SmackDown Redux (June 28th, 2013): Anything AJ Can Do, Kaitlyn Can Do Better?


This past Monday on Raw, Divas Champion AJ Lee got in Kaitlyn‘s head once again by dressing like her and making her relive the secret admirer fiasco. Not to be one-upped by the champ, Kaitlyn has a trick up her sleeve as AJ faces off against Natalya in non-title action.

Check it out below:

We kick off the festivities with a recap of AJ’s actions on Raw, which AJ is pretty pleased about. The official is just about to ring the bell when AJ’s music hits once again and out comes… AJ?! Nope. It’s Kaitlyn impersonating AJ, much like AJ did on Monday.

Kaitlyn goes on to spill all the juicy gossip about AJ’s love life, including her rumored relationships with the timekeeper, ringside doctor and… Lilian Garcia?! Scandalous! Needless to say, AJ is not pleased and more than a bit distracted,  but the match starts anyway.

AJ tries to stay on top of Natalya, but the distraction just proves too much and she is quickly rolled up by Natalya. Post-match, the champion takes her eyes off of her doppelganger to argue with the official and Kaitlyn levels her with a spear to end the segment.

Thoughts: While I didn’t hate Monday’s segment as much as some people did, I wasn’t a huge fan of it at all. On the other hand, I enjoyed the SmackDown segment much more. Both Divas played their roles well and put on a entertaining segment.

My biggest question with this storyline at this point is: where do we go from here? It seems like this is going to go around in circles, with AJ and Kaitlyn constantly trying to get into the other’s head, until Kaitlyn gets her rematch.

That said, there are so many more variables to factor in. Will Stephanie McMahon get herself involved? What the hell does Layla have to do with any of this? It just seems a bit jumbled at the moment, but once it gets a bit of direction, this rivalry should be back on track.

What did you think of Kaitlyn’s AJ impersonation? Tell us in the comments!

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    Big E Langston is such a great a hunk of a man.

    • shameronstar

      The E stands for everything;) and I wonder what’s going through his head as he’s watching Kaitlyn in that picture? Also, it’ll be interesting to see how the dynamic between him and AJ evolves over time because I think there could be more to their relationship than just being friends!

  • art

    Kaitlyns doing aj’s laugh at the start are what give nightmares lol..

  • kewlkatz

    Ugh, Kaitlyn was awful. I nearly threw up when I saw her skipping. At least AJ impersonated Kaitlyn on the mic as well, Kaitlyn just dressed up as her lol.

    • Matty Ryan

      You do realize she was trying to look dumb right?

    • mpezza

      She had a lot of AJ’s mannerisms down, like the dumb head turning and the way she puts her hands out to look ‘cute’.

  • Ryan

    Whoa I haven’t seen wwe in a loooong time since 2010.. But CM vs Lesnar .. The more I hear Lesnar the more I want Sable!!!!

    And Aj so small and sexy jeez!! I want that!!
    Btw she sells Kate’s antics like a champ!!!
    Yey for Natalya winning and awesome spear!!
    And all those rumors of Lillian Garcia being a “No Man’s Land” hmmmm.. ;)
    Lol jk

  • Matty Ryan

    I LOVE KAITLYN! I don’t know why everyone is complaining about her in this storyline, guess they have to complain about something.

    My only thing is I think it would have been netter if Kaitlyn had kept the title at Payback, cause it makes no sense as to why AJ is still messing with her.

    • LeaTHeartsWWE

      Thank you! Finally, someone thinks how I think. But actually, I loved when Kaitlyn did the whole AJ impersonation. She stumbled when she skipped which made it so much funny.

      AJ didn’t really make her segment laughable. But there we alot of moments when we were like OH NO SHE DID NOT!

      So… with all of that out of the way I hope WWE does something to top the recent segments until Kaitlyn gets her more than like rematch at MITB.


  • DJ8946

    Kaitlyn did so much better than AJ. That spear killed A. So thats what Kaitlyns natural hair looks like.

    • LightsOut

      I think it’s a wig, looks too fake to be natural.

      • 09DHK

        It is a wig, but Kaitlyn is in fact a natural brunette.

  • wwestarlee

    Watching this segment i actually laughed but then thought where in the hell is foxy lmao

  • mckenzie

    Big E’s expression while looking at Kaitlyn in the thumbnail is priceless.

  • i22

    Kaitlyn did a good job impersonating AJ’s habits like the crazy laugh, head tilt, hair twirling and the skipping but Kaitlyn still needs alot more practice on the mic. She jumbled her words several times. She still has nothing on AJ in terms of mic work though that isnt really her fault since she’s just now starting to get a chance to cut promos. I did enjoy the bit about AJ and Lillian Garcia though I still say AJ’s promo was better.

  • Brandon

    I think kaitlyn had fun acting as aj…tbh I liked this better than raw even tho raws segment was ok. It’s nice to see kaitlyn get in ajs head. And the spear was nice to. And nattie got a win which was nice to see.

  • nismos69


    • 09DHK

      Dear God no!

