SHINE Championship Belt Revealed; Taylor Made out of Title Tournament

With one week to go until SHINE 11 and the inaugural SHINE Championship Tournament, SHINE Wrestling today revealed the first pictures of the title belt that the winner will be presented with. The belt, pictured above, features the SHINE logo on white leather with outlines of the Americas and Europe on either side to represent the promotion’s cosmopolitan roster.

Additionally, it was announced today that Valkyrie and Made in Sin member Taylor Made will no longer be participating in the tournament. No reason has been given yet as to her removal, but with her tag team partner Allysin Kay also not in action, the odds of a Valkyrie victory have significantly lowered in the wake of this news.

SHINE were quick, however, to confirm that LuFisto would be her replacement. LuFisto, whose only previous appearance in the promotion was in a losing effort against Ivelisse in SHINE 7, will join Mercedes Martinez, Nikki Roxx and Su Yung in the Bracket A four-way match.

What do you think of the SHINE Championship belt?

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  • GailKim95

    Wow if Su Yung were to win her match it would be the biggest upset ever!!!! Also the belt is just meh to me. I guess I wanted something bigger and flashier like the shimmer belt but I guess the different look sets them apart since both companies are closely related

  • GrrMonster

    meh, it cute, but boring.

  • She-Wolf

    I love it! Classic looking, but feminine.

  • JP

    I’m glad to see Lufisto has recovered from her injurt; it could have been a lot worse. I hope she isn’t rushing things.

  • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

    for a second there i thought i was looking at Knockouts Belt

  • kewlkatz

    Bleurgh, tacky as hell… The gold looks so plastic…