Today in History: Seeds Are Planted for Gail Kim’s First Heel Turn

On this day in history:

July 21st, 2003 | Trish Stratus was often outnumbered by the heel Divas, so having newcomer Gail Kim by her side certainly helped even things out. The two teamed up to take on Molly Holly and Victoria, and all seemed well until Trish made a fatal mistake, accidentally hitting Gail with the Chick Kick and causing them to lose their match. Gail would eventually turn heel, citing this very moment as the instigator for her turn to the dark side.

What are your memories of this moment?

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  • Matty “EVA MARIE’S #1 FAN!” Ryan

    Man, I miss those days! To me 2003-2009 were the best WWE years imo.

    Also rumor has it that the Divas will be on SummerSlam’s pre-show this year. Which I’m not mad about cause SummerSlam has never really been kind to the Divas.

  • art

    Poor gail botching the corner arm drag but forget kaitlyns spear gails looked way better…..

    • shameronstar

      Gail Kim’s spear is so underrated! The one she gave Awesome Kong one time was phenomenal!

  • Liam ‘

    I wish the crowd were like this nowadays, it was crazy!

    Poor Gail, she got her head knocked off!

    Is it me or is aksanas attires kind of like a tribute to Trishs attire here? They are kinda similar.

    Also what’s all this verification thing about whenever we post a comment? It’s so annoying.


      Yes, it really frustrating to have to. do that verification sh*t before we have to post a commente. This is so stupid and a waste of time.

    • TCsinger09

      I wish the crowd was like that too now. I was listening to an interview with the Bella’s and their excuse for slacking off was bc they were heels. Thats the reason there moves stopped being somewhat flashy. I think thats crap. If you look at the heels in this video there moves are just as flashy and interesting to watch as the face. I do miss all these girls though :( and I also hat the verification thing also.

  • charovnica

    The crowds will get that crazy again when the product is just as good again.

  • Paige Knight Revolution

    Please DivaDirt get rid of the verification crap! We didn’t do it before and it never was a problem!

    As far as this stuff goes, I love the four women in this and Trish was getting her butt kickec left and right by all these women. I remember as a fan thinking, Trish needs someone who can help her out damn it! I think I mentioned this before, but I like to think that Trish turned heel eventually because she went a little mad(crazy) from all the excessive diva attacks and jericho drama. She had to join the darkside for a little, until Mickie’s own crazyness allowd Trish to put things in prespective and then she was back to her good self. :-)And Gail’s push came too fast too soon and WWE are jerks for toying such a beautiful talent.

  • Ryan

    Bella’s excuse? Ha! Check Victoria and Molly here no slacking off hence why Victoria and Jazz were incredibly feared back then.. Maybe Molly was not feared but you knew she could kick ass. But then again all of the divas here were Women and not weak little girls like Bella’s.

    Anyways fawck those bishes, Man!! Trish her moves were so fluid smooth and quick that even a predetermined “accidental” chick kick to Gail Kim looks so damn real lol!! Poor Gail was under pressure and messed up that corner arm drag, it’s cool you rock Kim!! But the funniest parts were Victoria out of nowhere grabbing Gail by the throat and bitch slapping the shit out of her several times lol, and ripping Gail Kim’s top off, and that sweet hard spear by Kim lol
    All these chicks rock!!! And yes. The heel seeds were planted. Poor Trish gets a Grade A ass beating once again jeez! FYI I have not been able to find the match Molly vs Trish where Victoria runs down and drops Trish hard on the floor with the fireman carry sidewalk slam, injuring herself in the process, Molly and Victoria start shoving ine another, and then Gail comes to the rescue, sorta.

    And what the shit?! This verification thing sucks badly! Specially on iPhone!