Money in the Bank Results: The Black Widow Claims Kaitlyn Again

Kaitlyn was dead set on getting revenge for everything AJ Lee had done to her in the past several weeks, but a bad elbow and AJ’s vice grip made sure that didn’t happen.

The Divas Title match between champ AJ and Kaitlyn was as hard-hitting as their feud has become, taking the action outside the ring more than once.

A spear by Kaitlyn seemed to end it all, but her ailing elbow wouldn’t let her try for the pin. AJ soon latched her into the Black Widow, and though she tried valiantly to resist the pain, Kaitlyn tapped out.

With the tap out and the win, AJ is still your Divas Champion.

What did you think of the match?

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  • IvIBlueBloodIVI


  • kingbooman

    Great Match from both divas! Aj is now 2-0 in Pay Per Vievs.Now tomorrow we will have a #1 contender battle royal!

  • i22

    Was surprised AJ won clean. Was expcting a win by a distraction from Big E or atleast a roll up finish. Guess this means the fued ends here for now.

    As for the match itself, while in-ring psycology was good as were AJ’s technical skills I found the match very boring. & Kaitlyn still needs work as she’s still very sloppy in the ring. The match doesn’t stand tall against thier Payback match at all. Oh & I was so pissed when Kaitlyn knocked AJ off the top rope when it looked like she was about to hit a moonsault, I was so ready to mark the hell out lol.

    • kingbooman

      Omg yes she was just about to pay tribue to her favorite wrestler Lita!

  • 09DHK

    I can’t wait to read Cryssi’s bitch fit since Layla DIDN’T turn heel tonight.

  • jtiera

    It was good but it was missing something.

  • wwestarlee

    nothing memorable except how good Kaitlyn and Layla look very beautiful women

  • divaindemise

    While technically fine, I thought it was decidedly underwhelming given how the build to this match saw the drama turn up a few notches. None of that really translated as well here as it did in their Payback match. Layla, who has been straitjacketed as the token BFF, was more or less a waste out there, too. The only positive I can conceive is that a clean and considerably anti-climatic win for AJ means this feud is far from over… Unless the Bella twins’ ominous warning to AJ was indicative of the worst case scenario.

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    Match was good but nowhere near as good as last month.

    Surprised how the match ended.2 tap outs in back to back PPV matches really kills kaitlyn. That would be hard for a male to come back from let alone a Diva in WWE. There really is no way for her to be taken seriously as a challenger anytime soon.

    • divaindemise

      I am still unsure how I feel about the ending as well.

      I’m all for dominant heels in wrestling matches, and God knows the lack of that mentality is what dented the credibility of Beth Phoenix’s character, but it’s a formula that doesn’t quite work for this feud. AJ employing emotional abuse to deconstruct Kaitlyn contributes to the strategy of compensating for uneven physical prowess. Their match at Payback was so dramatic because it was abundantly clear that Kaitlyn was a beast let out of the cage and AJ was willing to do anything to win.

      That’s why, since she was pointless trotted out there anyway, I feel it would have provided another operatic note to this feud if Layla had cost Kaitlyn the match — revealing another underhand tactic employed by AJ. Just my two cents.

    • cubs22

      disagree. that dosent exsit in wwe or tna,when the woman are involved. katylin can win tomorrow and it wouldnt matter. its a proven thing. its not like ryback were he needs to find his way.

  • MomoMufFinSsFTW

    I hope layla doesn’t turn heel she hasn’t even had the slightest hint… I hope they stay building up the feud of Aj and kaitlyn then next ppv have a #1 contender gauntlet match for the divas title kaitlyn outlasts a lot of competitors last one is layla Aj helps layla win and layla pins not signifying a heel turn but hey a win is a win have layla have one more ppv match and I think she’ll retire

  • Ambrose-DivaFan

    Didn’t see the match, but it sounds okay, but a little disappointing, seeing how long the MITB matches were, I wonder if maybe their time got cut, Kaitlyn does better in longer matches.

    Side note, anybody know what happened to Kaitlyn’s elbow, WWE says it’s injured, but they didn’t say how or when, is it real or not?

    • BarbieBlank

      I don’t think its real but they said it was from the spear she gave AJ on Smackdown

  • redsandman99

    I do agree with the sentiment that their Payback match was better but I still think it was a good match. Kaitlyn’s “injury” allowed AJ to get a technically clean win but leaves it tainted enough for Kaitlyn to get another shot down the road.

    • 09DHK

      Not to be nit-picky, but AJ technically didn’t apply her submission to Kaitlyn’s “injured” arm, so Idk where they’re gonna go from here assuming the feud continues past this point.

      • redsandman99

        Yeah I was like “wait a minute” when they said she had it locked in on the injured arm. But if they want to continue the feud that little fact is most likely going to be ignored.

