Today in History: Gail Kim Makes Her WWE Debut, Wins the Women’s Title

On this day in history:

June 30th, 2003 | Taking part in a Battle Royal hardly seems like the makings of an impactful debut, but Gail Kim‘s first match in the WWE was pretty much as memorable as it gets. Gail outlasted the likes of Trish Stratus, Victoria, Jacqueline, Molly Holly and Ivory to be the last woman standing and win the Women’s Title. Talk about making a favorable first impression..

What are your memories of this moment?

Note: This was originally posted on 6/30/12.

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  • BarbieBlank

    I remember watching one of those promos they did for her on a old Ppv

  • Looking Glass

    I know Jazz had a legit injury but did it happen here or did she have it already and they put it into the match? I always liked how Trish could lose and still look strong, WWE don’t seem to do that anymore. Trish was the top star but even when she wasn’t in the title picture she never looked an afterthought.

    • charovnica

      Big part of that is thanks to Trish.I mean yeah,the writing helped.But how they act after a loss or a win is strictly to the talent.Trish always had that look “I’m gonna get you next time”…there was no desperation in her eyes,it was determination.

  • charovnica was a big mistake.Gail was doomed,she got the thing that most divas fought for years to get and she had nowhere to go after that.

  • Monkey Tennis

    Yeah, this was a massive misstep by the WWE. You’re never going to put a wrestler over by giving her a title on her debut. Plus, it immediately putting a lot of pressure on Gail that showed in some of her early performances.

    • Looking Glass

      I swear Ivory said in a YouShoot interview that John Laurenitis was high on Gail which is why she got such a major push but then people lost faith in her? I don’t know why because even then I never saw Gail as an amateur but this could be due to the lack of charisma that WWE used to claim against her.

      • Jcott3

        I thought John-Boy only liked girls whose main/only asset was sex appeal. It’s well known that he once said “If a girl doesn’t look like she belongs in Playboy, she doesn’t belong in WWE” and that he was the brain behind the Diva Search.

        • divaindemise

          Wasn’t Alicia Fox handpicked from a catalogue John happened to browse through?

          • Jcott3

            Yes, as was Kelly Kelly. I remember a YouTube video of Jim Cornette ranting about how terrible they were in OVW.

          • Looking Glass

            I swear Gail used to do semi nude adverts for a phone company back in Korea? Would explain why Johnny Acr took a shine to her

  • divaindemise

    I always saw this as an intriguing experiment that unfortunately wielded tepid results. Gail had a mystique at the time and so much potential to add to the golden era, but the immediate title win created a hype she was unable to justify as her talent was very much raw during this period. WWE wasn’t the right place for her. Still, look at her now. She’s surpassed all expectations and has, undeniably, etched her name in the history books of all time great female wrestlers.

  • 09DHK

    I never understood why WWE stopped Ivory’s push. Because supposedly, Ivory was slated to beat Jazz for the title (hence the reason why she kept beating her week after week until this point). Not that I don’t like Gail, but they should’ve just given the title to Ivory like they planned.

    • art

      They should have given ivory a face womens title reign since she never got one…

  • art

    i feel for gail i mean she couldn’t turn down winning the title since they might have fired her but didn’t she lose it a month later to molly? i recall because of how sloppy she was….

    • Looking Glass

      And then became her ally!

    • Liam Holden

      really? I thought Gail was in no way sloppy, in fact her 2 singles matches with Molly were spot on!

      btw who’s ass is in your picture?? Lord have mercy

      • Jcott3

        Some will say that it’s because she was wrestling Molly, a woman who knew how to carry someone in the ring. I remember someone on Bleacher Report saying Molly was the reason Trish and Victoria were able to make the transition from model to wrestler, and that her departure is why WWE has had little success turning models into credible wrestlers.

        I remember a lot of people criticizing Gail for botching in the ring back then, but I think it may have been just nerves on Gail’s part.

        • divaindemise

          I think nerves and pressure were two components that negatively affected Gail’s performances back then. If you watch her later matches with Victoria and Lita before her release, she wrestled and coped with the overall grand stage a lot more confidently.

      • art

        @liam its laylas ass.

      • JP

        Gail occasionally botched in tag matches against Victoria, and in the triple threat against Molly and Trish. There was also one against Lita a few months later. Turning her heel meant that she wasn’t doing the more athletic moves, and therefore was less likely to botch.

  • Liam Holden

    Don’t understand why Ivory’s push stopped here, she should have taken the title since she was pinning Jazz in lots of matches.

    If Jazz hadn’t have gotten injured, I would have had Jazz go over Ivory for the title and keep feuding with her for that month that Gail was champion..then Molly gets inserted after beating Ivory in matches and it becomes Molly vs Ivory vs Jazz with Molly winning.

  • Ryan

    The reason ppl say Gail was doomed was because a few matches after this Gail kept messing up a few spots and it kid of looked a bit bad haha but hey it’s cool
    Just not cool with WWE.
    And yeah Lita and Trish could loose but they were NEVER an afterthought.. However if Jackie Ivory or Molly lost, it’s like meh.. Considering your two big timers back then were Victoria Jazz Lita and Trish.