GLOW Star Passes Away

GLOW star Lynn Braxton, who wrestled as Big Bad Mama, had died of cancer at age 61.

Braxton appeared on seasons three and four of GLOW, wrestling as an intimidating powerhouse with a painted face. She appeared in the GLOW documentary, which aired recently on LOGO.

She also made an appearance on an episode of the classic sitcom Married…With Children, in which she wrestled Al Bundy:

Diva Dirt sends its condolences to Lynn’s family.

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  • Jamal

    RIP :-(

  • Andre

    This is very sad news, although she has a heel Lynn “Big Bad Mama” Braxton was my absolute favorite Glow girl when I was a child. Something about her presence just appealed to me and I couldn’t help but cheer for her, Thanks for all of the many wonderful memories, Rest in Power and Paradise.

    • foxbarking

      I’m right with you, Andre. I was a kid when G.L.O.W. was on and Big Bad Mama was the first heel from any promotion that I liked. Without her, I might have ended up being one of those people who only cheer for faces. Big Bad Mama opened up the door for me to become a fan of Ric Flair, Rick Martel, Kevin Sullivan and a legion of other heels. This news makes me incredibly sad. Rest in peace, Ms. Braxton. We still love you.

  • Ryan

    As rest in piece Big Bad Momma

    And haha married with children lmfao
    Love how he owns his wife and she owns him back for being a failure haha


    RIP! I’ve never really heard of her since I don’t keep up with Indy stuff, but it’s amazing to hear that she sounded like she had a very successful and fulfilling career..I mean Married w/ Children was the ish, lol. I’m glad her suffering is over & her soul is at rest.