    • WWEdivas

      well their was rumours that she was going to return in july, so their is a chance and if you think about it does seem like a former diva will return or a diva from nxt i also think that it wont be long before summer rae will actually be wrestling on main shows(even though shes not ready). kelly kelly is a brunette so their might be a chance she’ll return as a heel(attack kaitlyn). former wwe diva maria stated she also had plans of returning to wwe so maybe she’ll return. tell me your thoughts?

      • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

        Yeahhhhhhhhhh :)))))
        09DHK shut up your nothing but a non factor
        I don’t see her attacking kaitlyn though since kaitlyn isn’t the champ anymore

        • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

          #KellyKellyWillAlwaysBeOurChampion was trending last week on twitter so maybe the fans helped persuade her to return

          • SweeneyTodd

            Sorry but who the hell care about twitter trending?

        • 09DHK

          Sweetie if I’m such a “non factor,” you wouldn’t have felt the need to respond to me. Judging from your username, you’re just another K2 mark who can’t accept the fact that she was never really that great in the ring (and that’s putting it nicely). Besides, with the possibility of AJ feuding with Natalya or Layla (since they’re Kaitlyn’s “friends”) after she’s done with Kaitlyn, give me ONE good reason why Kelly should come back; just ONE.

          • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

            Kelly is far more popular than any diva besides AJ on the roster . That’s why . Her fans repeatedly have things like #welovebarbieblank and #wewantkelly trending on twitter several times despite her being gone for about a year while other divas go without notice except when having a match in tv. She doesn’t have to wrestle she can be a valet .
            @shameronstar you’ve never seen Lexi wrestle so how can you say that?? But I do think she’s pretty and would be a great replacement for kelly if she doesn’t return

          • shameronstar

            Ok, I admit I was BSing with that one! but if she does return will she be brunette or blond? What I’m scared of is that they’ll just shaft Kaitlyn and have Kelly feud with AJ! Plus, Kelly would so rusty not even AJ could make a great match work!

      • shameronstar

        Where did this rumor come from? And why would they even want Kelly when they have Lexi who’s clearly superior?

    • Rhawk

      Wow the definition of ‘apparently’ must have changed to ‘not going to happen’ since I last seen it.

    • SweeneyTodd

      FAKE Twitter Rumor!

  • Jamal

    I liked the impersonation deal better when Mickie and Trish did it lol Points for giving Kaitlyn some of her heat back though

  • Jamal

    I liked the impersonation deal better when Mickie and Trish did it lol Points for giving Kaitlyn some of her heat back though

  • LioCastles

    Loved this segment, better than AJ’s! Love you Kaitlyn! <3

  • SweeneyTodd

    End this feud! Just adolescent antics are left.

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    Love it. The E is telling a divas story. AJ and kaitlyn seem to be having a blast. The crowds seems to be into it. What’s not to like.

  • WWEdivas

    some sites are saying maryse is returning aswell some say shes going to return in the nxt divas tournament thingy maybe interfere which is very wierd

  • KaitlynLover<3

    FINALLY kaitlyn looked strong, and the segment was awesome, much better than RAW´s! I´m so loving this feud, I don´t know how some people keep complaining…

  • Raekon

    Was a great Segment that made me laugh a lot. :)

    Most of all after AJ gets rolled up and then Looks totally pissed on the floor while on her knees and Kaitlyn giving her a Psycho look while at the same time enjoying AJs lose.

    What I dislike in Overall is the fans that are not satisfied with ANYTHING at all anymore on this site and that’s what makes everything annoying to say the least.

    First everyone was complaining that the never get any storylines, that Kaitlyns reign was pointless because she got no feuds and now that AJ and Kaitlyn are feuding and we finally getting to see their broken friendship coming to fruiting, all the “Kaitlyn sucks”, “the segments suscked”, “end this feud already” the whole time.

    No wonder I was only lurking for over a month when you People became THAT awful in the meantime.

    Always dissatisfied no matter what we are getting.
    If everything in the WWE and TNA is “awful”, why do you even watch at all? Only so you can complain how much better you would do things?

    I highly doubt you could in the first place when I see some “suggestions” that are posted sometimes.

    Really, stop watching These promotions if you are THAT dissatisfied.

    • DJ8946


    • charovnica

      Completely agree with what you said.

    • Monkey Tennis

      It works both ways. For every accusation of fans being too cynical or too negative, it would be just as easy to accuse some fans of being easy to please.

      For some fans, it seems that as long as the WWE are giving the Divas anything to do, we should all be hugely grateful and automatically love it, simply by virtue of it’s existence, regardless of if it’s any good or not.

      There have been good things about this feud, and there have been things that haven’t worked as well. Nothing is perfect, it’s always going to be a work in progress. When the WWE get it right, they’re deservedly praised. But no-one should feel obliged to enjoy everything they do, without judging it on its own merits.

      • charovnica

        It’s not about being obligated to like something,but to say “End this feud now” is just asking for a slap.Just because one aspect of the storyline is not what you want doesn’t mean the whole rivalry should end,especially when the average wrestling fan is intrigued by it.
        It works,the imitation part that everyone was so upset about was just one dimension of the whole thing,it will evolve in to something else,probably more divas will get involved.I’m very against people giving rushed opinions of a whole feud,just cause of one aspect of it.
        I think this is the problem.

