Perfect 10: Week Ending July 7th, 2013

The Perfect 10 has returned, and it's better than ever! Each week, the Diva Dirt team will compile a list of the top 10 women in wrestling. Placement is determined by performances and achievements from the past week.

The Perfect 10 will be posted every Monday, taking into account any Pay-Per-View events.

Ready to dive into the list? Click the arrow below to see who landed at #10.

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  • Monkey Tennis

    Eva Marie is on this list. Lufisto isn’t.


  • hellaciousheart


  • jcarcano12

    This list is retarded

  • redsandman99

    Besides Eva Marie’s inclusion I’m fine with the list.

  • KaitlynLover<3

    I really disliked this week´s Perfect, Natalya is placed 6 and Kaitlyn in 8, why? Natalya just won a match on Superstars. And AJ is second seriously, for what? For showing a stupid photoshoped photo and skipping around?

    • fahkyooh

      I agree. And this Perfect 10 thing should be at the side of the main page, in a thin, long box, under the Twitter thing with pictures and arrows pointing up and down like

  • Brandon

    Personally I thought the divas segment/match was better on smackdown then on raw…

  • fahkyooh

    Sometimes the owners of this site have SUCH unprofessional opinions that it’s kind of funny in a pathetic way…