I Am Jack’s Complete Lack of Surprise

It looks like WWE is seeing fit to pull the old switcheroo, though unlike the cool kind in movies like Fight Club (which I was referencing in the title, if you are insane and haven’t seen it), this kind of twist is one we didn’t want to see, but kind of expected.

According to PWInsider.com, tomorrow’s Night of Champions PPV will not feature a match for SmackDown’s new Women’s Title. Despite the fact that (mentioned here by our loyal visitors) color commentator Mick Foley confirmed the match’s existence at the beginning of this past Friday’s Diva tag team match, it looks like someone decided against it. Apparently, the words that many heard on our footage of the match has been cut from subsequent broadcasts, leading one to believe that either Foley misspoke or the decision to cancel the match was made afterwards. Either way, this news sucks.

Bloody hell – of COURSE they’re cutting it. They probably needed the extra minutes for a lengthier pretentious and tacky Triple H entrance. Grr.. Screw this – I’m going to watch an Edward Norton movie. That Fight Club reference got me in the mood.

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  • Luis

    that is so gay it all fit perfectly nite of champions a new championship but of course wwe just had to kill it

  • http://none Eric

    can we refrain from using gay as a synonym for stupid? Thanks.

  • Al

    I don’t see what the big deal is. There were too many matches on the card already, and the match didn’t even receive that big of a build. If the match happens, they’ll probably have a maximum of six minutes because the card is so stacked. I actually think this is GOOD, it gives them time to build to a proper match on the next PPV and the match could get some good time.

  • http://N/A TED

    exactly, wwe is not going to put 2 separate divas matches on one ppv card.

  • Mike

    I thought it was going to be a surprise match anyways and a quick match to get a champion.
    Vickie comes out and brings the competitors out to have a match.

    Bam, wam, thank you mama sorta thing.

  • Rob

    We really should not be surprised. The WWE never officially announced that a match would take place. Everyone simply assumed it would because having one made perfect sense and would fit in with this PPV. Since when has the WWE ever done anything sensible? So now what? They hold the Divas championship during the next PPV in mid July? or at Summer Slam in August?

  • http://uk.youtube.com/user/xthemusic xthemusic

    makes sense. 7 matches is enough plus Jericho has said he is fighting at NoC so that would have made 8. Any more and we would have had some really short matches. Looks like GAB for the Divas title…which i reckon means there wont be a womens title match at GAB instead. Doubt the WWE will have both titles at the same PPV.

  • http://britcroft.e-fans.net/ Brit Croft

    that s*cks ! why cant they let real divas FIGHTING !

  • marco

    i so think we should make a petition to WWE and tell them to take their womens division more seriously i say diva-dirt and all the people who go on diva dirt should make a petition and then all of diva-dirt signs it

    not a bad idea huh]

    but this totally shows that WWE doesn’t care about their womens division at all!

  • Melanie

    I don’t know, it still may happen we just need to wait and see. As for the card being stacked, well considering the Cruiserweight title was on the card last year and doesn’t exist this year, I think there’s plenty of space for the Divas title match. Also, it seems a little suspect that they’d introduce this title going into Night of Champions and then not crown the champion at the pay per view. Pathetic.

  • Mike

    Once again WWe showing us that the Diva’s and Smckdown are second class in there opinion

  • http://www.torrie-w.com Doug

    I’m still holding out here! lol Maybe they cut his commentary because they want the match to be a surprise? I still wish for another women’s match.

  • Ashleigh

    I thought when Vickie told the Divas about the new title she said she would be crowning them at Night of Champions, or did I mishear something?

  • http://www.torrie-w.com Doug

    Yea Ashleigh, that’s exactly what I thought too.
    Honestly, how long can this “search for Natalya’s opponent” last? We’ve been waiting for a choice for how long now? Like a month.

    I’m still hoping that Vickie will announce a surprise matchup, and Natalya’s opponent will be selected right before the match.