Fast 5: Divas Deliver Some Payback

Diva Dirt’s Fast 5 feature will take on a theme and present to you–in no particular order–five related things from the world of women’s wrestling.

This time, with WWE Payback on the horizon, we’re taking a look at five memorable moments of Divas getting payback. Be it Diva-on-Diva or Diva-on-Superstar, revenge in the WWE is always vicious and often messy.

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    I loved Lita’s revenge on Trish!

    Also I felt the same with Mickie with Laycool. I hate seeing people getting humiliated and made to feel embarrassed so they were both my favorites.

  • jeremycanrana

    that photo of Layla is hilarious ! lol she’s such a funny comedian!!! I loved her funny segments with Michelle so much

    also not really realated but your post makes me miss Brian Kendrick ha! I used to be his and Paul london’s biggest fan

  • Divafan0118

    The Lay-Cool revenge was the best.

  • vick18

    Melina being pantsed was whatever… She could have wore better underwears! It was all about seeing Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury getting pantsed! Lol

  • WweLitafan4ever

    Damn Lita kicked ass

    • Bikini model destroyer

      In a overrated way.

      • charovnica

        LOL why is this keep going on

      • WweLitafan4ever

        Shut up

        • Bikini model destroyer

          Beat it lady, Trish and Lita are the Cena/Orton of the women wrestling world, They are extremely overrated, no matter how good you think they are they can not hold a candle to a Independent/joshi standout. Todays divas division would be as good if not better if the WWE put more focus on it, just like The 2008-2009 Knockout divison was 10 times better than the Trish/Lita era, Hell even AJ Lee is a better high flyer than Lita.

  • Liam Holden

    Another great payback moment was when Trish, Jackie and Lita stripped and embarrassed Ivory at Insurrextion 2001…great payback for everything RTC did and said to the Divas

  • divaindemise

    It wasn’t just Trish selling the shit out of Lita’s attack, but it was filmed expertly too. And again, Vince McMahon turning on Trish is one of the most impactful heel to immediate babyface turns in WWE history.

    • Paige Knight Revolution

      I loved Lita’s attack on Trish too, it was done brilliantly and I love Lita for protecting Trish and not seriously nailing her with the chair. These girls love each other! And this may be inappropriate somewhat, but Trish looked hot even if she was a bloody mess! Same with Lita, she looked beautiful and I love the way she moves in general, very sensual.

      As far as Trish immediately turning babyface, I don’t quite remember it that way. I think people felt sympathy for her that night and it most definitely spun her character into the babyface track, but she had to make amends with the fans for awhile after that.

      She started at Wrestlemania when she aided Linda McMahon against Vince and Steph and then later when she faced Ivory – this after further bullying from Vince. And then she got probably at the behest of McMahon, asshole William Regal fed poor Trish to Chyna. This all kind of continued her on that track, but then Trish started messing with Lita again and then finally she sealed her babyface turn when she thanked Jeff and put her and Lita’s differences aside to battle WCW. It was more of a progression thing. The fans kinda knew Trish deserved the humiliation because she was playing with fire and she was known to be a witch/whore, so she essentially got what she had coming. She had to regenerate her character. I wouldn’t classify it as an immediate babyface turn at all.

      And Mickie’s Triumph over LayCool was awesome! I hated LayCool, so it should be no surprise to anyone that when LayCool eventually got the best of Mickie well….it left me with a very bitter taste in my mouth!

  • Lily

    Mickie getting revenge was my favorite of the recent era. That feud is one of the best Diva feuds ever. So much build-up and good segments.

    Even Queen McCool got heat during her RR promo.

  • divaindemise

    Chyna demolishing Ivory at Wrestlemania might have been a retrospectively disrespectful climax to an otherwise well scripted grudge feud.

  • Johnyfaction3

    The payback we haven’t seen yet. Hopefully we will some day. KHARMA destroying the Bella Twins!!

  • BarbieBlank

    My favorite is the piggy segment

  • revivingophelia

    I’ve always loved Lita beating up Trish at Survivor Series. Their feuds were just so intense…

  • KaitlynLover<3

    I wish I was Daniel Bryan on that day xD

  • dsan

    My favorites are AJ pushing Punk and Daniel through a table, and Lita breaking Trish’s nose.
    AJ pushing Punk of the top was great. He was the WWE champion and got pushed through a table by the smallest Diva on the roster. Not to mention she was the closing frame of the night. Crazy Chick AJ has been the best AJ.
    Lita breaking Trish’s nose was simply badass.

  • dsan

    Oh, I also have to include MNM being pantsed. We got to see Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury in skipmy undies. That is all.

  • Bikini model destroyer

    Screw the Attitude Era shit, Aj throwing a man threw a table was the best shit.

  • charovnica

    I absolutely loved Lita’s attack and the whole storyline during this period.It was a shame that Lita got injured so soon.I love her to death but she seemed to be like Jazz…injury-prone.

    AJ’s payback was amazing too! I was super shocked when he pushed Punk and he got through the table along with Bryan.I was watching RAW just cause of her :D

    • charovnica


      • WweLitafan4ever

        Lita only had two injuries and one wasn’t even her fault.
        Lita ain’t injury prone.

  • Melissa

    Lita’s attack on Trish = one of my most vivid mark out moments growing up.