TNA Releases Taryn Terrell T-Shirt

Ahead of her Ladder match tonight on Impact Wrestling, Taryn Terrell has been given her first Mens t-shirt!

Hot on the heels of her female t-shirt, this new apparel for men, now available on, features the tagline: “I Like My Girls a Hot Mess.”

Although Taryn is billed as the “Hot Mess”, it’s safe to say that modelling this t-shirt will make her look more hot and less of a mess!

The tee is priced at $14.99 and can be ordered here.

You can check out the shirt in full below:

What do you think of Taryn’s new shirt?

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  • shameronstar

    Taryn likes girls? I had no idea she was versatile!

    • 09DHK

      Why do you think she divorced Drew? Lol.

    • Kim099

      U so stupid lol it’s for guys duh

  • BarbieBlank

    Meh I wish she had a girly version of it . Like a pink one that says she’s a hot mess

    • MickieJamesFan07

      There is a light blue and pink one that says “Hot Mess” on shop tna

  • Matty Ryan

    I’m getting this.

  • Kim099

    U so stupid lol it’s for guys duh

  • CandiceMichelle&TorrieWilson

    this was the straw that broke the camels back for me. TNA Creative has lost all originally with the knockouts division. Be original! Jist cause A.J got a shirt doesn’t mean taryn needs one omg TNA gets so butthurt

    • RR

      Not sure if serious…TNA has had multiple shirts for the knockouts before AJ.

      ODB, Gail, Taryn and I think Tessmacher and Velvet have shirts too.

    • Kaledrina.

      this is taryn’s second tna shirt.

      her first shirt was released about two months before aj lee’s. so, um, you’re basically wrong lol.

    • kewlkatz

      Not about the WWE or AJ at all lol go away

  • BorisG

    I was scared when I started reading: TNA releases Taryn Terell… Anyway, cool to see TNA pushing their Knockouts and making them marketable.

  • Ryan

    Holy shit I thought it said TNA releases Terryn!!!

    It’s a neat shirt
    ODB has a shirt haha hers it’s catchy
    “One dirty bitch”
    Gail Kim and Velvet Sky’s shirt is actually a really cool one! The ninja and skull designs
    Don’t mess with Tess