Today in History: Lita Discovers That She’s Pregnant

On this day in history:

June 14th, 2004 | It had been a rough couple of weeks for Lita, and things were about to get a whole lot worse. She had been stalked, kidnapped, and forced into an “agreement” with Kane, and seemed to think that there were some more lasting effects from that. She took a home pregnancy test, and broke the news to Stacy Keibler that she was indeed pregnant. Stacy was ecstatic for her and Matt Hardy, but the look on Lita’s face said it all: this wasn’t Matt’s baby.

What are your memories of this moment?

Note: This was originally posted on 6/14/12.

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    Despite the storyline being a little naff I think everybody involved pulled it off really well. And I worked really well for Trish Stratus being a heel. I lived heel Trish she was so good on the mic.



  • charovnica

    It was a weird,weird angle….But Lita usually was in weird,weird angles :D

  • WweLitafan4ever

    … I don’t know how I feel about this storyline.
    It was entertaining,that’s for sure. Kane and Lita…interesting couple to say the least;I was glad they were able to put their differences aside and have that funny segment at RAW’s 15th anniversary.
    Love baby face Lita!

  • Ryan

    Odd storyline but hell Lita rocks!!
    Also Stacey was like “can I borrow ummm…uhhh.. ELBOW PADS!! Lol
    We had two divas matches this night
    Matt and Lita vs Tyson Tonko and Stratus.
    Lita destroyed Trish and the match was very fast paced and hard hitting!! Lita easily countered the Stratusfaction sent her bouncing off the ropes only to capture her with a hard DDT! Ouch! Poor Trish lol her head was driven in!
    Stacey Keibler and Nidia vs Molly Holly and Gail Kim.
    Nidia was very technically impressive!! She was kicking Gail Kims ass and went toe to toe with Molly!! Nice!
    However Stacey the inexperienced one was brutally beat up and her legs were destroyed by Gail Kim and Molly!! Gail made her tap but not before sending a sick elbow shot to Nidia’s face! Ow! Great effort by Stacey! And amazing team work by Gail and Molly!

    • Jcott3

      Especially when you consider that in 2004, Molly couldn’t get any love from the WWE higher-ups. That was one of the few matches she had that year that did NOT end with her getting pinned.

      As for Trish & Lita’s tag match, they should have had Christian as Trish’s partner.

      Personally, I never liked the Lita pregnancy angle, mainly because having her pregnant kept her out of the ring. That said, I still think the baby shower Trish threw for her was hilarious, especially when Molly gave Lita the condoms and birth control pills. There was just something so wrong, and yet so right, about a virgin giving contraceptives to a woman who was already pregnant.

  • misschrissi7

    I just wanted to hug Lita.

    Love Staceys face though!!

  • wwestarlee

    Stacy was beautiful and still is i always wonder if she could really wrestle her spinning roundhouse was hot

    • Jcott3

      She couldn’t, but not from lack of trying on the part of her trainers. According to Ivory’s shoot interview, when Stacy and Torrie Wilson came into WWE in 2001, “they were uncooperative and unwilling to learn.” According to Madusa, when WCW sent those two to the Power Plant to be trained, “all they did was whine and complain.” Many people in the wrestling business have said that in the entire time Stacy was in the wrestling biz, she “had one eye focused on Hollywood”, meaning she was only there to launch her acting career.

  • Ryan

    People can say whatever about Stacey. 1.) she’s hot as hell and actually a very beautiful chick!! Really classy too! She was a tease a friendly PG tease but had so much grace to her that when she walked down the ramp with those legs, it was just as hot as Candice Michelle or Sable’s playboy haha!!
    2.) she took so much physical abuse in WWe. Can’t say that’s not love for the business..
    If her ultimate goal was Hollywood I totally get it!! Why not?!! We love the wrestling biz but we all know that it’s a very short career specially for women.. So fuck wwe and let’s go Stacy!!

  • art

    Stacy did everything she could in wwe & considering she didn’t really want to wrestle she did take some really good bumps…why wouldn’t she want to go hollywood?