Today in History: Michelle McCool Becomes the First Divas Champion

On this day in history:

July 20th, 2008 | At 2008’s Great American Bash, Michelle McCool and Natalya went head-to-head for the right to become the first Divas Champion. It was the battle of the submission holds, and Michelle’s heel lock prevailed, prompting Natalya to tap out. With one stroke of the palm, Michelle landed in the history books as the first ever Divas Champion. Ever the history-maker, Michelle would also become the first woman to have held both the Women’s and Divas Titles one year later.

What are your memories of this moment?

Note: This was originally posted on 7/20/12.

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    Wow, it’s already been 5 years since debut of the title. Even if Natalya could have won it, Michelle was the good choice because she was there for sooo long and she deserved. But the best of Michelle came after that, this was just the debut of great thing for her. She carried the division for sooo long with laycool, she had AMAZING rivalries with Melina and as a laycool member with Layla against Mickie
    and Natalya (& Beth). I miss you so much Michelle such an amazing person ddoesn’t matter what people were saying, you are one of the best diva and one of the best heelin WWE history. Such an amazing talented woman who could work with everybody and give them AMAZING matches. One of my all time favorite and Also one of my fav Heel!
    Please, give us one more match please

  • richies88

    Plus this was the last WWE Event before they moved to PG rating next night on raw :( :(

  • ReyMysterioFan

    Good match I was so happy when Michelle won :)

  • redsandman99

    I was pulling for Natalya here though in retrospect I understand why Michelle did now. Usually the top face or the one that will become the top face wins a title when it’s introduced. A heel winning usually only happens to further a storyline. Plus Natalya would have just had to keep feuding with Michelle since her only other viable options would have been Kelly Kelly and Cherry.

    • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan

      Cherry as Divas Champ would’ve been awesome! Natalya vs Cherry, AHH!

  • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan

    Nice match by Natalya and Michelle! I hate to say it but I would’ve rather had Torrie as the first Divas champ, I believe it was supposed to be Torrie vs Ktissy Vaine to determine the first champ at the end of their feud, with Torrie winning. But good for Michelle nonetheless, say what you will about her and her backstage politics, but there is no doubt she made an amazing transition from Diva Search competitor to Personal Trainer to Wrestler. She for sure will be a Hall of Famer one day.

    • Jcott3

      Everything I’ve heard was that Torrie was supposed to be the first Divas Champion (and that the title was her idea), but she injured her back and was out for so long WWE released her and moved to Plan B.

  • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan

    Also WWE needs to either have a Divas Tag Title or Mixed Tag Title, cause the US title and The Heavyweight Title needs to go, needs to go!

  • ReyMysterioFan

    So happy michelle won I wanted either her or cherry to be the first divas champ

  • Timalee

    I miss Cherry So much…so would have done a lot in the WWE.