In Video: Kaitlyn and Natalya Talk Turning the Tables on AJ ran into Kaitlyn after she turned the tables on AJ Lee, interrupting her match against Natalya on SmackDown to skip around the ring dressed as the Divas Champion.

After initially mistaking her for AJ, the interviewer asked Kaitlyn what was going through her mind when portraying AJ. Kaitlyn replied that, as AJ’s crazy, there’s not much going on in her mind.

She then remarked that she misses her Ziggy (Dolph Ziggler), and wondered where Big E Langston was, as he is supposed to carry her everywhere.

Afterwards, Natalya comments on her victory, calling it a win for the entire Divas division.

Watch both interviews below:

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  • wl75

    How could the camera person mistake Kaitlyn for AJ, even if she was dressed like her? There are a couple of big ways you can tell the difference…but it was funny though, Kaitlyn looks great with only the one color hairstyle (and there was a cute little twitter exchange between the WWE timekeeper and his wife).

  • BarbieBlank

    She kinda looks like trish with that hair

  • charovnica

    I loved the segment,but I have a problem with Big E…I mean why is he there if he is not going to play the role of a secutiry guard for AJ?

    • EMMAlutioner

      I think him as AJ’s bodyguard is dumb, he can’t do anything to girls, so why have him?

      • DaDivaQueen

        He should give Kaitlyn the stinkface ala Rikishi and fart in her mouth.

  • LucTempest

    Always felt Celeste looked better as a brunette before she became Kaitlyn with the two-tone hair

  • rasharexx

    Kaitlyn is a fool! Still laughing

  • Ryan

    Kate looks fucking hot with black hair!!!

  • art

    How could anyone confuse aj & kaitlyn…literally cringed…

  • xJonFer12494x

    Kaitlyn does a better impression of AJ, then Aj does of Kaitlyn. i literrally loled when she started skipping and twirling her hair.

  • SweeneyTodd


  • JJ

    Kaitlyn looks so much better as a brunette. She needs to get rid of that fried bleach job and two tone style! That was so ten yrs ago!