AJ Lee & Bella Twins Featured on SummerSlam Poster

The WWE has released the official poster for this year’s SummerSlam Pay-Per-View.

The poster features Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Kane, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk riding a roller coaster, keeping with the summertime theme of the event.

As we reported earlier, these same Superstars and Divas starred in this year’s SummerSlam commercial.

Click the thumbnail below to view the full-sized poster:


What do you think of the poster?

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  • https://twitter.com/Oliver_James611 OJ Von Erich

    Hahahahaha I love this, it’s so cool!

    I’m loving Nikki’s face here!!! ^_^

    • DaDivaQueen

      Nikki looks so HAWT! <3

  • https://twitter.com/Oliver_James611 OJ Von Erich

    And Daniel Bryan at the back… Well that just gives me life Hahahaha!!! XD

  • BarbieBlank

    The Bella’s look cute

    Cm punk doesn’t seem like the type of guy that enjoys roller coasters

  • jtiera

    I can’t with the dazzler and kane is enjoying ita little too much lol

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    It’s funny because Aj is surrounded by almost all her former and actual boyfriends (without Cena maybe because he was the WORSE), Daniel bryan, Cm punk, Kane and Ziggler.
    I like the poster ^^

  • charovnica

    LOL Kane is like “Yeah!!!” and the rest are like “Woooah,get me outta here!”. Dolph is the only blond one here :D

  • numero47

    Ehh, it’s alright and looks fun
    But I prefer the SummerSlam poster from a decade ago featuring Sable.
    That was one sexy poster!

  • dsan

    Daniel Bryan is too damn funny! Funny how many love connections are in the poster!

  • jonboi

    The summer of love by the looks of it lol

  • shameronstar

    Nice that 3 divas are on it 2 if the twins are 1 person but Daniel Bryan is the star of this poster. He needs to win the wwe title before the end of this year!

  • http://amlexwrestlingwommen.tumblr.com/ DIVASKO

    CM Punk and Kane are photoshopped in that, but is a good poster.

  • http://www.fanfiction.net/u/4265912/ Lil’Homie

    OMG This reminds me of Final Destination 3.

    • notorious

      YES! My exact same thought.

  • https://www.facebook.com/LusciousLaylaEl WweRules32

    i know its not on topic but just read on twitter that layla and alicia fox are filming for total divas in la

  • notorious

    of course, even nikki’s new tits got to get sneaked in the poster. AJ looks sexy like that.

  • pumped up kicks

    Hate that the Bellas are in the pic. It should’ve went to Nattie and Katlyn or Camron and Naomi but I love the fact that Cena isn’t in the poster.

  • gl83

    Funny thing about this poster is that everyone on the poster seems to be involved in something at SummerSlam. AJ probably will be defending her Divas title or doing something with Stephanie McMahon; Dolph Ziggler will be chasing the World title or will be defending it; CM Punk will be feuding with Brock Lesnar; Daniel Bryan will be facing John Cena for the WWE Title; the Bellas will be involved in the Cena/Bryan WWE Title feud and Kane will be reforming the Bros. of Destruction to face the Shield.