Knockouts Tag Team Titles Retired?

Are the Knockouts Tag Team Championships no more?

It would appear so as TNA Wrestling have removed the listing of the tag team belts from the roster page of their official website. In the past, when a championship has been vacated, it will say so on the roster page. However the image of the Knockouts Tag Team titles has disappeared altogether, perhaps signaling the end of the rarely spotlighted division.

TNA introduced the Knockouts Tag Titles back in 2009, with Sarita and Taylor Wilde becoming the inaugural champions after winning a tournament that culminated at No Surrender.

Since then, 14 women and one Eric Young have held the belts. EY’s reign with ODB being the longest reign–478 days.

ODB and Eric Young were stripped of the belts on last week’s Impact Wrestling during Brooke Hogan’s “State of the Knockouts” address.

Who were your favourite Knockouts Tag Team Champions?

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  •!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

    Shame, I was hoping for Mickie James to win it so she could held all titles, Women’s, Divas, Knockouts and Knockouts Tag Team… :(

  • vdcvt

    I was pretty excited when they were first introduced. Back then, TNA did a really good job of juggling the talent on the Knockout roster so that most of them were featured. The tournament was nice but the storylines that followed up were meh imo. It was frequently forgotten and appeared less and less on TV. Nice touch was we got to see some interesting pairings, Angelina and Winter, Hamada and Kong and Brooke and Tara (TnT). But yeah, the belts weren’t a great success and I’m still really annoyed Angelina and Velvet never held the belts together. If TNA brings them back, they have to invest SOME effort at least so we don’t have a reign like ODB’s were its the longest ever and I can’t even remember her defending it, if she did at all

  • Johnyfaction3

    It’s sad because they made the KO unique however it’s TNA. TNA lacks consistency and gives up on their talent and other things too quickly.

  • Sarah Connor

    the right decision. when tna have a heavy roster of KO’s again – that’s when these titles deserve to return. it annoyed me that they were disrespected in some capacity with eric young holding the title and not stepping in the ring to defend it or get pinned by another KO.

    fave champs? i liked kong & hamada’s reign best AND sarita & rosita were awesome too.

  • Rhawk

    *Insert Grumpy Cat ‘GOOD’ picture here*

    But in all seriousness, it was a nice idea when it started, but as TNA started to lose interest in storylines and not as many knockouts to fight for the belts (and the ones they did have they made make-shift tag teams which is never good for tag belts of any company), they just didn’t mean as much as they used to.

    Maybe if TNA cared more for their women in terms of bringing in new faces and PROPER TAG TEAMS, sure, bring the belts back. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother, hardly anyone will miss them.

  • Liam Holden

    another LOLTNA moment

  • BarbieBlank

    I’m assuming they’ll bring it back in a couple of years and probably have a tournament for it

  • Superstar77


    The only thing I hate is that Angelina and Velvet never got to hold them together.

  • Ryan

    Funniest part was EY saying “I am not a woman” lmfao
    Love EY!!
    And come on, it’s not like we have enough females in TNA to keep the singles belt going much less the tag team..
    Ppl say it’s TNAs fault but really I don’t think some womn are really truly commiting to TNA
    Not saying it’s the women’s fault either just the reason
    Could TNA make the decision to commit to TNA more appealing? Sure!

  • MrMexican99

    I think they were jut deactivated for the time being. If more knockouts are signed and Angelina Love returns… then I think we’ll see these titles again.

  • TCsinger09

    I think what TNA needs to do is buil up the division and set up more then one group of female factions. When the titles were first introduced I believe the only true teams were “The Beautiful People” and “Kong and Saieed” other then that the others in the tournament were thrown together. I think if they decided to bring up Taeler full time they should also bring up Nikki there could be one group. I would love to Heidi Lovelace brought up very unique look. Of course Tapa

    • TCsinger09

      oopps I forgot that once they establish these alliances/stables then they could re introduce the tag titles


    Yeah probably for the best, I liked the direction they were heading but that’s long gone, as a user above stated my only regret is TBP never holding it

  • http://none learkyle

    * I wish Mickie James would have been able to hold it because like said above she would have held every single title.
    * Also I wish they weren’t retired due to the fact that it made the knockouts unique to all others. But TNA needs to have more women to compete for them. But im not sure about that because like WWE they have a ton of divas but don’t use them.
    * I wish Angelina Love and Velvet Sky would have at least held them one time just one time.
    * Finally to answer your question i liked a ton of the teams but i think that i liked TNT the best. I wasn’t into tna that much before the titles were vacant in 2010 the last team i remember well is Angelina Love and Winter.

  • divaindemise

    Had Angelina Love swerved those visa issues, I fully believe she and Velvet Sky would have reigned supreme with the belts and they could have had at least a good year of being prominent titles. And, again, the contrast in breadth of the Knockouts roster in 2009 and now is all you need to know why a tag team division is simply unfeasible.

    A shame, but such is life.

  • AllenScribe

    Yeah, they are pointless with the current roster. If TNA ever has a roster of knockouts like 2009 again, I’d love to see them come back.