WWE Payback Results: AJ’s Plan Comes Full Circle

Tonight at WWE Payback, AJ Lee did as she promised, taking away the one thing Kaitlyn had left: her Divas Championship.

In a heated match that reflected their heated rivalery, Kaitlyn managed to work out of AJ’s Black Widow submission several times, but once more was enough for AJ, and Kaitlyn eventually tapped out.

Kaitlyn was noticeably upset post-match, a mood that wasn’t helped by the rowdy Chicago crowd chanting “You tapped out!” to her. Her fellow Divas tried to comfort her backstage, but she was inconsolable.

The WWE’s official Instagram account posted this photo of AJ shortly after her Divas Title win:

What did you think of the match and its outcome?

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  • Ambrose-DivaFan

    I am so happy for AJ, knowing how long she has wanted this. Those girls put on a great match, very physical, can not wait to see where this feud is going, with Dolph rumored to be going good, maybe AJ will follow and Kaitlyn will go bad, so much I am excited for!

    And again, Congrats AJ<3333

  • Johnyfaction3

    Very good match. I actually liked it more that the KO’s match. I was feeling like a proud parent seeing AJ holding that title. I bet she will be a mess all night because her dream came true.I thought Kaitlyn was going to get payback after the spear. I am excited to see her new challengers *cough* Naomi please.

    I am actually mad at Alberto Del Rio for kicking the Divas Title during his match. That title isn’t super prestigious or anything but its disrespectful to do that, and a slap in the face to all the girls that worked hard for it. So much for him being a face.

    • NicoRobin

      I think ADr will turn heel soon… but, still, it is so disrespectful for a person to do that…. :(

      • Marshy

        How would he like it if a Diva kick his title during a match? This is the second incident to happen to a title worn by a Woman who just happen to wrestles for a living, even if the title has super prestigious or not, a title is a title and he shouldn’t had done that especially to a title belonging to the members of the opposite sex.

  • Zachary

    This match was simply amazing.
    It was surely.. worth the long wait, we had to endure to get to this match.
    I was on my edge.. of my seat.. through the entire match.
    I was amazed. And Impressed.
    They both gave it their all, and it completely.. gave me feelings that I haven’t had in a long while when it comes to diva’s matches. I was on edge, and it was a thrill to watch. :)

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    WOW what a match, and a AMAZING PPV at that, ever match was amazing, from the divas match to the tag match, ever title begin defened, RVD returning, another awesome Wyatt promo , just everything

    THe divas match had everything, the video footage from this week leading up to the match,

    -Some awesome moves, when was the last time a diva was thrown over the announce table and a weapon used (the belt) in a divas match , it was just awesome
    -the drop kick from the apron
    -the story that was told during the match, furthered it even more which i loved, amazingly
    -the near fall, after near fall
    -that spear and the black widow
    -the time they got
    -the crowd reactions was amazing
    -the reaction to Kailtyn losing “you tapped out”
    -the backstage segment


    • Brandon

      Agreed. This match was great. It was trending on twitter, commentary was into the match, the crowd was hot, the divas got time…everything was perfect. I even had people on SESCOOPS agree that this was one of the best matches of the night. One guy that despises divas even admitted to me that it was great! I haven’t heard any negative thing about that match and it was PERFECT.

  • redsandman99

    It was a great match. Great placement and it clocked in at just under ten minutes, making it one of the longest diva matches we’ve ever gotten. They told a great story and I can’t wait to see where they go from here.

  • sands32981

    Kaitlyn still my fave but I don’t see Aj will be Divas Champion long , if AJ playing with Kaitlyn head I hate to see the fact Kaitlyn be a heel of WWE , but really …
    It was a Good match but i figure the reason why she got crowned because , TNA changed their champion too with mickie

  • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson

    If anyone has seen the Instagram Picture of Aj Lee, what does the caption mean by “Fourteen Years?”

    • FoxyKimLover

      AJ is 26 and she wanted to be a diva since she was 12 so thats 14 years.

    • kingbooman

      It took aj 14 years to get to wwe and claim that title.

  • MsXxxdiva247

    Good match.

  • Bobby-james

    I loved that Diva’s match! Was really intense, great backstory… Even if WWE didn’t build it up, fans know it’s been coming since their days on NXT.

    I ranked it in a three way tie for match of the night. (Shared w/ Punk-Jericho and Ziggler-Del Rio).

