Report: Bella Twins to be Featured in Major SummerSlam Feud?

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it looks like Brie and Nikki Bella may play big roles in a major feud this summer.

The WWE is currently working towards a feud between John Cena and Daniel Bryan for a match to headline SummerSlam alongside Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk.

With Total Divas premiering at the end of July and both Bellas’ relationships being featured on the show, there is talk of involving the sisters in the storyline. Maybe a little sibling rivalry may add fuel to the fire for this match?

Do you want to see Nikki and Brie involved in the main event of SummerSlam?

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  • redsandman99

    I wouldn’t be shocked at all if they did go this route. I suspect more use of all the girls on Total Divas to be featured more and I would prefer this for the twins so they’re not in the diva’s title picture.

    • redsandman99

      Though I will say that I rather Bryan face off with Mark Henry for the title since I want to see Henry win the title and hold it for awhile.

      • J.D.C.D.

        I don’t know. I’d love to see the worlds mightiest goat faced Vegan take on SuperCena. When Cena is paired with a quality wrestler he has some pretty awesome matches. I remember the epic match on Raw some months ago between Punk and Cena. Wonderful work.

  • Lanoom

    I’m as big a fan of women getting main event time as the next Diva-Dirt reader, but NO.

    The potential Bryan vs. Cena feud should be focused on Bryan’s quest to prove himself to not be the “weakest link,” and should not be pulled down by a tacked-on love interest/sibling rivalry angle (that I’m sure will be full of twin shenanigans, because that’s always awesome, right?(Nevermind that it’s easy to tell them apart now)).

    Bryan/Cena can carry the build of the match on their own.

    On another note, are they going to gloss over the time both twins were courting Bryan as part of a joke?

    • Lanoom

      On a third note, I am not a fan of shoe-horning in the women featured in Total Divas to current programming just to get their faces out there. First the incredibly awkward segment with Jojo’s OK singing and the Funkadactyls, now potentially this? Come on.

      • shameronstar

        That segment from last night is definitely going in my funniest botchamania diva moments!

        • Cj2010

          omg what is your youtube acc? XD

  • wl75

    I wouldn’t be shocked either- obviously the Bellas are going to be the main focus of Total Divas, and this is a way to tie the show into the storylines…I don’t have a problem with it.

  • charovnica

    I really don’t like this idea. Daniel Bryan is supposed to have that one great moment that Guerrero and Benoit had,when they proved that they’re worthee to represent the WWE by being the company’s champs.
    Bellas don’t fit in this.This is not a personal vendetta..this is strictly about honour and ability.

  • OJ Von Erich

    This could be AWESOME if played out correctly, it’d be great to see them all feud, mixed tag matches & another Bella Twin feud (Their ECW one was too short lived!)

    But wouldn’t Brie be playing the heel here? Interesting…

    I much prefer Nikki in heel mode, but I shall wait & see… EXCITED!!! =D


    Is that mean that Brie is going to turn on her sister and Cena with Bryan? BAD IDEA!
    I really don’t want see this happen but I want to see the reaction of the IWC! They have shit SOO MUCH on Michelle so if they do not say anything, there is going to have a HUUUUGE PROBLEM! This feud should be SERIOUS and not ridiculous! I’m not really into this feud because they want to turn Daniel Heel which is the most stupid thing they can do now considering that he is the most over superstar in the wwe but with them, it’s going to
    be worse, i guarantee you!

    • charovnica

      I really think the whole storyline with Bryan and Cena should be about honour not hate…that’s the only way to go.Bryan is way too over with the crowd to turn him heel.It should all end with Bryan getting the title and Cena doing the thing every main face should and accept it,shake ands with Bryan and be done with it.

  • redsandman99

    Of course, this is all speculation (before some get too upset). While the sheets were right about Lesnar/Punk coming up, I’m still waiting for that Orton heel turn and feud with Sheamus over the world heavyweight title they screamed about for months on end.

  • Gail-Trish-Brooke

    As long as they stay away from the title picture, more power to them.

  • dsan

    Mixed feelings. I don’t really see the Bellas as Divas who can keep up with people like John Cena and Daniel Bryan. But as some other people have said, if it keeps them away from the title, it’s fine by me.

