AJ & Kaitlyn’s Match a Response to Gail & Taryn’s ‘Last Knockout Standing’?

We all know the WWE’s Divas and TNA’s Knockouts are in direct competition with one another, but according to a new report, the WWE may have taken sharp notice of a recent Knockouts match.

According to a F4WOnline, Vince McMahon expressly hoped that Kaitlyn & AJ Lee‘s match at WWE Payback would outshine the Last Knockout Standing match from Slammiversary.

Last month, Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell impressed fans with their epic Last Knockout Standing match. The two women put it all on the line, receiving praise from some of the biggest names in the business.

Kaitlyn and AJ also had an incredible match at this past Sunday’s Payback. Much like the Knockouts’ match, the match featured a lot of intense back and forth action that drew the audience in.

Rumor or not, it’s great to see the Divas stepping it up. Competition almost always makes for a better product!

Which match did you prefer: AJ/Kaitlyn or Gail/Taryn?

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  • DJ8946

    At this stage, I prefered AJ vs Kaitlyn. Gail vs Taryn the 1st time sucked to while Kaitlyn vs AJ the 1st time was amazing. It’ll be interesting to see what WWE lets them do the next 2 times since Gail & Taryn would then have the Last Knockout Standing match & annouced last night a ladder match.

    • http://twitter.com/#!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

      Yeah, AJ vs Kaitlyn in a 30 seconds match was reaaallly amazing

      • redsandman99

        AJ vs Kaitlyn was far from 30 seconds.

        • http://twitter.com/#!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

          she/he said about the first match they had, not the match from Payback

          • DJ8946

            1st match of the current feud. Stop trying to be a smart ass

          • http://twitter.com/#!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

            Oh, you mean that match where they squeeze it in the end of RAW, that ended via countout and lasted for 2 minutes? Yeah, really fantastic match, no doubt about that :)))

          • DJ8946

            Obviously you don’t know what current means.

        • JamieKym

          that was the current fued. you don’t know what current means.

    • Brandon

      Aj and kaitlyn- had a better build up and their match told a story. Good wrestling.

      Gail and terrel- more extrem, not as much wrestling because it was more of a brawl with nice spots…

      IMO aj and kaitlyn, just because we know gail already can put on great matches. Aj and kaitlyn impressed many and a lot of ppl were buzzing over the match.

      • Joey_b_Badd

        Kaitlyn vs AJ was a good match by Diva standards.

        Taryn vs Gail was a good match by Wrestler/Worker standards.

        The only people trying to sell that Kaitlyn/AJ got over on Taryn/Gail are the WWE marks.

    • Joey_b_Badd

      There’s no use arguing about it. Truth is, since Hogan arrived, the Knockout’s role in TnA have been reduced to little more than what the Diva’s get. In the end, the Diva’s cannot compete with the knockouts as far as wrestling skill goes. Taryn and Brooke are perfect examples of what happens when a Diva heads to TnA. Both now put on great matches and could both hold their own in a fed like Shimmer. All WWE does is tey to make models passable at best. They make someone like Kaitlyn a champ far before she’s ready. I like Kaitlyn and see tons of potential. When she began her career, there was a lot of upside with her. She took bumps and sold as good as anyone. Now, she’s gotten very soft both inside the ring and around her waist which explains why she wears far more coverage now and nothing but black. They practically ran Mickie James (a real worker) out of the WWE because of her weight but seem to have no problem with their champion bringing embarrassment to the title she holds. I would love to see what Kaitlyn could do in TnA and we’ll probably all get to see it around this time next year if she doesn’t tighten up. As for Diva’s vs Knockouts goes….On one side there’s Gail Kim, Lisa Marie Varon, ODB, Mickie James, Brooke, Taryn, Taeler Hendrix, Lai D’ Tapa….on the other side you got Tamina, Natalya, Kaitlyn, AJ, Layla, Alicia Fox, and Aksana.

      “Is there really a need to go further”.

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    Kaitlyn & aj’s match wasn’t even that good but gail & taryns was by far match of the year….

  • Spideywebby

    What!?!?!! You mean WWE actually watches TNA and acknowledge them as a competitor?

    HA. Those people who are in denial must be going crazy. Anyway, WWE SHOULD be better than TNA if people compare the years their Woman Division is to TNA. I expect them to be.

  • Lanoom

    And now we’re getting T2 vs Gail Kim in a Ladder Match.

    *What now, Vince?*


  • divafandom

    Aj and Kaitlyn def had a better match. With no weapons to make it seem like a great match… As much as i prefer the knockouts sometimes the divas won this one.

    • JamieKym

      AJ used her Spiked Wristband to hit Kaitlyn with.