    • Brandon

      Amen to that Raekon!

  • dsan

    Doesn’t Nattie get a title match for pinning AJ?

  • nerdydiva

    To be fair, Kaitlyn was talking about AJ in 2nd person. You did this, You did that. AJ was talking about Kaitlyn in 1st person. I did this. I did that. So, AJ was pretending to be Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn was basically just dressing up as her.

  • charovnica

    I really liked the segment! AJ did very well with her reactions and Kaitlyn did very well with her imitation. The spear looked amazing,I saw those chicks on the front roll being all like “Woah!” :D

    I have a problem with Big E though…he did nothing to protect AJ,so what was the point of him being there?

  • Monkey Tennis

    I have three problems with how this feud is going, right now.

    1) Matches.
    On both main shows this week, the segment has come at the cost of a match. It’s all well and good continuing the feud, but if it’s going to have any positive impact on the division, it needs to be running parallel alongside good matches.

    If this feud really has reignited interest in the division, then the WWE should be using that renewed interest to show those fans what the women can do in the ring.

    2) AJ and Kaitlyn’s characters.
    Since winning the title, AJ’s character has become just a touch more generic. Whilst she’s still the best Diva to ever hold a mic’ in the WWE, her personality seems to have shifted slightly in recent weeks.

    The whole “I’m the best Diva ever” promo last week seemed forced. After being built up as an intelligent and cunning wrestler leading into her title victory, having her suddenly bask in her own ego seemed strangely out of character. Obviously, the real reason behind it was to justify Steph’s five minutes in the spotlight, but unfortunately this new ‘persona’ seems to have taken hold.

    After this week’s dressing up shenanigans, AJ seems to be becoming more of a standard mean girl and less manipulative girl. AJ’s still putting it over well enough (let’s face it, that woman could sell ice to an eskimo), but I’d prefer see her character be given a little more depth, rather than just the most basic of full-of-herself/mean-girl heel.

    With Kaityln, on the positive side, the crying seems to have stopped (fingers crossed!) However, her character still seems a little undefined. In AJ and Kaitlyn, the WWE have got two very different wrestlers and the WWE should be highlighting that. Play to their differences, highlight their individual strengths.

    Having Kaitlyn simply copy AJ’s antics this week was just lazy writing. It’s just a case of “anything you can do, I can do too”. Plus, it undermines AJ’s character (at least, her pre-championshp character) to have her be so easily played at her own game.

    Ultimately, for this feud to have the legs to carry it forward over months, potentially years, it needs to be about the contrast between the two women. Have AJ as the schemer, the thinker… and have Kaitlyn as the powerhouse. The wrestler. (Which isn’t to say that she has to come across as less intelligent, less cerebral than AJ).

    3) Langston
    He’s a hangover from AJ’s time as a girlfriend/valet and he needs to be gone. Dolph too, but at least he’s not been hovering ringside during this feud like a third (or fourth) wheel.

    I really wasn’t comfortable with Langston carrying AJ out of the ring on Smackdown, that just seemed wrong. Yeah, it was about selling the spear, but to make her look so weak that she had to be carried out of the arena by a ‘big strong man’, that was like something out of the 1940’s!


    One word. Amazing!

    FINALLY, KAITLTN SHOWED ME HER PERSONALITY! She showed more of her personality at doing this than in her whole title reign! I’m soo proud of Kaitlyn, she was soo good and so natural on the mic! I really underrated her on the mic. Kaitlyn was so much better than Aj for once and she finally looked strong. The segment was really good and funny, Aj and Natalya did their part well and I’m soo happy Natalya finally won a singles match in a BIG
    show like SD! The commentary was good, it seems like they finally care about the divas match of their feud! That spear was awesome like the divas now!

    Everyone is excited for this feud and I think it’s time to give them a stipulation for their next match because with the ladder match between Gail and Taryn who was describe as better than their Slammyversary match, if vince really want to outshine the KO, their next match better be brutal and with a BIG stipulation, likely a stipulation we never seen before in women’s wrestling or un the divas division to mark history! Kaitltyn and Aj really need a stipulation to make their feud and an iconic one!

  • StayBeautiful3

    Actually, before speaking of the match, I should say that I literally love the new design of Diva-Dirt. And let’s cut to the chase, first off, if I need to compare this feud to other ones that happened in the past, I need to say, it’s not that powerful and impressive. I mean this one is a little bit indistinct, indefinite. Even feud between Kaitlyn and Eve was better than this in my view. Their fight, storyline has made me feel that I’m watching rewinds of past of the divas division. WWE always recycles what they’ve already used and pretends not to feel shameless. Whatever :p

    And since I don’t know when, WWE started to break the championship spot rule. A winner who have just broken a champion down should gain a championship shot. And A winner who won the NXT competition must gain it as well. But they do not treat them with what they should’ve deserve. If WWE has changed their rule for managing the divas, at least they should give Natalya a chance to have a match with AJ. Right?