Gail Kim and Jim Ross Comment on Tara’s TNA Release

Following the shocking release of Tara from TNA, those who worked closely with her have spoken out to wish her well.

Gail Kim, who competed with Tara in both the WWE and TNA, took to Twitter today to honor her friend:

WWE Hall of Famer Jim “JR” Ross also commented on the news, replying to Diva Dirt’s Jack on Twitter:

Both comments, in their own ways, speak volumes about the respect they have for Tara. She is one of the few wrestlers who can boast a sterling reputation, so we expect to see more supportive comments make their way online soon.

What is your favorite WWE or TNA moment between Tara and Gail?

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  • MomoMufFinSsFTW

    It shows what an impact Lisa made in the wrestling industry amazing. inspirational. phenomenal. legendary. epic. Forever Lasting. You did it all Lisa and you continue on with your beautiful life I wish u the best :) #TRUEHallOfFamer

  • Kaledrina.

    she’s one of a few women in the mainstream i’ve never heard a bad story about. never any supposed backstage heat or conflicts and that’s super surprising considering how long she’s been doing this for. she always keeps it classy and obviously has made a life time’s worth of firends in the business :) gonna miss her like crazy.

  • BorisG

    From the sound of Gail Kim’s tweet, it looks like she won’t be coming back. It may be over. At least they should have informed her and give her retirement match, not just random match.

  • MomoMufFinSsFTW

    It shows what an impact Lisa had in the wrestling industry. outstanding. amazing. inspirational. phenomenal. epic. legendary. Forever Lasting You did it all Lisa and continue on with your beautiful life, I wish you the best :)…#TRUEHallofFamer

  •!/JillianHallTNA TNAknockoutJillianHall

    Seeing Tara holding that pizza in the background just made me hungry!
    Anyways, thank you Tara and hopefully we will see you somewhere again, wish you all the best! :’)

  • NT86

    Lisa Marie Varon is one of the most awesome women in wrestling. Seems like such a lovely person and what a wrestler!

    TNA’s loss tbh. This is the result of having Hogan and Bischoff run the company into the ground and an almost powerless Dixie Carter standing around letting s*** happen in her own backyard.

    I really hope her new pizza restaurant is a huge success. I looked at some of the food pics on the restaurant’s Twitter page. Tara KNOWS her pizza. I saw a video profiling it recently about how they show wrestling there too.

    • The Kisser

      Her leaving had nothing to do w/ Hogan or Bischoff it was a money issue as TNA I hear is having money problems. Plus Spike TV pays Hogan n Bischoff to appear for TNA.

  • Matty Ryan

    VICTORIA 2014!!!

  • Marshy

    TNA needs to get rid of the cancer as right now before they will no one else on their roster.

    • Matty Ryan

      Cancer being Eric Bishoff and The Hogans

  • Marshy

    To release one of their Knockout at this particular time is just plain brutal suicidal at this junction, cause the fans will start getting sick and tired of seeing the same four Knockouts wrestling each other at the PPVs, at the arenas,and at Impact.

  • art

    Big mistake by tna…no one says one bad thing about lisa which sayp alot….

  • The Kisser

    From a Too Cool n The Kish’s dancer to 1 of the hadnful of women who’ve held both major titles in the WWE n TNA to managing The BroMenz. So far had 1 helluva a run. She Broken All The Things She Said in her doubters. Plus she def was our Widow Peak freakness of beauty.

  • notorious

    Great smart talented woman. She truly did it all. She has accomplished everything and put over so much younger talent so i was kinda bittersweet. I’m sure she has better things to move on to like her restaraunt. I’d rather her be released then be in the storyline as jesse godderz bitch. Goodbye and thank you VICTORIA! you are not tara its VICTORIA!

  • DaDivaQueen

    Love dese gurls <3 My bebes

  • therightone

    I’m not commenting on Tara, best of luck to her.
    I’m tired of everyone asking Jim Ross for his stupid ass opinion. Every interview in an article or post all he ever does is bash his ex co workers and claim they weren’t into wrestling like he was. He said it a bunch of times about Tony Schivoine. He claimed Starcade wasn’t a major pay per view. I fucking hate him.
    I’m tired of having to read his opinion on things that nobody should ask him. Asking Jim Ross about TNA or real women’s wrestling in general is like asking the Governor of North Carolina about how they would run the state of Chichihua in Mexico.

  • Sarah Connor

    classy lady. gonna miss her loads she was one of the best womens wrestlers wwe has had and owns the sickest move in womens wrestling. i want to know if that is her wrestling career finished for good because i hope it isn’t and she joins shine for a year or so.

    i’m not too fussed just because although tna released her, to me it doesnt mean they didnt treat her well, she was one of the better paid KOs and won the title one last time and also received a very nice compliment/appreciation from eric bischoff.