Today in History: Trish Stratus Makes Her in-Ring Debut

On this day in history:

June 22nd, 2000 | In her first official match, Trish Stratus teamed with Test and Albert to take on Lita and the Hardy Boyz. Trish spent most of her time in the match taking a Twist of Fate, being hit with a Swanton Bomb and receiving a moonsault, but she still managed to pick up the win for her team when Albert took out Lita and dragged Trish over her to make the pin. All of that made for a wrestling debut that was equal parts successful and unsuccessful. But hey, a win’s a win!

What are your memories of this moment?

Note: This was originally posted on 6/22/12.

Also occurring today in history:
* 6/22/07 – Nancy “Woman” Benoit is killed.

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  • Bobby-james

    What a memorable night. You can see, just from the length of this match how the women’s division was rising and how the tag team division was flourishing!

    It was a chaotic tag team match and I loved it. Perhaps WWE should book more like this! Let their tag teams shine and get some of the women developed this way instead of in sloppy singles matches! We need valets who aren’t afraid to mix it up!

  • WweLitafan4ever

    I really miss Lita.

  • jonboi

    Loved this Match it was a hot mess but a good start right there for 2 divas that feuded till the very end FANbloodyTastic ladies & gents



  • OJ Von Erich

    Besides Stephanie McMahone being my favourite character & her feud with Trish.

    Trish Stratus when she first started was my favourite diva & her feud with Lita & being a manager was my favourite Trish era!
    This being the lead up to THAT AWESOMESAUCE 6-person Intergender match at Fully Loaded. Quite possibly the best feud ever, in the history of women’s wrestling. Trish vs Lita will never die!

    I one day secretly pray that the WWE let them both return for one final blowout feud, that would just be EPIC!!!

  • AJFan95

    In-ring debut of the greatest diva ever! :”( I still remember watching this at the age of 4. The six person matches these teams had together >>>>> Love the attire by Trish here too. Ugh, she was slaying from day one.

  • flash1086

    Trish is such a champion that she could win matches even when she doesnt realize it. Lol!! Trish=Legend

  • Bikini model destroyer

    The greatest diva ever???


  • richies88

    wow the Legend that is trish first match and last match against lita

  • AJFan95

    Bikini Model Destroyer, um is she not?

  • art

    ROFL@ trish is the greatest diva more like the second/third or forth but not the first that’s for sure that would be the 9th wonder…
    loved lita & trish here,lita just woman handling trish & taking bumps from the guys..

    • JamieKym

      Trish took bumps from guys beofre she even had a match.

  • AJFan95

    But Lita fans claim she’s the best in TIH posts about her, I can’t do the same? Trish is definitely above that trash Chyna. Chyna can’t wrestle her way out of a paperbag.

    • art

      ROFL like trish was some master of wrestling bitch please just reply to me not beneath mine like where you usually are beneath people…
      chyna did more than trish ever has in wrestling & way more popular so sit down….

  • flash1086

    Trish is indeed the greatest diva ever!!!!

  • AJFan95

    Trish did much more for the women. How many women cite Chyna as their idol compared to Trish? Lol @ bitch, Trish was a far better wrestler than Chyna, very easily. Chyna only has her size, take thay away, and she has nothing.

    Maybe you should sit down and practice what you preach and respect my opinion. Do I bash people when they post that Lita is the best?

    • art

      ROFL trish did more for women??? get the fuck out with that bullshit..
      chyna showed women could be seen as an equal.
      she broke ground trish could never walk on so again just stop….
      what did trish do?? she never blazed a trail like chyna did..
      trish’s skills weren’t all that either but you’ll praise her because you’re bias end of story & doing porn doesn’t make her trash either when porn is all you have to get off too…
      i dont have to respect your opinion when its dead wrong..thats like you saying the sky is purple when its freaking not.
      you do get pressed when people say lita is the best rofl…

  • AJFan95

    She held the women’s division together. Hell, without her there may have been no Golden Era. No, Chuna did nothing for the women. She found working in the divas division to be beneath her. She was so delusion to demand a higher pay than the WWE Champion. I never mentioned porn though…

    Didn’t say you have to, just practice what you preach and maybe go back to school to learn proper grammar! :) Here’s the thing, my opinion isn’t dead wrong, not even close. You are acting like I called Maria the best diva ever, for god sake. Not when it’s not a debate. Check Lita’s recent “today in history” posts and people call her the best and I don’t shut them down.

    • art

      Trish held the division together?? fuck you’re delusional….bitch i don’t have to do anything but shame your dumb ass for the stupidest comments ever or bias stupid comments ROFLMAO….
      please don’t tell me about grammar when you don’t make sense..chuna? i don’t shut them down? bitch please get a grip seriously…
      chyna did more for women in wrestling than trish ever did or most women in wwe combined…

    • JamieKym

      Chyna wasn’t a bad wrestler at all. yea she didn’t want to be in the women’s division but she showed that the women are a threat and are equal.

  • AJFan95

    Ivory confirmed this in her shoot interview. Trish made it all come together for the women during the Golden Era.

    Yes, I misspelled one name, clearly I have poor grammar. You seem so bothered, I love it!

    Oh yes, she did so much, I mean just look at how much she did in the actual division. Trish was a better talker and wrestler than Chyna. Let’s not forget who is in the HOF first. Stay pressed that WWE recognizes Trish as the best and so do most fans.

    • art

      Chyna would be in already if hhh hadn’t cheated & that chyna did porn…
      who deserves it more chyna of course & who broke ground for women chyna…
      so what ivory says is fact?? ROFL..she complained about lita running the ropes when ivory couldn’t bump to save her life LOL…