NXT Redux (June 6th, 2013): The Tourny Begins as the Anti-Diva Evolves into the Diva of Tomorrow

Hello there one and all, and welcome to this week’s NXT Redux! Last week, we were treated to an appearance by none other than Stephanie McMahon, who introduced us all to the debuting NXT Women’s Championship! Not only that, she revealed that a tournament would begin that would pit eight of the current and future Divas against each other with everyone vying to be the last one standing in order to make history as the first ever NXT Womens Champion. You’ve got a lot of favorites in the tournament, but this week we kick things off with one of the first crowd favorites, Paige, as she steps up against the powerhouse Samoan, Tamina Snuka. Does Paige and her experience advantage equate a victory over Tamina? Or will Tamina’s upper hand in the size and stature department guide her to advancement?

There’s only one way to find out, but before we kick things off with the match, let’s all watch the following (amazingly put together) video package, which hypes Paige as she changes her moniker from the Anti-Diva to the Diva of Tomorrow:

The question on my mind after watching this video… someone give me a date where we’ll be watching Raw and return from a commercial break to see it playing on our screens? So good.

Alright, here we go! We get a fancy graphic showing up on the screen which looks to be pinkified (I know pink makes us all think of a certain butterfly, but let’s be appreciative that the title for this tournament looks top notch and give them the satisfaction of airing a pink graphic instead of decking out the belt that way). Up first enters Tamina, who tricks some of the fans into thinking she was about to give them a slap on the hand. We get a first look at the NXT Womens Title, before the entrance of the Diva of Tomorrow who commentary still refers to as the Anti-Diva. Paige walks out looking ready to go as the crowd erupts for her and she enters the squared circle for her opening round match.

The bell sounds as WWE and NXT’s heavy hitters circle around the ring and lock up as both women jockey for position. Tamina shoves her back, but Paige gets a kick to the knee and a big headbutt that doesn’t seem to affect Snuka. Tamina instead opts to hit her own headbutt which sends Paige back into the ropes. Paige begins to get overpowered by Tamina, which is something we don’t normally see around these parts. Snuka with a suplex for a two, but as Paige goes for a roll up, Tamina counters out and maintains the upper hand as she tosses Paige around and applies a choke hold. The fans get behind the Diva of Tomorrow, who fights out briefly until she’s taken back down.

Snuka hits a knee and reverts to a chin lock, but as the fans get behind Paige, she just can’t seem to take Snuka down. A bodyslam by Tamina into a submission hold, as again the fans attempt to rally Paige on. Finally, Paige fights out and backs Snuka into the corner. Oh wow, Tamina decks Paige in the jaw with a huge superkick, as she drags Paige over to the corner and heads to the top rope. Ruh roh… she heads up top and leaps off with the Superfly Splash to the knees! Paige then rolls Tamina up and gets the three count out of nowhere. We then get a look at the brackets of the tournament which will feature Bayley against Alicia Fox, Sasha Banks against Summer Rae, Emma facing Aksana, and me without any Charlotte debut in sight.

Thoughts: Hmm, well I’m going to be honest and say I didn’t really understand this match. We all know Paige is a force to be reckoned with, especially on the NXT roster where she’s been one of the central focuses of the entire show. Not only that, but even commentary put this match over as containing the two toughest Divas in the entire tournament… but if that’s the case, I don’t get why the match was so one sided. I don’t feel like Paige hit hardly any moves until the roll up, which is something I’d expect from someone like Summer or Bayley who it would be considered an upset to beat Tamina. Paige though, shouldn’t really be dominated for the entire time and then have to resort to squeaking out a roll up in order to advance when she’s basically plowed through all the Divas here.

I mean I get that they want to make it seem like Tamina’s above Paige’s level since she’s on the main roster, but I think that could’ve worked just as well with the match being more back and forth in which Paige constantly stays on top of Tamina’s game and causes Tamina to be surprised with how well the “rookie” is able to keep up with her. Even by going in that route, the roll up would make sense because Paige was just able to get one over on her after staying fairly even with Snuka and getting closer to a victory with each pin attempt. I mean I didn’t think the match was bad at all performance wise (especially that crazy superkick towards the end which is definitely my favorite move of the night), but I just didn’t get the way it was laid out in making Paige stay grounded practically the entire match. Nonetheless, I’m excited to see what goes down with the rest of the tournament considering I don’t believe we’ve seen two of the three remaining matches yet so that should definitely provide some freshness in the coming weeks.