  • richies88

    So who match was better. I going for AJ vs Kaitlyn

    and a ladder match at Impact in July
    what going to happen with AJ and Kaitlyn table match

  • Bobby-james

    I feel like Kaitlyn and AJ are working on a similar level, plus they’ve had years of indirect storyline build, as opposed to 6 months.

    Gail Kim is by far a superior worker to Taryn (though I love her tenacity) and so it kind of doesn’t make sense how Taryn could def. Gail. Had it been Mickie or Tara, that would have been much different.

    That said, Gail-Taryn was riskier and had obvious backstage support. And because it made WWE take notice and do something they should have always been doing, I’m going with the Knockouts.

    Now Vince has to up the ante with the upcoming Knockout’s Ladder Match!

  • Bobby-james

    As far as the match itself, I thought Kaitlyn-AJ’s chemistry was better. And like I said, they’re on a similar experience level so it looked better. Also, Kaitlyn-AJ had continuously shifting momentum and the match could have gone either way.

    Gail-Taryn was one sided really. Taryn had the momentum (except for the one time Gail really got to attack her) and got the win.

    Kaitlyn-AJ had more dynamic. Oh hell, I can’t make up my mind. I liked them both for their own qualities.

  • dukelorange

    I liked them both. I think the Divas can do more, but the WWE is more into protecting the ladies. I have seen some of the divas when they were in development and they are good. If they are allowed to shine, they will.

  • redsandman99

    Both matches were great. And if this report is true, I hope Vince is paying attention to the ladder match and we get another response from him and the divas.

  • charovnica

    Does it matter? I mean this is exactly why I want there to be more competition between the big wrestling companies..it makes them try harder and improve the product.The direction WWE is finally taking was long over due,but I don’t think it’s purely cause of TNA,I think finally the guys at the back understood that it’s about time WWE changes for the better.

  • jonboi

    Well in terms of experience Gail wins hands down over AJ & in terms of the newbies the Taryn wins that also So I’d say the KO match wins & they have a ladder match So in terms Of pushing the envelope Tna wins So far!!! But I loved both matches & if it gets the Divas & KOs more ring time Then that’s the End goal!! Because I just want womans wrestling to be great in mainstream TV!!

    • DJ8946

      Taryn better than Kaitlyn? Are you high?

      • http://twitter.com/#!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

        No, are YOU high?

        • BarbieBlank

          I don’t see how people can say taryn is better than kaitlyn. Go watch any taryn vs Tara/Gail (excluding the last knockout match since that wasn’t really a wrestling match) and compare it to some of kaitlyns current matches . The only thing taryn has on kaitlyn is that she knows how to be aggressive , she still has a long way to go when it comes to in ring skills .

          • redsandman99

            I agree with @BarbieBlank. Taryn is believably aggressive and comes off better than Kaitlyn on that department but in terms of wrestling skill, I put her and Kaitlyn on the same level (saying this as a fan of both of them).

          • http://twitter.com/#!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

            just because Kaitlyn is strong, doesn’t make her a better wrestler

          • http://www.facebook.com/RatedReyn?ref=tn_tnmn RatedReyn

            Actually being strong made her an amazing wrestler. Most of the moves she has requires proper strength.

          • JamieKym

            Tiffany is a far better wrestler than Kaitlyn. She does moves in TNA and when she was in WWE that you only see from the men. And It’s not executed half assed like Kaitlyn does sometimes.

    • http://www.twitter.com/wwestarlee wwestarlee

      i agree gail is one of the best current female wrestlers along with nattie and taryn has indeed improved in the ring since leaving wwe shes seems more comfortable in the ring than kaitlyn. i like kaitlyn but she doesn’t seem comfortable in the ring yet

  • Monkey Tennis

    To be honest, I’m not sure it’s a good thing when it’s considered ‘news’ that the two biggest wrestling promotions have both showcased impressive women’s matches, as if it’s a novelty or something.

    Both companies have the talent on their respective rosters for matches like this to be the norm. Not an event.

    • http://www.twitter.com/wwestarlee wwestarlee

      i agree and both companies should look into using all of their female talent on the regular not just the same ones all of the time especially tna since they have more the one title for the female talent to fight for (KO tag titles)

  • http://www.twitter.com/wwestarlee wwestarlee

    lmao wwe thought a match between kaitlyn and aj would be better than a Gail Kim match are you serious? Gail can wrestle circles around most of the current divas ( sorry foxy i still love you lol) besides nattie. if wwe was smart and wanted to make their divas division stand out they would use all of their divas in good quality story lines and matches and make them all relevant instead of using the same 6 all the time imo.

    • charovnica

      Give the company some time.A division that was on a life support for years,can’t just rise up like a phoenix by a snap of fingers.It takes time.

