WWE.com Names WWE’s Most Wicked Witch

WWE.com has compiled a list of its 10 most “Wicked Witches” in WWE history. Now, a good number of heel Divas could be considered witchy, but who is the worst of the worst?

Apparently, it’s “Scary” Sensational Sherri! The legendary manager and WWE Hall of Famer topped the list, besting the likes of Stephanie McMahon, Luna Vachon, Victoria and Vickie Guerrero.

From her makeup to her managerial tactics, Sherri was always intimidating and intense. We’re sure that if given the chance, she would have loved to curse a few wayward WWE Superstars.

See the full list below:

10. Bull Nakano
9. Victoria
8. AJ Lee
7. Luna Vachon
6. Lita
5. Team Lay-Cool (Layla & Michelle McCool)
4. Stephanie McMahon
3. Vickie Guerrero
2. The Fabulous Moolah
1. Sensational Sherri

Who do you think deserves the title of WWE’s “most wicked witch”?

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  • http://twitter.com/#!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

    Shelly “Ariel” Martinez should be included in this list…

    • divaindemise

      If the list acknowledged the most tragic or dirty looking, then yeah, Ariel would be included. :)

      • kio3j2

        Lmao I am done!

      • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art


    • Divafan0118

      I thought she would be more of a vampire than a witch. Anyway,Katie Lea should be on here

  • divaindemise

    Bull Nakano acknowledged? That’ll do for me.

    Sherri Martel’s presence was just something altogether wonderful. Her Hall of Fame speech still makes me smile.

  • ricky_says_hi

    Lol this reminds me of this conversation
    Eve: So you really think I’m a witch?
    Teddy Long: We’re just one letter off.

  • WweLitafan4ever

    I LOVED Lita as a heel,she played an awesome bad girl.

  • https://twitter.com/jayjayholler MIPIJILLIAN

    I’d include Dawn Marie in that too! She was a right piece of work!

    • dsan

      Good one! She was a major bitch during the Al Wilson storyline!

    • TorrieTrishStacyLita

      THANK YOU! She was Torrie Wilson’s wicked, evil step mother. Idk how and why WWE didn’t include her on this list

  • https://twitter.com/Oliver_James611 OJ Von Erich

    For me Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley wins this one, although I did expect the she-devil Terri to
    Make a cameo on this list, heck, even Aksana! :)

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    i like when WWE does, these kind of list, it shows you that WWE doesnt forget about some former divas like Sherri, and Bull Nakano etc

    i thought Dawn Marie should have been on this list, and i wouldnt have included Victoria and also to me Stepanie should have maybe been like 3


    a week or so ago WWE did a list of People who never got signed by WWE that probably should have been and the only female to get on that list was the fabulous and former WCW WOmen Champion Akira Hokuto, which i was surprised WWE listed a female

  • jcarcano12

    I like this list but here my list
    10. Lita
    9. Victoria
    8. Team LayCool
    7. Dawn Marie
    6. Ivory
    5. Stephanie
    4. Vickie
    3. Luna Vachoon
    2. Judy Martin
    1. Scary Sherri

  • http://worldelitewrestle.proboards.com FOREVER FLAWLESS!

    I guess cause Trish left as a huge face they didn’t include her, but she was a very deviously delicious Diva I would have liked to see placed on this list. AJ – eh. I guess they have to appeal to this generation. Shoutout to LayCool for making it! #Flawless

  • Johnyfaction3

    I love AJ but she doesn’t belong in this list. She hasn’t really done much…

  • NicoRobin

    AJ is in the list as well?? Like, seriously???

  • Sarah Connor

    oh wwe, you almost had it right until i noticed you missed out the awesome Dawn Marie. remove aj and put dawn in her place but further up.

    love the additions of sherri, bull nakano, luna and moolah. sherri and luna nailed it with their gimmicks. i hate that some of these women are no longer with us. :(

    • Sarah Connor

      Thought i’d add that i’ve always thought Sherri was really pretty without the scary persona and unflattering make-up… as seen at the hall of fame when she got inducted – gorgeous woman and my type.

      seeing luna vs sherri was one of my favourite feuds during my early years when i got into wrestling. i don’t remember well but they were in wwf at the same time so i hope there is a luna vs bull nakano match around somewhere.

      i think heel melina would also have been a good entry as her and heel victoria both give me the crazy/ruthless vibes that luna and sensational sherri both had and excelled at.