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  • http://twitter.com/#!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

    Boring match. Can’t wait for next week to see Alicia Fox back and also can’t wait to watch Emma in action against Aksana!! :D

  • Johnyfaction3

    This is my issue with Tamina. People assume that just because she doesn’t look like all the other Divas and isn’t as “pretty” as them that she is awesome in the ring and she can do anything. Not taking any credit from her but she is not that good in my opinion. She is very bland. I love her superkick and samoan drop. But with her family being a wrestling family there is a lot of expectations for her but she doesn’t live up to it. She seems to have gone to the Bella’s school of long upper body submissions.

    Is like the Bella’s they are dating the 2 most over guys in WWE yet they don’t take advantage of it as they should. One is the best wrestlers in the company who they can learn from, and the other one is great a promos. I just don’t get it. Haha

    The Paige video was great though. I am so split on who I want to win this tournament :/

    • VeteranArmy

      You want Paige to win. Nuff said.

    • ZPZA

      This. But the thing about the Bella’s is that they don’t even have to work on anything because they’re in the perfect positions. No matter how annoying and bland they can be, they’re solid in the company.

      As for Tamina, she is no where near the level people assume that she’s at. In my opinion, I don’t think the WWE would’ve ever signed her if she weren’t the daughter of Jimmy Snuka.

  • DJ8946

    This match wade whatever. I just wanna see Alicia get a win & Bayley debut her new gimmick. I wish Kendall Skye was in the tournament.

  • charovnica

    I didn’t find the match as boring as other people.I think there were nice spots,the kick by Tamina was delivered and selled pretty amazingly.
    I agree that Tamina needs to add something to her character while it’s in the ring,cause now she is just there.Paige pays attention to the crowd throughout her matches,which makes them feel involved.
    I liked the beginning…it was like they were trying to outpower each other.
    I gotta say the promo of Paige that was shown later on was just mind-blowingly bad-ass! :D

  • redsandman99

    That Paige promo was awesome. The booking of the match I get in a way but I think it needed to be more back and forth.

  • Monkey Tennis

    Just like Tamina’s match against Natalya on Superstars, this match suffered because of the WWE’s insistence on trying to put Tamina over as a powerhouse. As a result, we’ve ended up with two dull matches where the superior wrestler in both cases has had to spend most of the match on the receiving end.

    Even if Paige had been allowed to win with a finisher, that would have at least given us a little moment to cheer about, not to mention putting her over a lot more convincingly. But as we all know, Rule Number One in the WWE-Big-Book-of-Powerhouse-Divas says that they can only ever lose via a roll-up.

    • Monkey Tennis

      (Or in very special circumstances, a sharpshooter) ;-)

      • VeteranArmy

        With in a flash pin victory, had Paige been booked to use a cooler pin like a Gedo Clutch or La Magistral cradle would’ve made a better ending than the ol’ K2 roll up of doom.

  • Jakespearit

    Well, Tamina failed to make a statement again…

  • DaDivaQueen

    Ughh Tamina needs to be released. She’s never impressed me in the ring, she looks like a GlaMANzon but she’s nowhere near being a solid wrestler. The only thing she does correctly is her kick, don’t even get me started on how she just awkwardly flops on people as a finisher! STEP UP YO GAME BETCH!

    • Gail-Trish-Brooke

      This this this x1000

  • VeteranArmy

    I don’t have any issues with either Tamina or Paige in this match. My problem is the logic behind the booking of this match. What’s the purpose of making this look like Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly 2.0? So far in NXT, Paige have defeated all comers including decisive victories over main roster divas like Alicia Fox and Aksana. I can understand Tamina is booked as an amazonian type of competitor, but having Paige getting near zero offense outside a kick and a few machine gun back elbows really contradict her promo video of being the ultimate diva bad ass. This is a very disappointing match, which was something I was really looking forward to.

    • charovnica

      They often book Paige this way and it really boggles my mind too.

      • Monkey Tennis

        I think part of the problem is that there’s only so much a skilled wrestler can do when she’s up against a less experienced opponent. Obviously, it’s easy for Paige to sell the sh…ugar out of a more basic moveset of someone like Summer or Tamina.

