Your Two Cents: Did Alberto Del Rio Disrespect the Divas Title?

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This week, we’re asking this: Sunday at Payback, Alberto Del Rio kicked the Divas Title out of his way. Do you think it was uncalled for, or an acceptable act by a heel? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

* Ashley Matthew: It was uncalled for because it showed disrespect to the Divas division. He made the title look like it was meaningless. Plus, when he did that, he could have potentially hurt someone so his actions could have easily been a safety issue. It also could have potentially damaged the belt and I’m sure those things aren’t cheap.

* Brandon Pena: I am torn between the two, tbh I think it is acceptable act as a heel, but then WWE is always disrespecting the Divas Title so I think it would have been interesting to see how the reaction would have been, had it been one of the male titles.

* @ClydeEDawkins: I know it’s an act, but you don’t disrespect a prestigious title like the Divas Championship, especially after AJ Lee just won it.

* @DamnThatPanda: Him kicking the Divas Title potentially could serve as further fuel to the Del Rio/Ziggy feud. Nothing like scorning the girlfriend.

* @DevinDWinters: Whether he was trying to garner heel heat or not, I think that was entirely uncalled for. Even before it was evident that he was turning heel, when I saw him kick that title, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to like him after that. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I feel like it shows a lot about the attitude of the boys in the back regarding the Divas. There’s no way that that was scripted, so he took it upon himself to disrespect the title. Gross.

* Dylan Serna-Gutierrez: He probably kicked it because he too, like many Diva fans, hate the design and is hinting for the belt to be re-designed so it can be taken seriously. Just has to. It’s all part of a storyline and his heel character, I don’t take what wrestlers do seriously unless it’s totally unscripted and causes actual harm to fans and other WWE personnel/wrestlers.

* @FUTUREloveee_: Tacky. Too bad Jacqueline wasn’t the current champion. Del Rio getting handled would have more than made up for it.

* @HeelsArePeople2: When I first saw it I thought it was too much and it got to me, but that’s a sign of a good heel move.

* Jonathan Carmona: No matter how many people bash the title and claim that it’s not prestigious, he shouldn’t have done that. What he did is very insulting and a slap in the face to all the women who have given their all and have sacrificed so much in their life to earn that title. It’s disrespectful to AJ who is the champion, especially after the stellar performance that she had with Kaitlyn beforehand. As a women’s wrestling fan in general I was very upset when I saw what he did. Even more so since he wasn’t officially a heel until after the match. If AJ would have gone and kicked the WWE Title everyone would have raised hell.

* Josue Guzman: I personally didn’t have a problem with the whole situation. Del Rio was just trying to get some cheap heat and looking at WWE’s track record, they have a history of going to great lengths to get heat from the audience. Remember CM Punk mocking Jerry Lawler’s heart attack and Paul Bearer’s death?
As disrespectful as the whole situation with Del Rio may have been, it served its purpose and got a reaction. I mean its not like he kicked the Divas Title into a trash can right?

* Martin Bentley: Del Rio was in the midst of a heel turn, so I was fine with it.

* Mary-Helen Clark: It was definitely uncalled for, but it also looks badly on AJ for leaving it on the floor. She could have placed it on the ring steps or on the apron, but she instead chose to chuck it on the ground. Both things were less than cool.

* Mikky Pérez Cascales: He shouldn’t do that, just for being respectful to the Divas. Maybe it’s not the most prestigious title of the WWE but that doesn’t mean a championship for women is less than a men’s title, so I think acting as a face or as a heel you cannot do that. Let AJ kick the World Title, everyone on the internet and on the WWE will be criticizing her for doing it.

* @pikatrick: If anyone kicked the World Title around, they would have have their ass fired. The Divas division gets no respect. Double standard.

And now we turn it over to you…

What are your two cents on the debate? Was Del Rio kicking the Divas Title uncalled for?

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  • charovnica

    Yeah,and this should’ve been adressed by AJ on RAW.
    I thought though that it was a nice touch by Del Rio as a heel.

