In Video: New Commercial for Total Divas

A new 30 second commercial has been released to promote Total Divas, the WWE Divas reality show on E!.

We’ve seen most of this footage in previous trailers for the show, but it has now been re-cut to be used as a 30-second TV spot. Check it out below:

Total Divas will debut on E! Sunday, July 28th.

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  • charovnica

    Well,fuck…It’s not available in my country :D

  • coleyjillianaksana

    Kinda Upset That WWE Made The Bella Twins The Face Of The Show I Guess They Didn’t Think They’d Get Enough Views If Natalya Or The Funkadactyls Were The Main Stars.

    • BarbieBlank

      The Bella’s have the similar look and feel of the Kardashians (dark haired sisters that are best friends that date “famous guys”)
      The audience may warm up to them because of their similarities

      • wwestarlee

        still seems unfair to divas like layla,foxy hell even Lilian who have been with wwe for years and never got an opportunity like this. it just seems unfair to me

        • Lil’Homie

          Well Lilian is a ring announcer and she has the personality of a cracker, Alicia looks too much like Rihanna right now so she would get hated on for that, and Layla is…..well Layla.

          • art

            layla would bring more than nattie. who to me comes off kinda old lady-ish…since alicia looks abit like rihanna wouldn’t that be good??

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    I am way to excited for this show,it is gonna be awesome, and I cant wait to see Eva Marie, I have a feeling she is gonna be my favorite, and she seems like a spit fire

  • Johnyfaction3

    It doesn’t look like a new one. Apperantly John Cena was recording for one episode with his “special someone”. I am surprised WWE allowed him to do that.

    • Lil’Homie

      Hopefully they pull a Bad Girls Club and we get to see them hook up!

  • Lil’Homie

    I bet Brie & Nikki get their periods at the same time.

    • art


  • candice7000

    Every time I see a commercial for this show I end up not liking the Bellas more and more. They seem so arrogant. I thought they was sweethearts in person. But that just goes to show me not everybody is nice. I as well wonder when Eva Marie is making her debut. Don’t care much for JoJo she seems to be another bore.

    • art

      Their staying in character for the show….

  • marcum1234

    My favorite part is when the Bellas claim that “This is their calling,” and yet they are two of the least interesting and talented divas on the entire roster.

    • art