        But it becomes a lot harder, the other way around. Paige – and indeed any decent wrestler – can only do so much of their opponent can’t take a more complicated move the right way. That’s why in her recent match with Summer, even though Paige was dominating, she still had to keep her moveset pretty simple.

        And it’s also why the best matches we’ve seen on NXT so far have been those that have showcased the wrestlers of similar ability.

        • charovnica

          You’re right.So far Paige vs Bayley was really worth watching,cause Bayley is a skilled lady herself.

  • jcarcano12

    I love this title
    I like Paige and tamina

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    very good match, and Tamina and Paige really connected very well in this match, i hope to see more from these two

    love the NXT women matches

    • VeteranArmy

      You aren’t allowed to speak ill of those Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly matches from now on.

      • Nostalgia

        Did you really compare Paige & Tamina to Beth & Kelly

        • VeteranArmy

          Totally. The smaller sized wrestler gets dominated by the larger/stronger one for majority of the match, the larger foe makes a mistake, roll up. 1-2-3.

          • Wrestling.fan.from.France

            Yes but at least, the beth vs Kelly match was a damn GOOD match!
            By the way, @SHERRISHEPERDWWE, do you really think this was a REALLY good match?? Because this wasn’t bad but it was far from being good but i respect your opinion.

  • MrMexican99

    Didn’t make sense to advertise Paige as a badass and then have her be dominated and win as if she were a barbie diva. I just can’t wait til this promo airs on RAW during a divas match.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Emma totally should win the title, everyone loves her and does her dance and she got over with in the 3rd week she was there which is really hard for female wrestlers but it’s awesome Emma gets all the love she gets, she totally should win the tournament

    • VeteranArmy

      No! No! No! As much I’m a fan of Emma’s, putting the belt on her is the wrong choice. She’s a comedic novelty act, a flavor of the month. You need your champion to be the serious and strong. Emma is a cartoon with her wacky dance gimmick and not championship material. Even John Cena didn’t get his world championship until he moved away from his Vanilla Ice gimmick and got more serious. And that’s why the WWE title is on John Cena and not on Johnny Curtis. Same rule applies here.

      • VelvetLoveFan

        But I like Emma the most and would like her to win the belt first, with all do respect Emma as champ would be great everyone overs her already

        • VeteranArmy

          Why not have John Cena drop the WWE title to Doink the Clown while we’re at it? And let “Hollywood” Stalker Ichikawa end CIMA’s 18 months Open the Dream Gate championship reign too.

          • VelvetLoveFan

            I’d actually like doink to win it rather than Cena anyway. But once again.. My favorite is Emma… Not Paige.., Emma. So I’d love for her to win rather then the predictable Paige.

          • Bikini model destroyer

            Man I swear some of the people on here make me ashamed of being a wrestling fan. >____<

            VeteranArmy is right a championship should be taken seriously therefore it belongs to serious wrestlers only, The knockout's belt has suffered a lot because of retarded decisions having non-serious talent like Vel Vel and Tessmacher win.

          • VelvetLoveFan

            Excuse you. Who the hell are you to be telling me my opinion? Huh? It’s rude and if god for bid I don’t like the popular diva and liked someone who is just as popular it’s like a sin on here.
            and Velvet is the most popular knockout in TNA since 2010 soooo you wanna mess with my option ill mess wit yours. Tess and Vel were good champs

          • Bikini model destroyer

            Ok miss calm the fuck down if you keep up with my comments I said it before and I say it again “Velvet and Tess are good wrestlers in fact they are better than 90% of the main roster divas, but *wait don’t get too happy* THEY ARE NOT A CHAMPIONSHIP MATERIAL thats like Fandangoo winning a world title.”

            You clearly hate Paige because she’s goth and you like Velvet b/c she is a prep just like your ass is. I bet in your High School you made plenty of emo kids kill themselves because of you being a fucking bully to them. Don’t worry you know what they say “Kharma is a bitch”

            And Velvet is not the most popular nor was a good champion the last time we had a great KO champ was Gail Kim.

            At the end of the day your opinion is not a fact, your opinion would be similar to me saying “AJ Lee is taller than Kharma, BECAUSE ITS MY FUCKING OPINION”

            Sadly I’ve seen diva dirters with much worst opinions. :/

  • dsan

    I didn’t have a big problem with this match as other people seemed to. I found it odd that Paige was basically being dominated the whole time and won via roll up, but that’s okay. I thought it was good. My favorite part of the match was Paige elbowing Tamina in the corner only to have Tamina super kick the daylights out of her. Paige comes out the victorious so I’m happy.
    I can’t get over how great that Women’s title looks! It’s badass!It may be giving the Knockout’s title a run for it’s money on looks.