  • charovnica

    This close look to the title…actually makes me like the layout :D

  • redsandman99

    I think this has been blown somewhat out of proportion. AJ dropping it and Del Rio kicking it seemed to me be like heat of the match things (AJ was screaming in concern for Ziggler and Del Rio was doing whatever).

  • lucius

    ADR didn’t do it out of disrespect. Plus we saw a lot of titles being disrespected in the past. Lita threw the WWE title in the Long Island Sound back in 2006. People need to realize that these titles are part of a show and that it is all scripted. ADR probably just saw and opportunity to fire up the crowd.

    • charovnica

      I agree,but Cena reacted to the throwing of the title..while AJ just let it slide.

      • dsan

        I think if AJ had done something in that moment, she probably would have gotten in trouble backstage. Also, I doubt the WWE would let AJ cut a promo on a new champion who doesn’t have very good mic skills and would probably end up getting embarrassed by her.

        • charovnica

          Not in the moment,but she could’ve made a witty remark during her promo on RAW.I mean,if we really wanna keep it kayfabe the other person has to react.But I really think that the average wrestling fan doesn’t even remember this happening anymore.And it’s better that way,now AJ needs to be build as a dominant heel champ and it’ll all be good.

  • DivaMatches

    I haven’t even got to see the video yet but I think that was very disrespectful of him, he knew what he was doing. He might as well have thrown it in the trash can like Madusa, because IMO, kicking it is just as equivalent. I never once seen anyone trash any male titles, and they never will. That was a kick in the face to women, and diva fans, saying our division is worthless, I wish they would at least do a backstage segment addressing it, since AJ didn’t get on him during the match.

  • richies88

    when did this happen or was it raw? but i think he is doing what wwe is doing to the divas division anyway.

    I would also like to know what everyone taught of the divas match ad payback

    who was better the last knockout standing or divas

  • wwestarlee

    lol i mean i never had a prob with the look of the divas title but if someone kicked around the coveted wwe championship all hell would break loose i dont care if it was an accident its still a sign of disrespect towards the divas

  • shameronstar

    I’m a bit neautral because I can understand for both sides. One group thinks he legitimately disrespected the divas division especially considering it has been on life support for years and I can understand the reasoning of the other side that just says that everything on screen is kayfabe and is just a show and there have been numerous title belts over the years that have been desecrated including the actually wwe title when Punk treated the old one like crap and wanted the new one, so while it was kind of a slap in the face at the same time people might be overracting!

    • charovnica

      What are you talking about? Punk made the spinner look greater than any other superstar ever has.The minute The Rock got it and went in to the program with Cena it became nothing,cause noone was talking about it.Punk didn’t have a promo in which he would not mention the title.

      • shameronstar

        I was referring to the time when the old belt got replaced with the new one during the Wrestlemania feud from this year, but I guess better examples would be when jbl destroyed the us title, when the rock throw the wwe title in the river, and when laycool split the women’s title in two. The point is in all those situations it was part of the show and was kayfabe to add on to the character(s) and storylines. Now if there was a time when someone actually legitimately showed disrespect by representation of a title belt it was Alundra Blayze because that wasn’t really planned and she did it on purpose to stick it to wwf at the time!

  • aldo

    I’m not fine with it but it was an acceptable act by a heel, I’m not suppose to like it right?. And at least the Divas Title is still in one piece, i mean, remember when Laycool split the Women’s Title in two? Wasn’t that way more disrespectful?

  • dsan

    I was completely appalled when he did that. You DON’T to the to a title. I don’t care if it’s the Divas title, US title, Tag Team title, or an indy title. It’s so disrespectful to the title, division, and in this case, women in wrestling. It doesn’t matter that he kicked the title for the Divas who many consider to be not worthy of being wrestlers. He kicked a wrestling title. It’s a bit of an “f you” to the the girls in the back. AJ and Kaitlyn has literally just had a fantastic match that many people are still buzzing about, and Alberto goes and does that.
    Another thing. This shows how desperate Alberto Del Rio is, if he did do this for heat. You would never see CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, or John Cena kicking a title for heat. So the whole “he’s a heel so it’s okay” argument is BS.

