Perfect 10: Week Ending July 14th, 2013

The Perfect 10 has returned, and it’s better than ever! Each week, the Diva Dirt team will compile a list of the top 10 women in wrestling. Placement is determined by performances and achievements from the past week.

The Perfect 10 will be posted every Monday, taking into account any Pay-Per-View events.

Ready to dive into the list? Click the arrow below to see who landed at #10.

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Editor in Chief - Read Profile

    I think Bayley should have been in Mickie’s place. Mickie did absolutely NOTHING last week but Bayley has been amazing in that segment and she plays her character with PERFECTION. Other than that, absolutely agree!

  • Bikini model destroyer

    Hooray!!! Finally an Indy talent took the number 1 spot.

    Lol at the diva dirter not commenting because they’re butt hurt about this.

    • charovnica

      Look at you,trying to start something out of nothing.

      • Bikini model destroyer

        You’re calling Rain making the #1 spot nothing???

        How dare you man? I thought you were better than that?

        I mean its true right???
        I’m sure if some diva took the #1 spot this thread would have got at-least 30 comments like always, but they are not happy about this because according to their words a”No body” made the top list.

        • GailKim95

          I think they meant that you are trying to start a fight about something when there isn’t anything to fight about. They weren’t saying Rain’s title win was meaningless at all…

  • Superstar77

    Great to see Rain at #1 it was well deserved. However, I feel that Ivelisse should have made this list as well. Like Mia Yim she also wrestled three matches on Shine 11.