    Speaking of Del Rio, I was pissed when he kicked the Diva’s Championship. I really wanted AJ to go CRAZY on him and get Dolph DQ’d!

    Really not happy that Dolph lost the title…. But Del Rio’s heel turn was effective.

    Did I mention that AJ-Kaitlyn was a great match! One of the best women’s matches in a while!

  • Melissa

    This is one of those matches that you watch live on PPV, and as you watch, your mouth is just wide open the entire time, as the signals in your brain rush around trying to piece together everything your eyes are seeing. What a fucking fantastic night for the divas. I mean c’mon… they got like what, 20 FREAKING MINUTES tonight? Everything was just perfect (except for the obvious spot-calling by AJ; at one point you’ll hear AJ quickly mutter “GET UP GET UP GET UP” so she could whip Kaitlyn’s face with the belt before the ref notices).

    Okay so can we just take a moment to talk about the MEAT of this match = the glorious final 4-5 minutes leading into the finish. Now here’s the thing: personally speaking, it’s somewhat difficult for me to be “on the edge of my seat” where I’m actually 110% invested in what’s taking place on the screen. During the final 5 minutes of the match I was absolutely GLUED to the screen, because there were all these amazing counters and near falls and my mind was just constantly trying to process what was going on. As a diva fan, your brain is sort of programmed a certain way that when you watch a match… I don’t quite know how to explain it… but I guess you sort of expect a certain thing to happen.. but then it doesn’t… and something ELSE happens.. and then the next thing you expect to happen doesn’t happen and instead something ELSE happens……. yeah fuck it, I can’t explain it properly. Anyway, long story short…

    tonight was beautiful. Bye.

  • DTWP75

    My prediction: AJ’s Divas Title reign is going to flop!!! She has never been relied on to wrestle a full schedule, and there’s no diva on the roster to feud with that the fans actually care about!!! (Unless Kelly Kelly returns)!!!

    • kingbooman

      Dolph is turning face so maybe Aj will take a break from relationships.

    • Wrestling.fan.from.France

      REAL Wrestling fans care about Natalya because they know she can put AMAZING matches and let’s face it, a match between Aj and Natalya will surely be better than Kaitlyn vs Aj because Natalya and Aj are the best divas on the roster !

      EVERYBODY (and you first) WILL CARE if Paige debut to feud with Aj because Paige and Aj are the most popular divas since maybe Trish and Lita, those two are amazing wrestler and can put great matches. It’s OBVIOUS that Paige WILL end Aj’s reign!

      Layla is also a worthy Challenger who the fans could care about because they know she can work and put on decent promo!

      There is also NAOMI! I don’t know if you already see her matches but when she is in the ring, the crowd is usually HOT, fans love her and get more reaction in the ring than most of the divas! And did you forget the AMAZING chemistry Aj and Naomi, if you did, you should go on Youtube and search the match they had on NXT season 3!

      I like her but i don’t think a Returning Kelly is the only the fans could care about, a returning Melina, Lita, Beth phoenix or Kharma will in my opinion make much more intrest than Kelly Kelly!

  • Ambrose-DivaFan

    I know I already commented but, the entire time the match was going on, my stomach was going crazy! I was trying to see I I could figure out what was going on, and I couldn’t! Kaitlyn throwing AJ over the announce table I was cheering, the spot with the belt, I gasped! An yes I am so happy AJ won, but I wanted to cry with Kaitlyn, an than the crowd started chanting “You Tapped Out”, and I wanted to go and give her a hug, I like how they involved the other divas!

    On a separate note, if this is the direction WWE under HHH is going, than can he please take over! They are beefing up the NXT roster, the Divas are getting a great storyline, a near 10 minute singles match, when was the last time that happened! I am proud with WWE right now, hopefully they continue in this direction!!

  • kingbooman

    I just cant explain how much it feels for my favorite diva finally getting a title run.Great match to kaitlyn and Aj.. Lmaoo @ Layla Alicia Natayla. Where was alicia and Layla when kaitlyn needed her .For nattie I understand kaitlyn has been acting weird to her.

    Did anyone know both Wwe and Tna have two pyscho champions
    MickieJames And Aj Lee who reign will be better and longer??Whos the most cray cray

  • http://www.twitter.com/Diva_Fan_4_Life DivaFan4Life

    omg i’m loving all the attention this divas match is getting! I cant wait to see RAW tomorrow night! continue this rivalry more! <3 the divas division is back! :D

  • wweandtnadivafan

    I like how all the “male sites” that bashes the divas gave such props. . . And I LOVED how all the divas who were there to console Kaitlyn were Former Divas Champions themselves.

