Stephanie McMahon Makes That Paper: WWE Exec Cashes in Stock for Over $2 Million



WWE’s executive powerhouse Stephanie McMahon continues to be an inspiration to women everywhere — this time leading the example on how to make that paper!

The WWE Executive Vice President of Creative has reportedly cashed in hundreds of thousands of shares in the company for an eye-popping payday.

Stephanie is rumored to have first cashed in 137,610 in stock in May for a cool $1.25 million, but not content with that tidy sum, the 36-year-old boss lady banked another $1.37 million this month after selling off 140,000 shares in WWE.

For those who may not be math wizards, that’s a total of $2.62 million!

But don’t worry, Stephanie isn’t going anywhere as she still has 191,945 shares in the company, which are valued at just over $1.9 million.

In the words of the iconic Beyonce, “Bow down, b*tches!”

Maybe Stephanie should adopt Shane McMahon’s old entrance theme?