Diva Dirt Sheet: Payback, AJ, Del Rio, The Rise of Taryn Terrell, Our MVP and More! (Podcast)

The Diva Dirt Sheet is back!

Your dose of women’s wrestling in podcast form returns as Diva Dirt editors Melanie and Erin discuss the latest goings on in WWE’s Divas and TNA’s Knockouts divisions in our Hot Topics segment. Plus, we answer one of your burning questions in Reader Dirt and pick our star of the moment in Diva Dirt’s Most Valuable Player.

This week’s Hot Topics include AJ Lee‘s big title win at Payback, the involvement of Stephanie McMahon in the Divas division, Alberto Del Rio‘s controversial Divas Title kicking incident and the rise of Taryn Terrell in TNA.

That’s all on a brand new episode of the new-look Diva Dirt Sheet!

Listen to the Diva Dirt Sheet below:

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  • http://twitter.com/#!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

    Great show! So awesome to hear your beautiful voices back girls! :)))
    Wish you mention Eve Torres as post-golden era diva as well as Maryse! :)

  • dsan

    Woooo! I was just think about Diva Dirt audio shows a few days ago and here it is! Great show!

  • Litaker61

    Great to have the audio shows back!
    On the topic of the post-golden era I think you hit the nail on the head. The potential was there, and I’m my opinion there has been many matches during that era which were amazing and much better than the AJ/Kaitlyn match recently such as;
    Melina/Beth – I quit match
    Michelle/Melina – Night of Champion 09
    Tag teams table match
    Melina/Mickie – Backlash 07
    The issue is as good as these matches were there wasn’t the same amount of build-up and continuation to get the fans emotionally involved. The only chance they came close to this was the Piggie James angle which was dropped with Mickie being fired. There is definitely a negativity towards the era but those four women mentioned (Mickie, Melina, Michelle, Beth) could easily have fit in and flourished during the golden era no problem. The Divas were not the issue, the WWE creative and lack of faith in the girls was.

  • Ambrose-DivaFan

    I really think people don’t recognize the Post-Golden mainly because WWE lost the interest of the Divas. They had some great stars and great matches, Melina, Mickie, Beth, Michelle and I’ll even say Candice because she stepped up amazingly after Trish and Lita retired, I mean 2007 was her year in my opinion. But WWE really just stopped investing in the girls. They tried and tried to create the next Trish or Lita but couldn’t. If you see all the Divas that were hired in 2006 or became prominent around the time, they all got frustrated with the lack of interest and left in 6 years, Michelle, Kelly, Eve, Maryse, Beth. They put their time in, they had some memorable moments, and they saw that WWE didn’t care, so they left. I mean how many weeks did we just go with out storylines, without matches and without any segments at all. I think maybe WWE has finally figured out a way that they can make the Divas profitable, I think that may be in part to HHH taking over. I mean the only interesting Divas stories we have had post Lita/Trish was Mickie and Beths, Candice’s, Michelle just breaking every record and everything lol, Lay-Cool and Kaitlyn/Eve. Those have been the only ones I have been interested in. In reality WWE just stopped trying at all when Michelle retired. They released Mickie that year, next two years they would lose Kelly, Beth, Maryse, and Melina. All of them had potential (even Kelly, had they trained her well), to be the next big thing, but WWE pushed them into the titles, but that was it, they didn’t build up them up, we started getting the 30 second or 2 minute matches, not effort fro creative. WWE lost interest so the fans lost interest!