  • 09DHK

    This match was surprisingly enjoyable; especially the amount of time this match got (I think they got about 10 minutes or so). The physicality in this match was INSANE, but Kaitlyn should’ve just pinned her after the “Spear” (I know it was a playing up her being mentally off her game, but still). It’s a shame that Kaitlyn was just now starting to get over with fans at the END of her title reign, because I feel as though despite the fact that it was a Chicago crowd, had she been more over, the fans wouldn’t have turned on her so quickly. Now that AJ’s champion, maybe, just MAYBE she can finally feud with Naomi, and if not Naomi (yet) then I’ll be content with her feuding with Nattie or Alicia once she’s done on NXT. Random thought, I’m kinda shocked that Layla and Alicia were allowed to make an appearance on the PPV.

    • Melissa

      I legit burst out laughing when Layla appeared out of nowhere to console Kaitlyn at the entrance ramp. I also found it hilarious when she went backstage and all the girls surrounded her…. and then Alicia pops out of nowhere.

      • Melissa

        Oh and speaking of Alicia, did she have an epiphany or something? Did the girl get baptized this weekend? I thought she was a heel? LMAO

        • 09DHK

          Lol Alicia holds the record for the most face/heel turns in the HISTORY of the WWE.

          • ZPZA

            Mr. McMahon anyone? Big Show?

      • http://twitter.com/#!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

        I thought that some new Diva is making her debut… Then it’s shows Layla

  • BillyGP

    Missed the match but will see it on youtube. GO AJ and also think WWE had to step it up with the divas since well Knockout match recently.

  • Nostalgia

    I think the WWE is like TNA you had a kick ass match, we gonna have kick ass match. Your champion is psycho, ours is even crazier. play wit it!

    • BillyGP

      WOW i love AJ but crazy would go to Mickie she played a psycho woman great too. Maybe a toss up LOL either way love a crazy chick LOL

  • BarbieBlank

    Missed the match but from the looks of it AJ and kaitlyn really turnt up tonight. I think AJs gonna keep the divas belt and after her feud with kaitlyn ends she will run through most of the division and then either get confronted by naomi or a newer debuting diva .

  • Monkey Tennis

    The match was great, but I’m a little confused.

    as most people know, I’ve not been the biggest fan of the WWE’s treatment of Kaitlyn’s character during this feud. I’m sure even the most sugar-coated-omg-my-feels-are-like-sooooo-squee-right-now fans would grudgingly have to admit that Kaitlyn has been pretty much shafted by the WWE in terms of her title reign. In the end, it amounted to six months of not much at all, followed by an emotional breakdown. yay wrestling!

    Aaaaaanyway, despite my concerns of Kaitlyn’s portrayal, a fair few few people have said that the whole point of this pathetic Kaitlyn angle was to make people sympathetic towards her, and it was actually a great way to put her over with the crowd.

    Unfortunately, it turns out that nobody told the crowd at Payback about that.

    • NicoRobin

      Hey, I have gone through some of the website, and they think that there are moments that the match is kind of sloppy, your thoughts??

      • Monkey Tennis

        I never found anything about the match itself to be sloppy, no, Purely in terms of the wrestling, it was solid stuff. It wasn’t a technical masterclass, no, but it never tried to be.

    • charovnica

      It’s Chicago though…people there don’t feel sympathy :D AJ is over with the good wrestling crowds.I still hope for Wyatt family to recruit Kailtyn as a part of their stable.I can imagine her get physical with the guys and dominating the divas if that happens.

    • 09DHK

      Lol for MONTHS I’ve been saying that WWE should’ve gotten Kaitlyn over with the crowd BEFORE she became champion. The whole emotional breakdown thing could’ve worked had Kaitlyn retained and her psycological break had more time to progress like AJ’s did, then eventually dropped the title to AJ. But the entire time Kaitlyn was being pushed, getting her over with the crowd seemed like an afterthought. But hey, at least she has the longest Diva’s Championship reign; that’s something.

      • charovnica

        That’s true.You can expect people to care for her as much as they care for AJ,because AJ had an year and a half of building up.

        • charovnica

          *can’t I meant.

          • Monkey Tennis

            If the angle had been written better, it wouldn’t have been impossible to get people behind Kaitlyn.