  • AceRocks

    Hi, I’m new to Diva Dirt. First time user, long time reader. :)
    I love Paige and I loved her promo. The match was kind of boring because of Tamina. She needs to do some new moves. I’m guessing they didn’t let Paige go over Tamina is because they want to establish Tamina as a threat if Paige wins the title.

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    Love the promo.

    I get the booking actually. tamina is considered a powerhouse on the main roster. It would be a stretch if she didn’t dominate a rookie, even a good rookie. IMO. This way Tamina looks like a monster and still gets Paige over

    • Monkey Tennis

      Except Paige isn’t being classified as a rookie, even in the context of the show. Her profile on the WWE website specifically mentions that she’s been wrestling since the age of 13, and I think Regal’s mentioned it on commentary a few times too.

      Tamina could have still dominated the match without it being almost 100% one-sided. But a couple of big spots from Paige would have had the crowd on their feet. Instead, a fortuitous roll-up victory on the back of a squash isn’t a good way to put anyone over – let alone someone who’s supposed to be one of NXT’s best wrestlers.

  • divaindemise

    Tamina has all the performance skill of a peanut.

    • DaDivaQueen

      Hey! There’s no reason to bad mouth peanuts! Mr. Peanut would find this completely uncalled for!

  • shameronstar

    Tamina to me is someone who looks like she’d be a badass heel but oddly enough she’s much more inspiring and sensation as a face, so booking her can be a bit strange at times and it doesn’t help that it seems like she took selling lessons from John Cena and I hate to say that because I really want Tamina to succeed but I feel that will only happen with a face turn! Off topic but I cant wait until after the tournament for the new girls to start debuting!

  • shameronstar

    Also, Paige’s promo vignette was nice now I want to see an EMMAzing vignette next:)

    • Wrestling.fan.from.France


      ¡_O_? ?_0_¡
      | |
      ( ) ( )


  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    You know I have no problems with Tamina dominating most of the match but I think with more skilled and experiences divas, she should dominate a bit less like with a girl like Nattie or here Paige, She should have had a comback at least.

    Anyway, this was such a disappointment, it wasn’t bad but it was what i excepting more those two girl :( Tamina’s submission moves are the most boring things about her matches, even more boring than when a bella are doing a submission! Thank GOD Paige can sell because if she couldn’t, it could have been worse! Not only Tamina cannot sell a move properly like a simple roll-up but she is afraid to take bumps! She is afraid to fell down like in the middle of the match when she Paige was going to do a roll up and Tamina fell down in a horrible way or When she did the splash, awful! Her face screamed “I’M SCARE AS HELL!” which is not so mething you should see in the face of a main diva and the way she “fell” on Paige’s knees just showed it!

    I think I overrate Tamina too much like most of IWC and those guy on other site like Bleacher report, ect… Aj, Naomi and Alicia fox (and Natalya obviously ‘cuz she is the best in the roster) are way better than her

    • shameronstar

      I heard Tamina last year was out with a back injury and injuries to the back are serious so made she has a mental block on selling more effective which is a problem in the long run:(

      • Wrestling.fan.from.France

        OMG, this horrible O.o
        I didn’t know that, I’m soo sorry for you Tamima :(

    • flash1086

      You need to understand that the IWC is NEVER accurate. They contradict themselves all the time. Im in the Internet TELEVISION community not that stupid nerd group of IWC.

  • MsXxxdiva247

    I think paige will take it.

  • divaindemise

    Paige sold everything superbly, but Tamina was painful to watch here.

  • molibilus10

    NxT matchs are way better than raw or sd matchs..

  • http://ahlanthony.tumblr.com ahlanthony

    The match was okay to me. I’m not really into the match. Paige, everything about her turns me on. Her accent, that face, her body and her not your usual diva attitude. Ughhh.. I cannot contain it.

    • VeteranArmy

      Cold showers.

  • Paige Knight Revolution

    I enjoyed this very much. It was a hard hitter and Tamina did well, while Paige is brilliant! She’s ready!