WWE Diva Gets Engaged, Reveals Low Key Wedding Plans


Wedding fever is in the air among WWE and E!’s Total Divas!

With Natalya tying the knot to her long time beau Tyson Kidd this week, and Brie Bella hinting that she and Daniel Bryan may follow suit, it looks like there may be a race up the aisle as Funkadactyl Naomi has revealed she’s engaged to WWE star Jimmy Uso.

The WWE Diva, real name Trinity McCray, will let the E! cameras document her relationship with Jimmy on the new reality show and reveals that the son of WWE legend Rikishi has put a ring on it.

But the couple don’t appear to be in a rush to set a wedding date, with Naomi telling E! Online: “We don’t know [when it is] because we’re so chilled out about it. We just want to go to the courthouse and get married. But I’m an only daughter and I’ll be the first to get married on my side, so both our parents are like, ‘Have a wedding!'”

Naomi says she found it difficult to open up about her love life on camera because she’s so “private”, but she clearly isn’t shy about taking out her frustrations on Jimmy on live TV!

The Diva reveals that the couple recently had a match together in the midst of a lover’s tiff and Naomi decided to show him who’s boss in the ring.

She said: “Our last match we were actually mad at each other. I got a hit on him on one of my moves. That felt really good. I got my frustrations out.”

Total Divas premieres on E! on July 28.

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  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    Diva wedding fever is in the air

  • charovnica

    Damn…what is going on in those locker-rooms!

  • rasharexx

    Jimmy so fine!

  • BarbieBlank

    Umm yeah there’s some jungle fever spreading around this year .

  • Looking Glass

    So WWE is trying to push this show and all the Divas are seemingly being married off?

    • shameronstar

      That’s a lot fans fantasies crushed right there!

  • Lushh

    The breed of a child that will come from this will rock the wrestling world forever.

  • JamieKym

    This is old news but glad Diva-Dirt finally addressed it. and That May is from April.

  • JamieKym

    This is old news but glad Diva-Dirt finally addressed it. and That May is from April.

  • DaDivaQueen

    He going to rub his ass on Naomi’s face wearing a thong like his dad!

  • felice

    Im so happy for the both of them i love watchin both of them in the ring and out of the ring. good luck

  • Sophie

    They’re AMAZING together and i really hope they get married soon