Reader Poll: NXT Women’s Champion Crowned Tonight – Who Will Win? (SPOILER ALERT!)


SPOILER ALERT! This story contains spoilers about future episodes of WWE NXT. If you don’t want to be spoiled, click away now.

Can the owner of the shiny new NXT Women’s Championship please stand up!

Tonight we’ll be able to celebrate/bemoan (delete as applicable) the crowning of the first ever NXT Women’s Champion as the WWE developmental camp films the semi-finals and finals of its championship tournament at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.

For Alicia Fox, Paige, Summer Rae and Emma, just three other Divas stand between them and historic glory — but who will emerge victorious?

In the semi-finals, former WWE Divas Champion Alicia will face Paige in a bid to become the first and only woman to hold both the NXT and WWE female titles. Meanwhile, Raw’s dancing Diva Summer Rae will swap her plimsolls for her wrasslin’ boots against Emma. The winners of those two matches will then face off for the coveted new title.

Of course, we’ll have the results of that tournament on Diva Dirt tonight, but first, we want to know who you think will win.

Vote below:


Who are you backing Tell us in the comments!

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  • divafandom


  • Rhawk

    I see Paige going over most, though I wouldn’t be shocked to see Emma winning this in a Fan favorite VS fan favorite match up. I’d be shocked to see Summer win it, let alone Alicia beating Paige AND the title.

  • MrMexican99

    If they want to keep Paige & Summer Rae feud hot.. Emma should win it. Have Renee interview Summer backstage and trash talk Paige, then Paige viciously attacks her. Paige fights Alicia in a back and forth match and then have Summer come out and try to cost Paige the victory and then Alicia accidentaly kicks Summer and then Paige should use the RamPaige for the win. Then she is attacked by Summer and then Summer attacks Alicia and Emma comes in for the save.

    Next, Emma should beat Summer Rae. Have Summer cheat in the entire match and Paige come out and distract Summer and then Emma debut a new finisher or win with a roll up.

    Then the next week the contract signing. Stephanie McMahon or Dusty Rhodes should be out and goes over the rules and then Paige is dead serious about everything she says she will do. Then Emma is joking around and gets Paige pissed. Then Summer should come out and talk about how she deserves the title because she is the first lady of NXT. Then have Stephanie get into her head. Just as Summer is about to leave embarassed, Paige starts smiling. And Summer slaps her. Paige gets up to attack Summer but Emma gets in between them. Then Paige slaps Emma. Then Emma and Paige go at it. And Summer Rae attempts to hit Paige with the title. And Paige ducks and knocks out Summer and Emma and stands tall.

    The match should be the main event. Have Stephanie come out. Let both the girls have their entrances and introduce them properly and have the crowd be super loud and split on who they want to win. They have a great back and forth and Summer comes out in the middle of the match and distracts Paige. Then Emma should make Paige tap. Stephanie hands her the title and then Summer attacks Emma. Summer should then run off with the title.

  • Ambrose-DivaFan

    Paige, she has been their longer, most experienced of all of them there, she has the crowd on her side, as does Emma, but I don’t believe that is should be Summer vs Paige, I think it should be Emma vs Paige, can you imagine the match between those two!!

  • FameHooker18

    Paige will win no doubt, but I have a feeling that won’t be the most interesting part. I have a feeling Charlotte’s going to debut tonight after the tournament, with Ric being at NXT tonight as well, it just seems too likely. I hope it happens. Paige vs Charlotte *dramatically faints*

  • shameronstar

    I wanted to vote for Emma but I had to chose Paige. She’s all round the best nxt diva and it only makes sense that she wins the title! However, the EMMAtastic Emma has won me over with her quirkiness and EMMAlution. I think Summer vs Emma will be a very interesting match because wwe could swerve and have Emma vs Paige in the final match and Emma get the surprise win:) which could allow Paige and Summer to continue their feud afterwards. However, if the predicted final match Paige vs Summer happens Paige most likely will win ending their feud effectively which would mean shortly after the tournament Paige can feud with a new turned heel Sasha Banks or a debuting diva(most likely that Irish female wrestler since she has tons of experience to evenly match up to Paige and the two have history together pre-wwe in the UK)!

  •!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

    Emma!! #Emmalution

  • redsandman99

    Paige. I love Emma and I’m sure she’ll get a run with the belt but Paige will surely get it tonight.