            But turning someone into a weak, pathetic crybaby isn’t going put anyone over.

          • charovnica

            Hey,I’m not arguing.But the fact that this was in Chicago still played a role in that AJ was more over than Kailtyn.

      • http://unicornduchess07.tumblr.com hellaciousheart

        longest reign is Maryse

        • 09DHK

          Lol my bad, you’re right.

      • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

        Maryse is the longest reigning divas champ with over two hundred days kaitlyn had 183?….

  • efedefelipe

    This match was AWESOME ! it reminded me the times of Lita and Trish, when Trish made Lita’s life a living hell, its good to see new divas delivering great matches at a PPV events. These 2 have some great chemistry so im really excited about this feud.

    • Lancerboi1986

      I was there tonight and from where we were sitting it looked like he kicked AJ, so I am glad it was just the title…LOL

  • Melissa

    Did anyone else catch Del Rio kick the Divas title? What a douche.

    • Melissa

      Watched it over again just to make sure, and yeah. Total asshole move.

      • NicoRobin

        notice it… and I expect AJ to go crazy about it… but she didn’t :(

        • Wrestling.fan.from.France

          Yeah, I was also expecting Aj to go Crazy on him, too bad she didn’t because it was such a DISRESPECTFUL thing, the divas title is a TITLE like Wwe Champion or the WHC and deserve RESPECT! I can understand they are turning him Heel and they try to make him look like a badass Heel but anyway…

      • charovnica

        During the whole match he was acting like an asshole…I hope he turns heel soon,I don’t find him interesting as a face.Also WWE has some weird tendency to make it’s face guys seem heel.Sheamus acts like a douche all the time and is still a face,now ADR is doing the same….

    • Lancerboi1986

      I was there tonight and from where we were sitting it looked like he kicked AJ, so I am glad it was just the title…LOL

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    It is easily the best match of their career! Those two delivered and I’m really proud of them, and for ALL who said Kaitlyn can’t do a Spear, well, she proved you wrong because that Spear was the best she ever did, even better than when she won the title against Eve.

    As a diva fan, I want to thank WWE for given 10 min to the divas, it was AMAZING! The crowd was hot, they told us A BIG STORY everything was perfect! I wanted Kaitlyn to win the first match and lose the second at MITB but I think it’s better like this and AJ deserved it for her incredible work last year!

    By the way, Will Aj turn face ? Because Ziggler lost his title and it seems like Del rio turn Heel and Dolph face so maybe she will turn face with him and it could be the perfect time to turn Kaitlyn Heel! Or maybe she will leave Dolph and shine on her own but unfortunately, we won’t have that POWER couple :(

  • charovnica

    The match was great imo.I didn’t find anything sloppy or messy.I also love JBL cause he put over the fact that AJ got the best mentally of Kailtyn.That spear Kailtyn delivered was amazing! I though AJ was done.
    The way the Black Widow submission was played was nice too.Kailtyn kept fighting it,but AJ just kept finding ways to reaplly it and Kailtyn had no other choice but to tap.
    And I just love how people exploded when AJ got the win,this must’ve been a very special moment for her.
    I can’t wait to see what is gonna happen with Kailtyn now.

  • nismos69

    Wow first of all that match was amazing. AMAZING. They got time and it has to be the best of year year when it comes to divas, unless they have a rematch at Money in the Bank and it’s better. Wow i cannot wait for Raw.
    Worst week of Kaitlyns life, feel so sorry for her.
    Did anyone notice Alberto Del Rio kicking the divas title, wow that was so disrespectful. Hopefully dolph gets his title back so that him and aj could be a power couple.

    • Monkey Tennis

      Hopefully she ditches him, so she can be a champion and a wrestler in her own right.

      • redsandman99

        Dolph’s face turn seems obvious after last night and I don’t think AJ will follow suit, which should break down that relationship. Then hopefully that should be the kibosh on AJ and relationships for a good long while.

        • 09DHK

          If she DOES turn face with Dolph, I feel as though Aj’s reign won’t mean as much since she’ll only be used to put over the Blowjob Twins as the top heels. Hopefully WWE’s not dumb enough to go that route, but seeing as how the twins have been pushed to the moon and back without the championship spotlight since their return, I wouldn’t put it past WWE to go that route.

        • Melissa

          Idk, I actually think there’s a strong chance that AJ will ultimately turn WITH Dolph by association. Look how they booked Kaitlyn last night. The poor girl looks like she’s going to snap fairly soon.