Are the Knockouts Tag Team Championships no more?

It would appear so as TNA Wrestling have removed the listing of the tag team belts from the roster page of their official website. In the past, when a championship has been vacated, it will say so on the roster page. However the image of the Knockouts Tag Team titles has disappeared altogether, perhaps signaling the end of the rarely spotlighted division.

TNA introduced the Knockouts Tag Titles back in 2009, with Sarita and Taylor Wilde becoming the inaugural champions after winning a tournament that culminated at No Surrender.

Since then, 14 women and one Eric Young have held the belts. EY’s reign with ODB being the longest reign–478 days.

ODB and Eric Young were stripped of the belts on last week’s Impact Wrestling during Brooke Hogan‘s “State of the Knockouts” address.

Who were your favourite Knockouts Tag Team Champions?

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