  • BarbieBlank

    I mean we really can’t complain , if it was any other title everyone would’ve just said that he was being a heel . But then again this isn’t the first time the divas have been disrespected ( like micheal cole interrupting eve and brie’s championship match in 2011) and sends the message to the audience (espacailly young girls that look up to divas) that the womens divisoin doesnt matter because their not men.
    ADR probably did it to disrespect AJ and dolph not the whole diva divison

  • jtoatoktoe

    I think he just kicked whatever was there to get it out of the way. I don’t think it was an intentional act to disrespect anything, maybe more or less, so nobody twists and ankle stepping on it. He did rocket it pretty hard at the guy standing in the corner though and he could have been hurt. Luckily the guy took it in stride.

  • JJ

    Oh my god, people are looking WAY too deep into this.

    I think some people want to be offended sometimes.

  • carlos22

    Just let AJ clock her with the title next time and I’ll be ok.

  • notorious

    People are looking way to into this. Plus it was in his way as he went to confront AJ. Would have agreed if he kicked it rather than step on top of it. And yes he is a heel so its whatever. But in all honesty, who the hell cares?

  • mpezza

    I don’t think it’s such a big deal like other people are making out. It was a spur of the moment heel thing to do, he would have probably done it with any other title. He was just being a dick and by the way everyone’s got upset about it, he did a good job of it.

  • kingbooman

    Just hope that Alberto will be in the money in the bank so when he tries to win aj knocks him down and aj climbs the ladder.And win the briefcase.And while the Announcer gives del rio the title he drops it and aj skips and kick it.

    I know this isnt related to the topic but What if RVD RETURNS JUST TO BE KAITLYN BODY GUARD HE SAID HE WANT HAVE A FULL SCHEDULE..He would keep BigE from playing mindgames with Kaitlyn.And even the odds up because dolph is face and he wont act heelish.

  • Melissa

    I was initially really pissed off about what he did, but then I remembered Punk putting the WWE title in his fridge at one point, so I’m pretty over it now.

  • flash1086

    Wrestling is fake. I dont see the problem.

    • LightsOut

      Scripted* gimme a break with this ‘fake’ argument.

  • kio3j2

    I mean it made me boo him. I would have never given a reaction to him if he didn’t do that so.

  • Sarah Connor

    no, no i dont think so. perhaps she should not have left it lying around willy nilly – she is partly responsible for mistreating the belt just as much as he is. however he is the heel and that could be forgiven on his sake.

  • FoxyKimLover

    It’s not that serious people are making a big deal out of nothing. I understand the Divas title is something these girls work hard as ever for and he just kicked it. But what’s the difference of people using it for weapons? If it’s so prestigious then any title shouldn’t be used for dirty tactics but when a champ uses it as a weapon to get a win shows they don’t care about the title. If you were truly proud of your title would you want it to risk getting a head size dent in it? But that’s beside the point. Del Rio obviously did this for heat which is something he struggles with. It looked like a spur of the moment over the top attempt. He needs all the help he can get because he is quite boring in my opinion. But the whole he discraced the women division crap is very over dramatic. Especially since some people on here who claim to be fans put these girls down and give them hard time on a daily basis. But this is just my opinion

  • Vivianna

    I agree with FoxyKimLover. I didn’t see the ppv but how did the title end up on the floor in the first place?

    • marcum1234

      AJ was checking on Dolph after he got kicked in the head and she set it down then Alberto started walking at her so she backed up without grabbing it.

  • Ryan

    It’s pre World Cup qualifying matches.. I would have too!!

    No offense ladies ;)

  • Shan

    Truthfully when I saw it I went ‘oh hell no this heifer ain’t just kick the Divas title!’ I was seriously waiting for AJ to scream at him or something … then I got worried that he was going to kill Dolph and forgot about it for a moment. Now I just want AJ to hit him with it or steal his belt or something.