  • BarbieBlank

    This could lead to a face turn/split for one of the Bella’s . I wonde how they’ll introduce this though , because right now on screen the Bella’s are heel and John & Bryan are faces

  •!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

    Get ready cause Botchamania will start as soon as the Bellas start wrestling in that match!

    • Lil’Homie

      Bella Hater! The Bellas aren’t as bad as people make them out to be, they are the opposite of Layla & Alicia. Layla & Alicia are quoted as being “Two of the bests today” when the Bellas are easily better and people hate them cause Vince & Laurinitis are fond of them. It’s not their fault.

      • kio3j2

        You a lie, they aren’t good, and Vince and laurinitis are only fond of them because they are hot twins. Sorry bout it.

      • charovnica

        It’s a matter of opinion really.I don’t think The Bellas are better than any of the divas…Cameron & Aksana beat them in in-ring presence and charisma and most of the others divas beat team wrestling-wise.I’ll say though that we have had much worse girls in the division.They have potential,but they really need to hit the developmental and add something new in their move set.

      •!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

        LOL I LAUGHED SO MUCH AT Lil’Homie comment!! xDDD Bellas are wrestling since 2008 and they still suck while Cameron had 2 matches and she’s already better wrestler than Bellas together… They can’t act, like even porn stars act better than these two. The backstage segment with Bellas getting fired was a pain to watch, and let’s not talk about their mic skills, they can’t talk + their voices are annoying as hell. It’s not their fault? Then why on Earth would they come to WWE if clearly they can’t wrestle to save their life… Because of MONEY, and that’s not enough, these gold diggers catch 2 biggest WWE stars and you expect people to respect these cheep sluts? I don’t think so honey…

        • BarbieBlank

          I don’t think the Bella’s are bad wrestlers , they just have really boring movesets . I haven’t seen them botch yet ever since they’ve returned while others girls have botched moves and get a slap on the wrist on this website.
          @Jillian I guess you can throw naomi in the list of gold diggers cause she defiantly didnt come to wwe with any wrestling skills & decided to date a superstar too . Or does she get a pass because you like her moveset?

          •!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

            They have boring movesets because they would botch every hard move and get hurt cause they’re too stupid to execute anything… LOL you didn’t? Watch RAW Nikki vs Kaitlyn, then Main Event with Naomi and Cameron. I’m trying to remember when was they last time they had a match also, cause their matches are too boring to even be remembered…
            GIRL…. Naomi didn’t decided to date a superstar, she fall in LOVE! That’s two different reasons, more importantly, Naomi CAN WRESTLE, if you think that Bellas can do that then I’m LOLing at you!

        • Lil’Homie

          So when Naomi dates a superstar, she is in love. But when The Bellas do it, they are leaching off the fame? Bye Falisha, that’s like saying Tyson Kidd only married Natalya so he could be a Hart.

        • Lil’Homie

          Also John asked Nikki out, she didn’t ask him, so how is she a gold digger?

          Cameron is completely irrelevant to this conversation.

      • TibarnEl

        Id like to know which universe has the Bellas being better wrestlers than Layla. Call me a Layla mark but she is far better at executing and selling, charisma and acting than the Bellas combined.

        • Jinzo

          You will not find ONE match where Layla doesn’t botch something or look sloppy, that’s a fact. She hardly does any work in her match, her opponent does everything before she hits her comeback moves and that’s it. Same formula to all her matches.

          I was planning on making an entire video just so I can link it every time someone says something about “Oh but Layla is better because I know so”, it’s a lot harder to say that when there’s video evidence that can prove that wrong.

          • Lil’Homie

            ^Someone Understands

        • Lil’Homie

          Layla is only good at being funny, that’s it. She can’t talk, her selling is almost non-exsistant now, and her moves come across as awkward and sloppy.

  • Lil’Homie

    I think it should be be John & Brie vs Nikki & Daniel, my reason being Nikki is a better heel, and it would make the feud more heated to have one sister with the other’s boy.

  • Cj2010

    The Bellas really need this. WWE is trying to push them as Top Heels #2 and #3 (behind AJ, of course), but whenever they go out there, they get little to no reaction. Hopefully this will give a spark in their characters.

    Plus, it gives other divas a chance at the Divas Title (COUGHpushNaomiCOUGH)

  • Lil’Homie

    Also one more thing, I think a great twist to the feud would be Daniel & John fighting over Eva Marie, since she looks so much like the twins, causing the Bellas to hate Eva, like they hated Gail.

