We all know the WWE’s Divas and TNA’s Knockouts are in direct competition with one another, but according to a new report, the WWE may have taken sharp notice of a recent Knockouts match.

According to a F4WOnline, Vince McMahon expressly hoped that Kaitlyn & AJ Lee‘s match at WWE Payback would outshine the Last Knockout Standing match from Slammiversary.

Last month, Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell impressed fans with their epic Last Knockout Standing match. The two women put it all on the line, receiving praise from some of the biggest names in the business.

Kaitlyn and AJ also had an incredible match at this past Sunday’s Payback. Much like the Knockouts’ match, the match featured a lot of intense back and forth action that drew the audience in.

Rumor or not, it’s great to see the Divas stepping it up. Competition almost always makes for a better product!

Which match did you prefer: AJ/Kaitlyn or Gail/Taryn?