  • eyecon

    It is hard to focus on the Divas match when Layla is looking that DAMN GOOD on the side lines. The match was very good I’m happy for both girls who put on a great show…Damn Layla was looking fine…….the only question now is where does AJ go from here cause Kaitlyn is done


    I’m kind of disappointed about this match considering how amazing their payback match was but I’m not really surprise they didn’t top it. The had less time to put on an other classic but let’s be honest I was praying they get time instead of that they have an other classic because we ALL know that the MITB pay-per-view is show where you have to be in the MITB match, a world championship match or just be lucky to have a long match. + I also feel like the crowd was far from being as HOOOOT a the Chicago crowd and I’m not going to lie, I was bored in the match sometimes because of the silence or the action. I feel like Kaitlyn didn’t show much of her RAGE, she didn’t emotions that much actually which was disappointed too. The finish could have been changed because Kaitlyn now tapped 2 TIME to Aj and I think they went with the easy win with an \injured\ Kaitlyn. I feel like we will not see her for some weeks and then she will come back to END the feud with Aj But it was still a very good match and a worthy MOTY candidate, definitely not the match of the year, not as good as the Payback match, the LKS match or the ladder match but still a worthy MOTY candidate.

    Aj attacking Del rio was PERFECT! The tension is building between Aj and Dolph and I don’t know if anybody notice that but this Raw will be in Brooklyn, NY like at TLC when She had the biggest pop I heard for a Heel turn and it may be a coincidence but i smell a Heel turn again from Aj on Dolph but this time, she will be BOOED OUT of the building considering how OVER Dolph is there.

    Overall, we great storyline continuation for the Aj vs Kaitlyn feud and the Aj/Dolph thing.

    Side note: Layla and Summer Rae were looking HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT AS HELL! Layla looked like a BITCHY Heel and I’m not really mad tht she didn’t turned Heel but Summer stood OUT from me, SHE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL and I would have love to see her interfering a la Maryse but anyway…

  • Nostalgia

    It wasn’t a holy hell this is awesome match it was a great match with a decent amount if time. With outside ring action. It’s like meat and potatoes. It’s not fancy but t got the job done

  • charovnica

    I really expected something different.It does not make sense for AJ to win clear twice when we have Big E and Layla there.She’s the heel after all,she should be using different tactics.Unless they are looking for AJ to turn face and Kaitlyn heel I don’t think the end made any sense.
    But seeing how AJ screwed over Ziggler she just gained that much more heat.

    The match wasn’t bad,I really enjoyed the spots outside the ring,I’d love for AJ to take a bigger bump.They keep hinting it,but it never happens.

    Overall…I don’t see this feud continuing,Kaitlyn lost 2 times clear to AJ.AJ should focus on another diva…let’s say Nattie.

  • Monkey Tennis

    The match itself was pretty solid, although it didn’t always feel completely fluid. It came across more like a series of ‘moments’ which didn’t feel entirely connected.

    Having Kaitlyn coming into the match ‘injured’ was a cop out from the start, particularly with her having injured HERSELF using her OWN finisher. Yeah, way to build her up there, WWE! Surely a backstage assault by AJ, prior to the match would have been a better way to bring Kaitlyn into the match at a disadvantage, if that was the ultimate intention.

    I suspect AJ’s application of the Black Widow to the wrong arm was simply a mistake in the moment, which is fair enough. In itself, it didn’t make her victory any less convincing (we’ve already seen how effective the Widow is on perfectly healthy arms!). But it did render the whole injured elbow angle a little redundant – and made the commentary team look a bit short-sighted when they stuck to the script, regardless of what was happing right in front of them!

    As for Layla, I’m glad she didn’t turn. It would have been both predictable and completely pointless. As of right now, she’s in a position where there’s at least a slim chance that she could feud with AJ for the title. A turn simple makes her someone elses ‘BFF’. Only, with AJ, it would be an eeeeeevil BFF. But it would still mean lots of standing around at ringside.

    What happens next really all depends on tonight. The crowd were pretty dead last night and surely part of that is because of how the WWE dropped the ball immediately after Payback. One great segment on Friday’s Smackdown just wasn’t enough to compensate for the weeks of unoriginal back and forth and 2 minute non-matches that followed AJ and Kaitlyn’s first title match.

    The division needs something REALLY special to happen tonight, or this little moment of renewed interest is going to fade away fast, and we’ll be right back to where we were a year ago.

    • charovnica

      AJ attacking Kaitlyn backstage would’ve been perfect.It would’ve made sense for her to then win without anyone interfering.
      As for Kaitlyn..I still hope somewhere down the line she’ll be part of the Wyatt family.

  • charovnica

    At least the Divas championship got it’s revenge on Del Rio :D

    • nismos69

      Lmaooo yes!

