SHINE Star to Appear on SPIKE’s ‘Tattoo Nightmares’

SHINE star Ivelisse has a lot to be proud of, but apparently there’s one thing she regrets: a crotch tattoo.

Ivelisse is appearing on tomorrow’s episode of SPIKE’s reality series Tattoo Nightmares, on which she’ll get certain “firey” tattoo covered up.

Her nether-regions tattoo is actually of a phoenix, but she claims that most people confuse it for fire, leading to many “fire crotch” jokes. So, she decides to head to the tattoo parlor to get it covered up with a rose.

Watch a preview of the episode below:

Tattoo Nightmares airs Tuesdays at 11pm ET on SPIKE.

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  • BarbieBlank

    I seen her commercial the other day and was like that lady looks alot like ivelisse lol .

  • Raekon

    Hehe nice way to get rid of it, while getting a Little bit more exposure at the same time. :)

    The Interpretation they are making is also hilarious, I wish I could watch the whole Episode somehow so if anyone finds it on the net please let me know. :)

  • Rhawk

    The ironic thing about this is that this show will mostly likely end up getting a higher rating than any regular edition of Impact Wrestling.

  • therightone

    every stupid thing some failed diva does I have to read about. But when ROH does women’s match nothing.
    Athena vs MsChif, all the women on the Night of Hooplah. All of whom are trained respectable women nothing. ROH has been having a women at all their shows. Some are just valets but they are all in or have been in ROH DOJO. But this is a wrestling site right?
    Fucking joke