Trish Stratus Tops’s List of “Hottest Bodies”

Last week, published its list of the “25 Hottest Bodies” in WWE history.

You’ll forgive us for not immediately taking notice of the list, as it appeared to primarily feature WWE Superstars and the occasional bikini-clad Diva.

However, you might be surprised by just who topped the list: Trish Stratus.

The WWE Hall of Famer and Diva Dirt Legacy Award honoree bested the likes of The Rock, John Cena and Dolph Ziggler to land at the number one spot. explained its choice in detail:

On the March 19, 2000, episode of Sunday Night Heat, a debuting Trish Stratus strutted onto the entrance ramp with the confidence of a woman who had spent years refining her body to the point of human perfection. The seven Women’s Title reigns and WWE Hall of Fame induction that followed were the result of what the determined Canadian had been willing to put her body through, but what matters here is that physique in its natural state. The tautness of her stomach, the curve of her hips, everything else we can’t talk about in mixed company, that’s what made Trish the finest Diva the WWE Universe had ever eyeballed. That she was so much more than a body was just a lucky bonus.

It’s no surprise that the list was peppered with Divas, given that has to maintain its testosterone-fueled reputation, but it’s a pleasant surprise to see a Diva be honored for her physique–beyond the obvious parts, that is.

Other Divas (and one current TNA Knockout) graced the remainder of the list in this order: Stacy Keibler (#3), Brie & Nikki Bella (#5), Maryse (#7), Kelly Kelly (#10), Eve Torres (#12), Torrie Wilson (#14), Christy Hemme (#16), Lita (#18), Layla (#20), Sunny (#22), Michelle McCool (#24) and Candice Michelle (#25).

Do you agree with’s list? Who did they miss?

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  • numero47

    WWE must’ve forgotten about the Fully Loaded bikini contest Sable and Jacqueline had for them not to be included in this list! :-/

  • StraightEdgeCRF

    Mickie James should’ve been on there

  • numero47

    No Sable or Jacqueline?
    WWE must have forgotten about their Fully Loaded Bikini contest for them not to be featured in this list.

  • Kim099

    Have they seen Miss Summer Rae’s body good Lord that’s a real body made of a temple

  • xXxUniquelyiXxX

    How did the bella twins get number 5? They’ve always had weird bodies to me… Especially now.

  • WweLitafan4ever

    No SABLE? Wow..
    Not to sound rude,but does this site publish something that doesn’t involve Trish,because its really annoying. does publish articles that involve Lita,but of course this doesn’t get mentioned on here.Ugh.

    • Virginia Devereux

      If Lita were to actually top a list in her life, they probably would, but since that happens so rarely, there’s no point in giving her the major headline. Lita did top the steamiest kisses list, but that’s really not anything spectacular.

      • WweLitafan4ever

        There are times Lita is the only diva WWE puts on lists(and other former divas too),but this site doesn’t mention it and that’s unfair. They just pick favorites.Biased site.

        • Virginia Devereux

          A lot of Divas were on this list, so it makes sense to post it. Do you see a post where Trish is the only Diva on the list? And it has to be a relevant list. If you’re so annoyed, you can always scroll to the top of the site and click on the “Email Us Your News Tips” link to ask them to post a current article/rank/list you found on

        • Erin

          You must have forgotten the time we crowned Lita Raw’s new Diva of the Decade..

  • charovnica

    Can’t argue…I’d kill to be Trish for a day.

  • Johnyfaction3

    Trish is always the top of most of the diva related list. She was the top of the most beautiful one which I don’t agree fully. But she does have the best body.