    • divaindemise

      Ah, this. Many feel the ending tarnished an otherwise great match, but what a just desserts for AJ and her championship. :)

  • JP

    Part of the reason this match wasn’t as good as the Payback match was because it was over two minutes shorter. This match could have been better than it – I liked that AJ worked the arm a bunch before applying her finisher – but in a comparatively short amount of time there wasn’t as much drama as there could’ve been.
    Also the crowd was fairly dead, which didn’t help.

    • charovnica

      I really don’t think those 2 minutes costed the match anything tbh.It still would have ended with a clear win for AJ which is everyone’s main problem with the match.

  • Simply Flawless

    Layla looked absolutely incredible. 36 and killin’ it. She ain’t going anywhere. The match was okay, Payback was much better. I am completely lost on what direction WWE are going to go now though… hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  • ReyMysterioFan

    The match was pretty good I thought I liked the spot where aj was going for the moonsault then kaitlyn pushed her off though I thought layla was going to turn heel at mitb, I still think she will sometime soon

    • NicoRobin

      I strongly believe that supposed to her tribute to her idol, Lita XD

  • NicoRobin

    Not as good as their Payback match, but still better than usual Divas match. At first I thought AJ was going to do the hurricana at Kaitlyn before she applied the sexy Black Widow submission on her ( I have seen this somewhere…. yes, AJ-Naomi in NXT, everyone?)

    • NicoRobin

      oh. on another note… is it safe to say that we are going to have the number 1 contender Divas battle royale tomorrow?? AJ defeated Kaitlyn twice cleanly. So, Kaitlyn has lost the right for a rematch if I’m not mistaken??

      • SweeneyTodd

        It’s wwe. Random tag team match win from Kaitlyn against AJ and she is still Nr. 1 Contender.

        But it would not surprise me, if nothing really happens until after the summerslam.

  • qcevolution

    Hopefully this feud is over, I’d really like for chance for Alicia to get some much deserved spotlight.

    • Monkey Tennis

      She’d have to turn face first.

      And try and stay a face for more than 5 minutes.

      • NicoRobin

        ^^ love this!!

  • Raekon

    Typical WWE, making a great Segment towards the ppv only to fill up with a weak match and bad booking as usual right after.

    So Big E was only there for the one spot and Layla just to look pretty, why not involve them and give AJ the Advantage of it so they can Keep going with the feud instead of having her win clean?

    Simplest Thing to do would be:
    – Kaitlyn goes for the spear from the other side
    – Big E sees that Kaitlyn goes for the spear and grabs her leg making her fall on her face, while the ref is busy with AJ
    – Layla sees what happens, is furious goes around the ring and gives him a huge slap for his interference
    – AJ goes for the spot on the top rope and Kaitlyn shoves her down like it happened with the difference that she crossbody Big E instead of just catching her like that instead giving him more things to be pissed off about (they could do the spot safe since he can hold her easily)

    Another mess up was the spear, everytime Kaitlyn hit it, AJ was like dead for several minutes or had even to be carried to the back while unconcious. This time? Nope! 5 Seconds later she goes up on her feet, runs to Kaitlyn and applys her Submission. That was really believable…..

    Way to go to Showcase your strongest Diva on the roster as a weakling.
    Not that they didn’t showcased her as a weakling most of her time though.

    It Looks rather like a miracle to await from the WWE to book a good match and drop the limitations to the divas for a Change so they can work a great one.

    We know that both Girls could had done much better with proper booking but the WWE refuses to Play their strenghts properly and goes down the line of make the champ that Looks physically weak look weak and make the strongest Diva on the roster look weaker.

    Wondering how they wanna save this mess up again and make something proper out of it.

    My guess is that Kaitlyn will fall out due to the “injury” and wait for a opportunity a other day (maybe next year is she is still with the wwe?), while the Bellas making their threat real and going after the Title so the Divas Show can have the champ on it aswell.

    • art

      Kaitlyn isn’t the strongest that’s tamina but i get that wwe always makes the strong girls look weak….

      • charovnica

        How exactly do you know that Tamina is stronger…unless they had an arm-wrestling competition,I think it’s all a mystery.

      • Raekon

        They are almost equal with the exception that Kaitlyn is indeed stronger due to her Training and previous Bodybuilding Background.
        Tamina and Nattie are close behind though.

        • kingbooman

          None of them is Stronger than Beth Chyna or Kharma!

  • redsandman99

    I think what partially hurt this match that the Payback match had a lot more emotion in it. The emotion combined with the in ring action there made for a better overall package. That and the outcome was pretty much expected to come out in AJ’s favor. I don’t think anyone expected her to drop the title yet.

  • BorisG

    I think Kaitlyn will have the title until Tamina comes back, who will turn face I think. She may beat her. I would love to see her getting face push. Then, WWE can have her feud with Natalya, Layla or Kaitlyn, to have talented and strong enough girls to compete against.

    AJ is strong on the mic, but when it comes to her physical strength, she’s the weakest, yet she still makes Natalya taps out in 5 seconds, who is second most strongest Diva and submission-technician.