      • Liam Holden

        Luna was Bull Nakano’s manager in WWF back in 1994 so unfortunately they never faced off one-on-one

  • pumped up kicks

    Sherry, Luna and Bull Nakano are on this list! That makes me so very happy.

  • Paige Knight Revolution

    Trish Stratus should’ve been top 5. They could have written something explaining it. It could’ve gone something like, “Before fans new her as the beloved WWE Hall of Famer legend she is, Trish Stratus has a devilish past that has earned her number *** on the list.”

    Trish was an awesome heel and we know there have been many greats like Stephanie, Ivory of RTC, Dawn Marie, Sable, Vickie Guerrero and LayCool, but Trish was among the best “witches” they’ve ever had. She was a gem! It’s a crime to not have her here!

    • Paige Knight Revolution

      Add Melina and Mickie James to the list! When Mickie was stalking Trish, plus a good portion of that year, she was acting batshyt crazy and doing alot of witchy things!

  • http://www.fanfiction.net/u/4265912/ Lil’Homie

    Bull Nakano, Luna Vachon, and Sensational Sherri are the only wicked ones on the list!

  • MomoMufFinSsFTW

    Wicked witches.. When I hear that I think of women with that gimmick, not your heel divas.

    Katie lea
    Sensational Sherri
    Bull N.

    • MomoMufFinSsFTW

      Not in order ethier, Vickie could be added to her laugh reminds me of a witchy snar and she gets a lot of heat

    • Liam Holden

      None of those women u listed had witch gimmicks except Katie Lea…black hair and black attire does not equal witch.

      Victoria – psycho
      Ariel – tarot card reading vampire
      Daffney – also psycho/zombie hot
      Paige – anti-diva
      Luna – Odditie and possibly anti-diva too

    • jcarcano12

      Paige hasn’t made it on the roster

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    Sherri was before her time i think & she was tough……

    • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

      aj 8 really what has she done to be a bitch???…

  • notorious

    Take lita off the list. She wasn’t witchy she was just supposed to be the slutty girlfriend. She kinda heel by default since she was with edge and fed off that.I feel Melina should have easily been one of the top. She was THE witchy bitch. Her evil and bitchy personality, her mic work, the you and can but can’t touch body, the primal scream, always destroying the princess divas, she was the ultimate witch. Katie lea should kinda be on the list too since she had the witch gimmick.

  • charovnica

    People need to stop bitching. Of course AJ is on the list.WWE include their current talent on every list,what’s so tragic about that?
    I like the list,and I think they pretty much included all of those who I’d include if I was making the list.The number one is absolutely deserving,I loved that crazy talented woman.

    • jcarcano12

      I agree and Aj has done alot of witchy things less than a year so i totally agree

  • http://ahlanthony.tumblr.com ahlanthony

    Great list. I would include the heel Trish, Eve, and Shaniqua in this list though.

  • Liam Holden

    AJ Lee?? Really?? Take out Lita and AJ and replace with Ivory and Dawn Marie.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/FrenchFineFierc FrenchFineFierce

    Victoria n°9 REALLY ??????!!

  • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

    I’d add

    – Ivory
    – Trish
    – Sable
    – Eve
    – Bella Twins

    • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

      I’d also add Dawn Marie, because of her feud with Torrie

  • http://facebook.com/mykael.kennedy mykel1990

    No particular order but, Sensational Queen Sherri, Luna, Ivory, heel Trish, Bull, Eve, Laycool, Vickie, Stephanie, and Dawn Marie.

  • redsandman99

    Dawn Marie should have been on it. Other than that I have no problem with the list.