OVW filmed their monthly Saturday Night Special last night, featuring Women’s Champion Trina defending her title against Heidi Lovelace. The show will be distributed on DVD via OVWrestling.com.

Check out the spoilers below:

* The video opening was really entertaining. They showed Trina, Taeler Hendrix, & the Blossom Twins at the pool. Trina & the Blossoms were sunbathing enjoying a really fun pop song on the radio. Taeler changed it to NPR. They went back and forth a couple times, before it was changed to a sappy love song by Lei’d Tapa. The girls start fighting when the radio is changed to a Justin Bieber song. They look up to see the Bodyguy posing with the radio. They get up and throw him into the pool and then run for the radio again.

* FEMME FATALE TAG MATCH: Nikki St. John & Lei’d Tapa vs. Hannah & Holly Blossom – Nikki argues with Tapa about who will start. Nikki turns into an arm drag from Holly. She locks up Nikki’s arm and tags Hannah. Hannah takes over the armlock before tagging Holly back. Holly hits the arm and locks her arm up again. Hannah comes in and drops an elbow. Nikki comes back with a side headlock. Hannah backs into the ropes where there is a blind tag by Holly. Hannah throws Nikki into the ropes, drops down, and Holly jumps off Hannah’s back with a body press onto Nikki. Nikki rolls outside and gets back in and tags Tapa. Holly fires away, but Tapa delivers a big headbutt. She kicks Holly and Nikki tags herself back in. She locks in a sleeper and pulls Holly down by her head. She tags Tapa and Tapa drops an axehandle across her back. She delivers an over-the-shoulder backbreaker for 2. Tapa charges her in the corner, but Holly moves. Nikki tags in and misses an elbow drop. Holly makes the tag to Hannah. Hannah hits Nikki in the corner. Tapa tries to come back in, but Holly comes in, and with Hannah, double dropkick Tapa out of the ring. They then deliver a double rock-bottom-like maneuver to Nikki for the 3. WINNERS: BLOSSOMS by pinfall.

* OVW WOMEN’S TITLE: Heidi Lovelace (w/Taeler Hendrix) vs. Trina (c). Heidi & Trina lock up twice, and both times, Trina shoves Heidi down. Heidi comes back and locks Trina up from behind, but Trina reverses, and takes Heidi down. Heidi runs at Trina, but Trina catches her. Heidi elbows out, but Trina slams her. Trina is hit by Taeler with a high heel on the outside. With Trina distracted, Heidi tries to roll Trina up, but she kicks out at 2. Trina takes Heidi down again, and Taeler is back on the apron trying to hit Trina. Trina catches Taeler’s arm and delivers a shot to her, knocking her off the apron. Heidi sees this and goes bananas, spearing Trina and delivering several shots to her. She kicks Trina in the corner and goes for a hurricanrana, but Trina powerbombs her and gets the 3. WINNER and STILL WOMEN’S CHAMPION: TRINA. (Source)