Picture of the Day: Jo-Jo and Justin Sittin’ in a Tree…

Brie Bella‘s got Daniel Bryan, Nikki Bella‘s got John Cena, Natalya has Tyson Kidd and Naomi has Jimmy Uso, so it was only a matter of time before Jo-Jo Offerman got the memo and found herself a WWE Superstar beau.

The Total Divas star tweeted a photo today showing her getting cozy with Superstar Justin Gabriel:

She gave very little context for the photo collage, but you know what they say: a picture (or three) says a thousand words!

What do you think of this new couple?

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  • https://twitter.com/_ericholt_ She’sGotLegs!

    Dang, it seems like every current and future WWE Diva’s in a relationship nowadays.lol. Anyways, Jo-Jo and Justin Gabriel make a pretty cute couple. Happy for them both!

  • http://www.twitter.com/wwestarlee wwestarlee

    A damn mess lol wonder what her mom says

  • Matty Ryan

    AWW! They are so cute! JoJo & Justin alone are gorgeous! Word can’t even describe afhdlhrughcbsjerigh!

  • divaindemise

    Two words: LUCKY. BITCH.

    • 09DHK

      Justin is TOO sexy!

  • BarbieBlank

    Their cute together , congrats to her

  • divaindemise

    Oh, and not that I really care, but something I was pondering: remember the time that it was apparently frowned upon for WWE colleagues to conduct relationships (or in this case, canoodling) with each other, let alone be open about them? Now it seems that it’s mandatory to women having some semblance of a profile in the company.

    Still, I refer back to my earlier comment: Jojo, you hit the goldmine with this one, sweetheart.

  • kio3j2

    Damn he is fine

  • jtiera

    But… Not too long ago she was dating some basic dude. Well that was fast. I guess they alright.

    • Nostalgia

      Exactly… She’s an athlete after all. They leave the girl/dude they was with when they get on

  • darkangels

    that goes to show us that every diva past present future always get bang by someone on the roster

    • FameHooker18

      Cameron & Eva Marie are both with guys outside WWE, with Eva engaged to her beau.

  • http://www.twitter.com/wwestarlee wwestarlee

    Foxy&wade are the only couple i know that kept their relationship private

    • Tampatch

      Alicia and wade were dating :O

  • richies88

    total divas is going to be a flop after 10 episodes mark my word.s if all the male roster going be in. i can see it happen. cena will ruin it

    • alontrae walker

      And yet here it is getting more viewers than the Vma’s, surpassing every other show on E!. And that was just the first 5 episodes. I guess your comment was the flop.

  • Johnyfaction3

    I knew it! I said last night. I bet that if Eva Marie was single she could have easily gotten one of the WWE top players too. Haha

    • Matty Ryan

      Seriously, Eva is easily the prettiest diva.

    • FameHooker18

      So True, A man would leave his wife for that girl

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    They look good together….

  • johnny

    I thought he was engaged to kelly kelly I guess I’m super behind.

    • http://www.gailkimsource.org Danni

      I thought he was still with Aksana? lol

      • BarbieBlank

        Kelly has been dating this hockey player guy since she left

        • Tampatch

          Lol, so thats how it is

  • dukelorange


  • shameronstar

    There actually really cute together:)

  • redsandman99

    They’re cute. It’s probably easier for the divas to date a fellow guy on the roster since they would see them more than any kind beau they would leave behind at home.

    • Tampatch

      Nicely said

  • XavierSkyy

    They’re too cute!

    So many superstars dating divas it reminds me of a YouTube fan fiction lol

  • WweLitafan4ever

    Off topic,but since CM Punk and Lita are a couple,it’d be cool if they were on the show,but they obviously won’t do something like that.

  • Charmqn

    i’m still kind of hoping Aj/Dolph are a real couple. Heard rumors about it. (they would be adorable)

    Congrats to JoJo and justin. Cuties.

    • B-Money

      Yea, she confirmed that they actually are a couple off screen

  • Melrose

    I had a gut feeling that something was off about this “couple.” The first obvious one being the age difference, apparently she’s only 19, and he’s 32 (and looks even older than he is, by his own admission). The other indicator is that none of his twitter activity indicated that he was with her, not a single retweet of hers or even a tweet TO her. And plus he’s made no secret that he has a fondness for a certain type, blondes & brunettes.

    When he was with Kelly, he loved showing it off, and there were fan photos of them together.

    I’m very relieved, I wasn’t thrilled when he was with Kelly either, but at least she was a lot more age appropriate.

  • Tampatch

    So what if she 19, age really aint a biggie next year she fkin
    20 and he’d be going 33 aint
    that fine i defo think it is, they are sexy. and jojo ur lucky man

  • alontrae walker

    Honestly I thinks Justin is cute but not fine. Now roman reigns on episode 6 he is fine. Plus Jo Jo and Justin is just for a storyline to turn him heel, just like how eva marie and fandango was a storyline.