Another SHINE Star Announces End of the Year Retirement

SHINE Wrestling star Rain has joined Brittney Savage in announcing that she will be retiring by end of the year.

Following Brittney’s announcement on Twitter, Rain revealed that she too is winding down her in-ring career:

She elaborated on her reasons for retiring, citing wear and tear on her body sustained over her 13-year career:

Rain has performed for a number of promotions, including SHIMMER, SHINE, WSU and Wrestlicious. She also had a stint in TNA as Payton Banks.

Following her announcement, Rain was sure to encourage fans to continue watching SHINE despite her and Brittney’s departures.

What will you miss most about Rain?

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  • redsandman99

    Sheesh I come home to like three retirement announcements. Best to luck to all these ladies in their life after wrestling.

  • Dave Muscarella

    Actually, Rain announced her pending retirement a few months ago. I want to say she said it in February or March?

  • shameronstar

    Something must be going on for some many people to be retiring around the same time!

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    once again very said to see Rain retire as well, she was great on TNA and never really got a good chance to shine

    but all the best and keep on keepin on

  • Lovedaddio

    One half of one of the greatest female tag teams of all time. The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew with Lacey

  • pumped up kicks

    That really sucks but she has been doing this for quite awhile. I love Rain so much. It will be rough to see her go but she deserves to be happy.

  • Number One

    Rain’s retirement announcement is old news. I read about it on Twitter back in February. It’s the reason why I started following/watching Shine Wrestling; so I could see Rain while I can. And now Brittney’s leaving. Oh man. Two great women’s wrestlers, two terrific villainesses, now going out of the game. This is a dark day for fans of women’s wrestling.

  • shannymac


  • Bikini model destroyer

    She is another reason why I was into The Knockouts back in 2008 she was great and should have been pushed to the title picture but again Kong was unstoppable during those times so it was unlikely for her though. but come forward this year in SHINE! she actually beat one of the most decorated and 5 times knockouts champion in Angelina Love I was marking out when she planted her with the Implant DDT. After the end of this year its official, All The International Home Wrecking Crew members are retired.

  • Monkey Tennis

    It’s not really 3 retirements ‘at the same time’. As others have pointed out, Rain’s retirement was announced a few months back. And Lufisto made a point to clarify that she didn’t say Kalamity was retiring, but that she is out for an “undetermined period”.

    • funkyweapon a-gogo

      Plus you never know, there are a bunch of “sabbaticals” taken where some go away but then they come back. This is pro wrestling, never say never.

  • charovnica

    Well,this is exactly why everyone says you should finish school,get a degree and have a plan B.Wrestling hurts and 13 years in the business must feel like 30 on the body.Much respect and hope for the best in whatever she decides to do after that.

  • vdcvt

    Is it me or does she really look like Winter/Katie Lea in that pic? Always thought TNA could have done more with her in her short run.

  • wl75

    This isn’t new, though as I thought it looks like her last match will have something to do w/ Shine (she’s said she won’t say she’s worked her last match until after she’s done it)- she could lose in the tournament and quit, or win the tournament, do a couple of defenses, then drop it to someone, etc.

    She’s doing something with Nikki Roxx involving personal training, plus she got married recently, so she’s got other things to work on- and 13 years is a long time to put your body through something like that.

  •!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

    I found it weird that TNA or WWE didn’t signed them. They look beautiful and sexy just like what they need. It’s a shame that it came to this… :(

    • charovnica

      Rain yes..but imo Brittany is not so good and to me she lacks charisma,I don’t think she would’ve made it to the main roster if she was given the opportunity to join NXT.

  • Jamal

    Yea it’s no secret that Rain has said this is her last year. Sorry to see her go since she was always been solid in the ring and entertaining. But I understand why. Wishing her nothing but the best

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    Good luck too all those are moving on Rain Thank you so much for these years of hard work don’t think they went unnotice by the fans. you really work your butt off in WSU before the buy out and Thank you Mercedes Martinez for bring in Rain to WSU.

    I hope you will rethink it when you get rest and visit us at shine or shimmer or Cmll.

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    seeing them leave is hard because you invest so much in them but I understand because this isn’t dancing this is really hard on a person body. I can see Melissa retired soon that will be a sad day and seeing Mercedes Martinez hanging up her boots I think my life will be over because she giving us so much of her body for our enjoyment. before they retired I would love to see them in WWE so they can make real paid day and wrestle on a WM the big time Melissa vs Mercedes for Womens title never say never.

    I’ll keep bug them in till these two great Women are in WWE with Sara.

    if all of us use the contact us at and the voices would be heard.

    Melissa should be in the WWE
    Mercedes Martinez long over due
    Dark Angel should be in the WWE
    lexxus- very underrated she went 73 mins with Mercedes Martinez not too many people could do that.

    • therightone

      I agree I just wish we didn’t have to hope those idiots in the WWE signed them.
      Atleast they’ll get paid unlike in TNA just ask Jimmy Wang Yang.
      Melissa and Mercedes would be epic, I haven’t seen Lexxus on a mic. I wonder if she’s a Davey Richards type, great in the ring tragic on the mic.

      • Melissa K Killer 2010

        she is Awesome on the mic when I saw her and she get her point a cross. and Dark Angel should be in the WWE I can see her making a big impact and could team up with Sin Cara a lot of Latino fans that loves WWE.

  • Sarah Connor

    seen her a few times in shine and impressed by her as a heel wrestler. respect and appreciation to her for putting her body on the line for our entertainment and pleasure. Happy retirement Rain. :)

  • therightone

    She had all the talent and the charisma in the world. But because of websites like this, the fact that ROH and a lot of indie orgs have their heads up their asses about womens wrestling, we’re stuck watching Tiffany wrestle and who ever the WWE uses.
    Miss you Bonnie you deserved better than this industry gave you.

  • therightone

    by the way she made this announcement months ago, I guess you guys are just getting around to reading a real WRESTLER’S twitter page.