either have a division packed full of part timers like now (Trina went off for ages, Nikki St. John and Lovely Lylah seem to come with a sell-by-date) and end up holding the belt for 10 days or there’s three in the division and you end up holding it for nearly a year without wrestling – by which point no one cares.

      • Rhawk

        That also goes with all the other titles as well, so many reigns lasted around the 70 day time for the Heavyweight Title, and then around 40 days for both Tag Team and TV titles. I never really liked the way that OVW values their own championship belts they really have none. It would take a lot of work if they wanted to make them seem lie proper titles in the future.

  • ZPZA

    And people say the Knockouts Championship was nothing more than a game of hot potato. I won’t be surprised if Heidi wins the strap.

  • swano86

    I think that Taeler is using Heidi to recapture the title…maybe she will help Heidi to win it and then she will turn on her and challenge her for the belt.

  • Carmen Couture

    Ewww my gracious these ladies look atrocious mira no wonder they can’t get any boyz and resort to rug munching ugh I threw up in my mouf
    Lesbians are gross wakatela..

    • Rhawk

      *Shakes head* They havent even done anything to make people react in the way you’re reacting. Also it’s the 21st century, wise up with these comments, there’s a lot worse things happening in the world to be disgusted with instead of women/women or men/men romances.

    • MomoMufFinSsFTW

      Boo your not ghetto so please stop acting like you are. The way u type is atrocious, nasty as fuck. If this were men on men you would be drooling like a dog lmao. BTW I support both les and gay

      • Rhawk

        Despite the inappropriate language being used (even though she too used such language and this is the internet and all), I agree with you and reckon she is also into the thought of guy on guy while bashing girl on girl. Its also clear she’s a she cause she has such a ‘problem’ with lesbians.

    • shane

      I feel like someone’s playing a character with “Carmen Couture”, funny

    • Bikini model destroyer

      I watch both gay and lesbian porn, I honestly feel like Lesbians they put more work into it and they seem to love it, with gays you rarly get to see good porn it mostly the small guys fucks the big guy which is a turn off, not only that they fake orgasms all the time. So lesbian power all the way.

      And Carmen, I wish the divas could read your comments and take notes.

  • http://www.fanfiction.net/u/4265912/ Lil’Homie