In Video: Was Saraya Knight Paid to Take a Dive at SHINE 11?

SHINE Wrestling has posted a video that appears to show some shady dealings between new SHINE Champion Rain and Saraya Knight.

The video, taken before Saraya’s match against Jessicka Havok at SHINE 11, appears to show Rain offering Saraya a good bit of cash. We can’t hear the pair’s conversation, but it’s pretty clear what the transaction implies.

Saraya would be DQed in her match against Havok. Later, Saraya ambushed her during her match against Rain, beating her with a steel chair to the point that she lost the match by count out.

Rain would go on to defeat Mia Yim in the finals, becoming the first ever SHINE Champion.

Watch the video below:

Looks like we’ve got a major feud brewing between Jessicka Havok and Rain.

Do you want to see Havok go after Rain’s SHINE Title?

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  • wl75

    I knew someone had paid her off…Saraya wasn’t trying to win that match, she was trying to take J-Hav out..

    And considering Saraya probably won’t be back in the States til October (I’m guessing October 11th will be a Shine date, as the 19th-20th is SHIMMER weekend and the 26th is NCWFF), it probably makes sense for JHav to be Rain’s first title defense in August or September…

  • Rhawk

    The main thing I thought during this interview… “Poor Chasity.”

  • Bikini model destroyer

    Lol Rain tried that on WSU when she was feuding with Mercedes.

  • Matty Ryan

    Chasity Taylor is perhaps the most adorable woman on wrestling! Sign her WWE! I could see her as the little sister of….OH HELL! SHE. LIKES. JOHN. CENA. AND. SHE. LIKES. TO. BREAK. STUFF. SHE. DOESN’T. LIKE. THE. ROCK. SDLCHGRLHLFHGLHFLHGDLFHGDFLHLHGLH!

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    I don’t blame Sweet Saraya at all take the money and run!!!
    Steve Miller Band – Take The Money & Run

    who is going to stop her by the way that was a damn fat paid off way to go saraya!!! your worth all that money and more!!
    For the love of money – O’ jays Full Version