  • mpezza

    Paige or Summer are pretty much a lock in to win. Although I’d love a shock Emma win.

  • richies88

    obvious its going to be Paige. she is the most talented one

    it be down to mid way trough the feud with Summer Rae

  • OJ Von Erich

    I see Paige winning, but I would quite like to see Emma progress as the dark horse! :)

  • Monkey Tennis

    Paige should win it. Emma would be the next best thing.

    So I expect the belt will go to Summer.

  • 3xplicit

    im sure it will be down to summer rae vs paige and honestly it can go either way.

  • aldo

    I can see Paige winning, because Alicia is one of the main roster divas (she never appears but that’s another story)and is better if they give the title to an NXT Diva, then Summer Rae is dancing, and the First Ever NXT Women’s Champion is not going to be dancing, which take me to Emma, the First Ever NXT Women’s Champion needs to be someone a little bit more serious.

  • XavierSkyy

    Paige is taking this one home. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be against summer, I would of liked for it to be against Alicia tho /:

  • DJ8946

    I don’t care. I just want Kendall Skye to debut.

    • shameronstar

      Her kick boxing video was SICK! I can see her playing a no-nonsense heel character well! Maybe, she can be the next woman to play a feminist type gimmick!


    Alicia Fox because the Queen is long overdue for a title reign, damnit!

    Kidding, even though she really is…Paige will probably beat Summer in a bittersweet end to their rivalry. Let’s not forget though, Paige has 1 win over Summer one-on-one and so does Summer – so without a doubt, it will be Summer vs. Paige in an epic, inevitable, “surprise” tie breaker. Summer already has one foot on the main roster, and history shows (Seth Rollins, Big E Langston) that typically that person gets the gold, maybe to see if they are championship material, so it could just as well be Summer instead of Paige…but something in my stomach tells me WWE is going to put it on Paige.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Emma all the way. She deserves it.

  • VeteranArmy

    I had enough of all these Emma deserves the NXT women’s championship. She DOESN’T deserve it. She’s simply your flavor of the month. Is she talented, sure. However as entertaining as her character is, it’s still portrait of that of a buffoon, a clown, a cartoon character. That character is not to be taken seriously. And for the good and prestige of the championship, you simply can not put the belt on her. Give her time, once her character morph into something serous, then yes, by all means put the belt on her. Until then…Paige is clearly the most obvious choice. She’s done her time with the company. She’s the total package in every aspect of this sport. And from her new “Tomorrow’s Diva” promo video, it’s obviously she’s the face of NXT’s divas division. As the ace, the belt should be on her. Just like the WWE title is on Cena, the GHC heavyweight title is on KENTA, and Open the Dream Gate title is on CIMA, so on and so on. Have your strongest worker as the champion gives legitimacy and prestige to that championship. As a dark horse pick, while I will be slightly disappointed, if the belt goes to Summer Rae, I will understand. She is after all the #1 heel in the NXT divas division, so have your #1 heel be the champion isn’t really that bad of a move. Hopefully by end of tonight, the WWE does the proper thing and book Paige win this tournament and be the first to wear that pretty pink NXT women’s championship belt.

    • VelvetLoveFan

      You could of just replied to me you know? Right.. ugh anyway … You can’t tell other peoples opinions like that. Emma surely does deserve the title and IN MY OPINION Paige dose not. And no she is not my “flavor of the month” she has been my favorite since before she even debuted on NXT so stop telling people their opinions because you can’t handle someone saying Paige is not their favorite NXT diva.

    • art

      ROFL she doesn’t to you who clearly is bias so please emma could win & at least the crowd would celebrate with her dancing..

    • charovnica

      Look now,you can’t just say that someone doesn’t deserve it.I get it,you’re a fervent fan of Paige…I adore her character too,but Emma made her stupid gimick in to something that people love,just like Daniel Bryan did…are you gonna tell me that Daniel Bryan is not worthy of the WWE title,because of it? When it comes to in ring ability and a character that is incredibly over both Paige & Emma deliver.You can express your opinion,but don’t act like your opinion is a law.

  • art

    Emma, shes over massively,can wrestle…paige hardly gets a reaction anymore & her matches have been sub-par with summer….

  • jonboi

    Had to vote emma as she is really growing on me!! But its going to be paige But u know what all these woman deserve a run with the title they’ve all worked there asses off for the Wwe, I do hope we see a debut from Charlotte as iv been waiting to see what she can do in the ring!!!