  • TCsinger09

    I have always wanted the twins to separate and do there own things in the business I think it would be cool to have a sister vs sister rivalry.

  • Monkey Tennis

    If it keeps them well away from the women’s division, then everybody wins.

  • MrMexican99

    At first, when I read the title I thought they were going to be involved with a big Divas storyline.

  • dukelorange

    No, I wouldn’t want to see it.

  • JJ

    I’d be fine with Cena/Bryan bringing it up in promos. Maybe a backstage segment or two. Having them involved more than that wouldn’t be a good thing.

  • DivaFan4Life

    I dont know why so many people are hating on the bellas possibly getting a main event spotlight i mean COME ON for god sake be happy wwe is pushing divas and getting the crowd invested! I think its a fabulous idea and i really hope it happens! 2013 has to be the wwe divas year! I’m hoping total divas becomes a big hit and eventually wwe will create a divas dvd like they use too or something like “Greatest divas of all time dvd”

    • charovnica

      I’m not hating,I think they don’t belong in that particular storyline. It doesn’t fit in Daniel Bryan’s character at all.He is the most over person thanks to himself not any diva.The storyline that he is in is about proving by himself that he is worthee of representing the company.
      I’d write the whole storyline between Cena & Daniel Bryan as an honourable feud.Daniel Bryan should get the title at the end with a clean win and Cena should just shake his hand and leave Bryan has his Guerrero moment.

  • Marlon Eric

    Hello Michelle McCo..eer, I mean Nikki Bella!

  • Robert J.

    Although I’m 50/50 for this storyline idea of Cena/Nikki vs. Bryan/Brie, I would like to see it happen so that it could ignite their seemingly boring played out personas. Plus since Total Divas is mainly going to center on the Bellas, it only seems right that the Bellas are involved in the main event feud.

    As for JoJo, she just debuted, give her time. Eva Marie bring her in as an assistant for Team Brikie or Booker T. She seems like that sexy heel with her red hair, she could pull it off I’m sure.

    As for Natalya, get her off of Khali and put her in the arms of her husband Tyson Kidd. They would make the perfect power Canadian couple. Add Justin Gabriel to the mix and BOOM, a perfect tag team that Natalya could lead to Tag Team Championship glory.

  • MortSansMaryse

    I want to see them interrupting in a divas championship so that they can be involved in a divas main roaster feud!

  • charovnica

    I’m also kind of tired of the useless teaming of the divas with superstars.I mean it’s cool when it’s done once in awhile,but we have separated divisions for a reason.I think the people are enough involved in the divas to pay attention to an all divas feud.

    • Monkey Tennis

      Normally, I’d agree. I want AJ to break away from Dolph and Langston as soon as possible. Also, get Natalya away from Kali and have Naomi no longer be a backing dancer for a male tag-team. Basically, I’d love to see the Women’s Division exist purely in it’s own right.

      However, all that said, the division wouldn’t miss the Bellas. Quite the opposite; It would be better of without them. And I’m sure that sort of role would suit them too, they’ve obviously got no interest in being wrestlers, they just want to be celebrities/personalities.

      So good luck to them. Let them play the dutiful girlfriends to their respective superstars, stand at ringside, have the occasional mixed tag-match, whatever. And in the meantime, the women’s division can focus on AJ, Kaitlyn, Naomi, Natalya, etc.

      • charovnica

        I’m looking for the good of the whole show,not just the divas.Having Daniel in a typical couple’s rivalry will ruin his current character.I’ve explained my views on how the storyline should go in my opinion somewhere in the previous comments.

        So maybe the Bellas should leave the minute the Total Divas ends :D

        • Monkey Tennis

          Ah, got ya. I’ve got zero interest in guys wrestling, so I never considered it from that way around.

          That said, the inclusion of male superstars into the women’s division has had a negative impact on more than one occasion (Santino/Santina/Glamarella being a VERY obvious example). So I think it’s only fair that the Bellas return the favour! ;)

  • Wolverine

    NO NO NO PLEASE GOD NO. Don’t ruin the build up to Cena vs Bryan by adding The bellas, It makes no sense

    • kingbooman

      Maybe you didnt know that John and Daniel is dating Nikki and Brie in real so it does make sense.

    • kingbooman

      Maybe you didnt know that John and Daniel is dating Nikki and Brie in real so it does make sense.