Ohio Valley Wrestling filmed today’s episode last night in Louisville, Kentucky. Check out the spoilers below:

* We then see Taeler Hendrix & Envy walking down the hallway and Taeler tells Envy that Wednesdays are for blue nail polish, not red. They walk in on Jessie Godderz, who wants some privacy, and they call him a loser.

* TNA Knockout ODB comes to the ring. She says it’s good to be back. She talks about how when she was in OVW, she started the Women’s division. She won the first ever OVW Women’s Title in Rio De Janeiro. She got arrested at a show at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. She wrestled with the likes of Beth Phoenix, Serena, Katie Lea, Alicia Fox, & Kelly Kelly. She said she wouldn’t mind getting a little physical tonight, and asks for the toughest girl in the back to come out. Trina answers the call and says she is the OVW Women’s Champion. Lei’d Tapa then comes out. ODB tells Tapa “Don’t eat me.” Tapa says that Trina might be champion, but she is the toughest here. ODB says how about we do a 3-way…BAM!

* Lei’d Tapa vs. ODB vs. Trina: Tapa hits Trina. ODB hits Tapa and chops her in the corner. Trina hits ODB, but ODB hits her back with a chest bump, then locks her in a headlock and slaps her in the butt. Tapa comes firing back on both, but ODB hits back and goes for a slam, but Tapa falls on top of ODB. ODB & Trina team up to take Tapa off her feet with a double shoulder tackle. Trina then rolls ODB up from behind for 2. ODB runs at Trina, and Trina pulls the top rope down causing ODB to fly out. She turns into a big boot from Tapa and Tapa gets the 3. WINNER: TAPA by pinfall.

* Post-show dark match: Lovely Lylah, Taeler Hendrix, & Envy vs. Heidi Lovelace, Hannah & Holly Blossom. Lylah with a side headlock on Holly. Holly reverses and tags Hannah. Hannah takes over and tags Heidi. Heidi headbutts Lylah in the ribcage and tags Holly back in. Holly with a side headlock takedown. Lylah elbows out and tags Envy. Envy runs in into a drop toehold. Side headlock, and Holly tags Hannah. Hannah rolls Envy up for 2. She tags Heidi who tries a small package for 2. Holly is tagged and tries to roll her up for 2. Envy kicks her ad drags her by her hair to her corner. Envy tags Taeler. Taeler chokes Holly and hits her in the chest. She kicks her and then slaps her in the chest. Lylah tags herself in. She charges Holly, but misses and runs into the corner. Holly tags Heidi. Heidi jumps up on Lylah’s shoulders and plants her with a facebuster for 3. WINNERS: HEIDI, HANNAH, & HOLLY by pinfall.

After the match, the “Mean Girls” Taeler & Envy write loser on Lylah’s forehead with lipstick. (Source)

The show (#726) can be seen at OVWrestling.com later today.