WWE.com has compiled a photo montage of what they consider to be the “most crushing losses” in WWE history.

Making the list are the finals matches of Divas Lita and Michelle McCool.

Lita’s loss to Mickie James at Survivor Series 2006 was set to be her last match, but instead of coming out on top of the division, Lita lost her Women’s Title to Mickie and left the company defeated. That’s not even mentioning the lovely Cryme Tyme “auction” that followed..

Michelle’s defeat at Extreme Rules 2011 was about as heartbreaking as it could get, as she was beaten by her former best friend Layla in a “Loser Leaves WWE” match. She was forced to retire, her career and closest friendship in shambles.

Are those truly the most crushing Diva losses in history? Watch both matches below and judge for yourself:

Lita vs. Mickie:

Layla vs. Michelle:

Which of these two losses do you think was more crushing to endure?