      • JamieKym

        um they have Britani Knight, Tennille, Natalya, Naomi, Alicia Fox, Davina Rose, April, Charlotte. yes they can

  • Ambrose-DivaFan

    AJ and Kaitlyn, WWE is keeping it fresh and continuing, Gail and Taryn why they had an awesome match, they aren;t do anything to further the storyline, they did great up until Slammiversary, than they dropped it for Mickie/Velvet but they did a great job of furthering both before the PPV, but stopped it! WWE is keeping it going and adding Stephanie into the ix!

  • AJFan95

    Divas match for the crowd, intense nearfalls, and the great story told. The Knockouts match was great as well, just preferred the Divas match.

  • JJ

    Haha, yeah I don’t buy this.

  • BarbieBlank

    I hope Vince responds to the ladder match with a cage match or all diva money in the bank match
    I pefer kaitlyn vs AJ because it was more of a actual wrestling match , Gail vs taryn was more of a street fight with some nice spots

  • rossiboi149

    In my opinion, Gail vs Taryn was a better match as for AJ vs Kaitlyn I thought they could have put on a better match they should have had their match at extreme rules in a no dq match or something hardcore match to make it interesting and now I hear gail and taryn are gonna have a ladder match now well I just feel that the knockouts are better!! but wwe is slowly getting better

  • ILuvEve

    For all you people that say aj/kaitlyn match was cool, YOUR RETARDED AS CRAP!!!!!!! Their match was intense but it was not highly praised by great wrestling figures like the knockouts were… Vince McMahon is an idiot for trying to rise the division. He should have done that A LONG TIME AGO!!!! The Gail/ Taryn match was more amazing because they didn’t even have to fight for a title which looks like a toy I would buy my sister to go along with her Barbie dolls:p the divas can try but we all know the knockouts would send each of them to an emergency facility in less than a minute which is how their matches usually were:P (except for Natalya)
    #Gail vs Taryn: Match of the Year

    • Johnyfaction3

      Taryn and Gail had a brawl , while AJ and Kaitlyn had a wrestling match. Their match was more for storyline reasons than it was for the title. And trust me WWE get more viewers than TNA and I am sure the AJ vs Kaitlyn match received more attention. TNA just made a big deal because they rarely get that.

      • http://twitter.com/#!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

        well obviously if a match has a stipulation, it will be a brawl… Yeah right, no one gave a sh!t about praising the divas match for a minute, they just said it was a good divas match… Next!… while for the Knockouts match, they made a huge praise but like you said, WWE has more viewers, more fans so obviously people will give praise to their favorite brand… Just like in 2010, Mickie jumped for a cage, Tara got her arm injured for months after that match, and the Divas table match still won a “Match of the year” here on Diva-Dirt cuz the WWE trols here

        • Brandon

          Cough bitch

    • Lanoom

      “Vince McMahon is an idiot for trying to rise the division”

      …Do you think before you type? Even if he should’ve tried a long time ago (I’m sure we all agree on that), why is he an idiot for now trying?

  • Johnyfaction3

    I really like this. Is like when they did the Tara vs Mickie cage match WWE did the Divas Table Tag Match. WWE did a better job making the fans excited for The AJ vs Kaityln match. Gail vs Taryn was very physical and a match of the year contender and Vince noticed that match because it was on TMZ and everywhere on twitter. But I did prefer AJ vs Kaitlyn because it was more of a wrestling math. Taryn and Gail did amazing too but It was more of a spotfest.

    Also Let me just say that I think is really random that They are having a ladder match just to keep showing off. In the other hand that makes wwe do more so yay!

  • flash1086

    AJ can go but Kaitlyn cant. In knockouts, both can go. I laugh when people tries to compare Kaitlyn with Trish. Lol Kaitlyn isnt even in same stratusphere of Trish.

    • http://www.twitter.com/wwestarlee wwestarlee


      • http://amlexwrestlingwommen.tumblr.com/ DIVASKO


    • Brandon

      You do realize kaitlyn is at the same level trish was when she started improving. I hated kaitlyn and I became a fan of hers during her eve feud. Kaitlyn has plenty of time to get even more better.

  • dsan

    Good. That’s how it should be. Now continue to step it up. AJ has great chemistry with ever girl in the locker room so this should only get better.

  • Nostalgia

    Personally I liked AJ vs Kaitlyn because neither one of them had to carry each other, the match was a lot more anticipated by me. And I was s lot more into it. I felt like Gail carried Taryn majority of the match and it was a spot fest.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    Let me tell you something guys! The best match at TELLING A STORY was the Aj vs Kaitlyn match but the best match overall was the Taryn vs Gail match and that IT!
    As for the news, I think it’s a good thing! Competition always make the product better and considering how Superior the Divas division has been lately, I hope Tna will step it up! The ladder match between Gail and Taryn will surely give us that BIG Stipulation we the divas and Wrestling fans ever wanted for a Aj vs Kaitlyn match!