  • Ryan

    When Trish debuted holy hell!! Sweet Jesus!! She had one of the thickest sexiest juiciest bodies on TV I had ever seen I was a kid then but her Sable Jackie Tori Lita Terri and Ivory made my eyes pop out!
    Sable and Jackie showed the goods at the bikini contest in 1998 one of my still, personal favorites specially seeing Jackies fine ass body near naked WOOOF!!!
    Sable too! One of the finest women in WWE history!
    Trish again those lucious lips if her, that curvy thick tight bod.. Mouth watering Trish
    Terri Runnels.. Hated her for the shennanigans haha but she was so damn hot with massive tits! Like all the divas!
    Tori how hedonistic she was.. Always walking around naked in a white thong fighting haha fuck yeah! That sexy muscle ass of hers..
    Ivory. For a prude, Femenist she was fucking sexy. I knew she was a bad guy but I loved how fiery she was and liked her! Badass woman and a sexy tight body to back it up! She loved to show off her body and then call us perverts haha awesome!! :D
    Hey man Torrie Wilson was a total babe!! Big girl with a bangin body!! She’s got to be one of the most gorgeous women to ever grace wrestling period!!
    Stacy she had long sexy legs a pretty coquette face slim sexy body .. I just wanted to bang Stacy so bad
    Dawn Marie in 2003 – 2005 looked incredibly hot! Loved her very cocky and sexy attitude with that thick full body of hers.. She was walking sex man
    Candice Michelle she was what I call, “Man Friendly” she was confident in her sexy curvy body, and loved to us Men. Funny part was how she would irritate insecure bitches like Melina lol.. even people from DD staff, and those weak fans.. Candice rocks US Army loves Candice Michelle baby!!!
    Maryse.. She was one sexy cocky chick bro!! :D
    Even the hair flip was enough for me sometimes lol loved that sexy accent too bad she was useless in the ring haha
    Lita had her good days she wasn’t the prettiest but she was incredibly sexy just her body and her face made her a really hot babe plus how fearless she was actually made her so damn hot!
    Remember Kristal Marshall??! In the name of Female Power she strips for the fans and overwhelms us with her sexy tight black beauty bod as Michelle McCool’s song plays holy hell she was hot as hell!! :0
    And Shelle! I neer thought she was that hot yet she’s one of my altime favorites period!!
    Her bikini contest at No Way Out in 2005 man she looked so good and did a back flip!!
    Taker is one lucky man to find a real woman like Michelle
    Honestly I never found Bella’s Kelly Eve to be that hot at all…
    Layla looks way hotter now than she did back then! Mature women > little weak girls
    Maxine WOOF!! Love this bitch! Sexy Latina with a fire like none other man she was a butter face but damn she was hot!! Love that bad girl
    AJ Lee.. Nuff said.. Sexy small body and crazy haha
    Aksana.. Oh man.. Sexiest body in wwe so curvy so complete and her bad English Jesus H Jones!
    Naomi Knight.. Oh man, dat ass! She’s a babe I really like Naomi
    Cameron.. Meh she’s a dime a dozen..

    Sable was a Woman. When she returned she looked like modern day sexy! Had a bangin bod, a cougar persona, a possible lesbian, and she like many, wanted to bang Torrie lol

    All my comments aside, these women rocked in WWE!! They gave wrestling not just looks but a force of badass backing them up! Sexy and ass kicking the perfect mix!


    HOW IN A DAMN WORLD THE BELLAS ARE BEFORE KELLY KELLY, MARYSE, EVE TORRES, LITA, CANDICE MICHELLE, TORRIE WILSON AND LAYLA ?! They uses to be hot but now they are NOT HOT AT ALL! Even if they USED to be hot, they never been as Hot as some other giris! The bellas are here but not SABLE? LOOOOOOOOOOOL!


      Honestly, I think Brie deserved that spot but I don’t find Nikki attractive at all.

  • jadeleela

    Definitely agree with Trish being number 1 although i do think Trish is in better shape now( even pregnant with babystratus) then she was in the wwe…

  • DnelDivaLovin89

    REALLY THE BELLA ARE NUMBER 5??? Im sorry there is no way thier bodies are better than Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler and Naomi, period!!!


      I always thought Stacy was too skinny.


    Sorry, but to me when it comes to looks it’s Maryse>>>>>All. Imo
    And where the hell is Naomi?? I think Eve and Layla should be higher. They have curves for dayyys.

  • K2Evefan

    Honestly I dont like trishs shape. She has no curves at the bottom, she was only #1 for obvious reasons (she wins everything lol). I think torrie wilson easily had the best body ever in the wwe. I think eve and kelly also havemuch better bodies than trish. Eve has amazing curves and kelly was extremely well proportioned she was skinny but she had a little booty and she had a little hips just enough to give her a cute little curvy figure. The bellas should not be on the list at all they have very average bodies. I dont think stacy should be on the list either she was like a bean stock straight up and down.

  • art

    Trish’s body isn’t even top ten at all or looks…
    torrie wilson clearly should have topped this list if a woman was going too since her body looks better & younger than trish….

  • Lancerboi1986

    I think that all of the divas on the list deserve to be there although I would have put Torrie Wilson before all of them and added Terri Runnels and Jacqueline.

  • Lancerboi1986

    Also I think Rosa is sexier than half of these divas, they must still be mad at her :p

  • Frostbite

    Congrats Trish and all the divas for making this list. They deserved it just as much as anyone else.

  • Paige Knight Revolution

    Lita had/still even a better body than The Bellas. They’re clearly on there because they need to rank high since they’re being promoted all over the place for Total Divas. Torrie should be number 1, Sable and Dawn need to be on this too

  • Liam Holden

    I bet if Lita had topped the list there wouldn’t have been much complaining going on, eh? ;)

    Ivory’s abs deserve a special mention on that list.